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Posted in: Do you think the media reporting details of suicides, especially by celebrities, causes an increase in suicides among the general public? See in context

Reporting isn't the ultimate end. It may end up being detrimental, but hopefully it will progress us towards a future that handles depression openly and effectively so that there may be a time when suicides are low, AND the quality of life is high. Not there yet.

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Posted in: Hayabusa2 capsule returns to Japan for analysis of asteroid samples See in context

Congrats on a successful mission. These scientific accomplishments are our generation's GREAT PYRAMID of GIZA, they are amazing feats of technological advancement that will inspire future generations. Looking forward to the findings.

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Posted in: Russia deploys missiles to Pacific islands claimed by Japan See in context

Things must be bad back home if Putin is stirring up trouble to distract his citizens.

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Posted in: Mayor pledges to pay restitution for installing sauna in his office See in context

Government officials have it tough being under the spotlight, but as public officers it is necessary. Stop the improper acts when they are small, prevent the ones that are big. No opinions myself. This is a matter for his constituents.

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