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Posted in: Exclusive bar sues website Tabelog for unwanted publicity See in context

Heh heh heh...wonder what goes on in this bar

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Posted in: Google unveils box for business videoconferences See in context

How long before it gets hacked (probably by the alphabet gang) and someone is eavesdropping on corporate meetings all over the world?

Maybe even google themselves would do it.

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Posted in: Gov't blames translator over Abe's World War I remark See in context


If Abe had his speech translated beforehand, he must have given the speech in English. I don't think it was a problem with the interpreters at the summit. i.e. if Abe made this WWI reference while speaking in English, that is what the interpreters would have relayed.

Someone on Abe's staff or perhaps even Abe himself could have checked the document before giving such an important speech....

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Posted in: Ministry of Defense worker arrested for stealing microbus See in context

I'm just happy this guy got a chance to live out his dreams, however briefly.

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Posted in: More Tokushukai execs indicted over election fraud See in context

So these people got paid to support a campaign....ok, so what? I don`t understand how this is election fraud.

Can someone explain that?

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Posted in: Father arrested after boy brings handgun to school See in context

I agree with inakaRob, I also think the kid knew the gun was real. If his dad had shot it in the past, even if he did it while kid was at school...I think it likely kid knew what his dad was doing. He probably wanted to show it to his friends like, hey check this out, a REAL gun!!

Why would he bother to go looking for the gun if he thought it was a toy gun that any kid could get?? (assuming his dad bothered to hide it in the first place--obviously he didn`t bother to lock it up, so...)

And Stephen Knight I can totally see where youre coming from but if it was the same revolver that the guy got in trouble for in September, you can clearly see the end of the bullet casings in the revolver. The casings are metal and you can see the primer caps in the middle...really not something youd expect to see in a toy gun!!! And anybody looking at the gun would probably notice that, no matter how little they knew about guns.

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Posted in: Father arrested after boy brings handgun to school See in context

Why wasn`t this guy arrested when they questioned him in September?? I thought all guns were illegal here outside of the guns used by licensed, permit-holding hunters. Can anyone speak to that?

And a loaded gun was just left alone for 3 days in a SCHOOL!!!! The teachers say they thought it was a fake, and Ill take their word for it, but even so, couldnt they have done something, anything with it besides just leaving it in the staff room???

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Posted in: Osaka man turns himself in over death of baby daughter See in context

Any have ideas on why were reading so many stories of violence against infants lately? Whats going on in Japan?!

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Posted in: Two men rob ramen restaurant of Y234,000 See in context

A***!!!!! They already had the money from the store, but they just had to take some poor wage slaves` money too???

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Posted in: Izu Oshima mayor under fire for not issuing evacuation order See in context

I think the mayor was at least halfway in the right here, trying to evacuate a town at night in a typhoon would have been chaos. It surely isn`t easy to be the person who has to make those kind of decisions.

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Posted in: Man crashes truck into house, slashes 4 See in context



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