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drinkKoolaid comments

Posted in: Obama urges national soul searching over gun violence See in context

Right. All gun freaks have a ton of guns and can, at any moment, go on a spree and shoot up the place. Hmmmm. And do we call the sane people the ones that perpetuate the mass kill in the pacific ocean with all the poison being dumped from a failed reactors? And wait, there's more. What about the other 4 reactors they want to crank up? I think I'm keeping my firearms in hopes of being able to pull the trigger after I'm thoroughly irradiated. I would rather go out like that than what governments are doing too us all. Off topic? Probably, but so are those that have little clue of the entire plate set before us. Wake up to the big picture. Guns are not the problem or the answer. I am constantly amazed and the small box many keep their minds contained within... It proves to me that being an I-Phone zombie is more important than knowing the broader picture. Don't forget to duck and cover.

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Posted in: Temperatures top 35 degrees for 2nd straight day See in context

I use to drive a race car, in a nomex suit in the summer. During my training, we were warned to constantly intake fluids. Beer is a diuretic and of course is not good for driving but will dehydrate a person in the heat. If your not urinating regularly, your not drinking enough water. A race car becomes an oven in 100 degree F.

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Posted in: Microsoft working on smartwatch: Forbes See in context

Apple never invented anything. They are a design company. They make device specific crap that is not compatible with anything but their products. Overprice designed BS that people sleep on sidewalks to have the first edition. What does that say about mindless consumerism? Can you say, I-Phone zombie?

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Posted in: Does porn affect the brain? Scientists urge more study See in context

Not sure but I know some women that say they want their uterus removed so they can stay in the game. Ummm I think instead, they should have had a lobotomy before puberty. I grow tired of the spew of stupidity that comes from them about wanting, needing sex. Even posting ridiculous statements on social media. But the fact is, when they open their mouths and garbage falls out, I loose all respect for them and delete them. There is a time and place for everything, but along with stupidity it just makes them ugly. What happened to having at least a bit of respect and class?

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Posted in: Google to build prototype of truly driverless car See in context

I would feel safer in a bumper car and the local carnival. My bike with me as power and navigation can trounce the google toy. Google is nothing more than tech nerds on too much sugar. They do need to experience a fall from grace. As does FB.

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Posted in: Google gets 12,000 requests to be 'forgotten' on first day See in context

Requests? Let me know how that works out. Pfttttt

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Posted in: 6 former 'comfort women' demand apology from Japan See in context

Without reading the other comments.... Many atrocities were committed during the war. I understand how those women carried that abuse throughout their lives. MHO but maybe an offer of money or something to make the remainder of their lives comfortable. (no pun intended). What was done is done and nothing anyone can say or do will change the past or how they feel. They will take that to the grave. All that being said, nothing will change how they feel. Nothing! My father was on a battle ship pounding the coast of Japan during the war and witnessed bodies piled high on the back of trucks. His hope for me was that I never had to go to war. I was lucky and my number too high in the last lottery to have to go to Vietnam. So I'm alive to be here now. All that being said, nothing can change the past! Let's strive so it doesn't happen again...... A moment of silence for the hell those women are still feeling... Slavery and rape!

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Posted in: Tablet sales losing steam, survey shows See in context

When the cell phone came onto the scene, I was the one of the first thousand people in this city to have the technology. Before that, I had a radio phone installed that used antiquated antennas placed atop a high rise building here to transmit etc. Then came all the different phones I purchased over the years. The Motorola 12 lb transportable, the bag phone, flip phones and so on. When one was available that could connect to the internet, it's then I realized the intent. Up to that point, designed obsolescence was understood but not so much an issue. Most stuff to that point would last and be viable for a time. And since processing speed basically doubles every 18 months, I realized, not only did I not care to be totally connected all the time but also not keep up with the latest and greatest. I vowed to not become an I-Phone zombie. My last phone was a Blackberry. For the the 2 years, (yes 2) I had it, it was mostly great. But it didn't take long to begin turning off push to the device. Hell, it was like someone tapping ME on the shoulder for attention, constantly! To add to the misery, my 85 yo Aunt just decided to get an I phone. THE WORLD IS GOING TO HELL IN A RECYCLE BIN. (OR LANDFILL)

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Posted in: U.S. eyes greater missile defense cooperation by Japan, S Korea See in context

I cannot foretell the future but it's Russia's turn to become the superpower. Now that being said, arrogance will most likely prevail and we will all be irradiated at some point. Bunch of children playing with dynamite! IMHO

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Posted in: 800 sick after drinking cafeteria milk at Chiba schools See in context

@nandakandamanda Not anymore. Well at least for now.

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Posted in: Drones meant to show U.S. commitment to security in Asia See in context

Along with the drones, I think every street corner should be equipped with CCTV monitors. And while were at it, purchase new smart appliances that can turn themselves on and monitor your usage, while sending info to Google and intel groups. They will connect perfectly with electrical smart meters. Duct tape, one of Americas best inventions, is perfect to affix the I-phone to one's head. The xtra radiation will enhance brain power. I'm almost sure of it!

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Posted in: Microsoft working on smartwatch: Forbes See in context

I'm laughing. Just what the world needs. More designed obsolescence in the form of tracking devices. I'm wondering whom the first idiot will be to have one implanted inside their skull. Maybe soon we won't need to think for ourselves and let Google and Microsoft program us all. Can you say Transhuman.

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Posted in: Husband of bludgeoned Pakistani woman strangled first wife See in context

He killed his first wife because he was in love with someone else? How can those two words, exist in the same sentence?

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Posted in: WHO urged not to snuff out e-cigarettes See in context

Being a smoker by default, (was raised in a house of smokers), I guess you could say I've smoked since birth. After 40 years I quit for 5 years then started back because of stress. I considered the e-cig but I see it as more of a fad thing. The addiction of cigarettes became more than just smoking. It became taboo in many places, and frankly it stinks up everything and makes things smell like an ash tray. So I quit! Over a month now. The second day was hard. Fact is, I want to live and be able to ride my bike 40 miles etc. At 60 I still can and will as long as I can. Quit! If not for yourself, for others that have to coexist with you.

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