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Posted in: Japan's GDP rebounds from quake, floods but trade war hangs over 2019 See in context

Ganbare, yea. Japan is taking care of the elderly. Can u tell us at what age people receive pension here in japan and how much does pensioner in the national pension (kosei nenkin) presently receives monthly?

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Posted in: No-deal Brexit could cost 600,000 jobs worldwide: study See in context

It is Fearmongering and nothing else.

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Posted in: Mother, 2 children found dead in submerged car at Okayama port See in context

It could still be murder. Lack of break marks does not imply it is definitely suicide.

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Posted in: Japanese soccer team receives worldwide praise for behavior at Asian Cup See in context

What we call in japanese mie wo haru.

I am not fooled at all, the japanese go at length to impress foreigners who know little of japan or japanese.

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Posted in: Probe of IOC's Takeda hangs over Tokyo Olympics See in context

Why France? Why this time? Why didn't any other country discover anything? France is not the only member of the IOC. Why did France wait until now after Ghosn had been arrested? What if Ghosn had not been arrested? There is too much coincidence to not doubt the French's motive!

France has been investigating this case for more than a year and to link it as revenge to the Ghosn case is a fat lie. It is really shocking that J papers will get carried away by nationalism and get so low.

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Posted in: Abe sets off on 5-day European tour See in context

I don't think even a magic spell can wake up the sleeping populace.

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Posted in: Police officer in koban stabbed to death in Sendai; attacker shot dead See in context

Anybody carrying the notion that Japan is safe is doing so at their own risk.

There are alot of mentally deranged people out there who are difficult to differentiate

from normal people that can snap at anytime and attack any unsuspecting person.

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Posted in: The road to 2020: Residents, volunteers alike can expect higher costs, negligible compensation See in context


Exploitation at its best in the name of internationalism and sport.....

And the gullible public will easily do as told. What a shame that some people

have brains but fail to use them but rather wait to listen to what those they

believe are above them say.

George Orwell must be shaking in his grave.

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Posted in: Trade war escalates as China announces tariffs on U.S. imports See in context

Yep, you will see the same at a lot of R/D departments in Japan. I personally have.

This trade war will also affect Japan.

The difference between the US and Japan is that in the US some of the labs are run by

Americans of chinese descend and though they are Americans one doesn't know where

their allegiance is.

In the case of Japan, I don't think there are foreigners let alone alone chinese in labs dealing

with cutting edge or sensitive tech.

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Posted in: Japan's exports rise as U.S.-bound shipments grow amid trade war fears See in context

The pic is supposed to show a few cows being shipped to Japan from the US.

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Posted in: Trade war escalates as China announces tariffs on U.S. imports See in context


Part of the problem is that Trump is conflating multiple issues with his trade war with China. One issue is property rights, and this is an area where the US is correct in their stance towards China, and something that does need to be fixed.

The U.S is to blame for the loss of Intellectual property rights to China rather than china and this is

because of greed to make money and lack of regulations.

The vast majority of labs in the U.S have mostly Chinese and Indian post docs why because they are

prepared to work for even 25,000 dollars per annum hence those running labs look for chinese or indians.

and some of the chinese head back to China with the technology acquired in the U.S.

There should be a quota as to the number of citizen of a particular country that a lab is supposed to recruit

if not the trend will continue.

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Posted in: Trade war escalates as China announces tariffs on U.S. imports See in context

U.S citizens have been able to lead a high standard of living as compared to other countries of

the world due to the cheap products from China and we all know that U.S companies cannot overnight

start manufacturing those products and some had moved all their production to china and it is not as simple as off rooting a factory in China and re-planting it in the U.S and bang re-starting production.

It takes years of planning and staff education.

At the end it is the average US consumer who suffers having to fork out more for products without a comparable increase in income.

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Posted in: Japanese schools losing their pools due to rising maintenance costs and aging facilities See in context

It is just a matter of school authorities (Oyajis) and the ministry thinking that

pools are necessary. Schools don't even have heaters and air conditions and

we know the reason was not money or maintenance but rather the thinking that

the oyajis presently running the show hadn't heaters and aircons and survived

why should now have them.

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Posted in: Japan eager to be on board vertical-takeoff 'flying cars' See in context

The number of flights linking the two major cities Tokyo-Osaka are unbelievably too few

and that can easily be addressed yet they are talking about flying vehicles myriads of safety


You are living in the Kansai area and your intl flights lands at Narita Airport after 8pm you have

no other choice but take the night bus or spend the night at the airport or hotel.

If you are in the kansai region, It is impossible to catch a 9pm intl flight at Narita after 3pm.

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Posted in: K-pop label faces fan, investor fury after firing dating artists See in context

Korea idol industry is a brutal business. For a few years of fame,they give up all their rights to live freely and aren't even get paid that generous anyway. The company basically suck all life out of you

Sigh, pot calling kettle black,

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Posted in: Abe gets middling marks on his economic performance from analysts: poll See in context

The article is so wrong that I don't even know where to start, and one doesn't need to be

an economist even me with the little economics that I learned in middle school knows that

more women are participating in the work force not because of Abe's lip service but because

most families haven't a choice but for both husband and wife working prices of every commodity

or services that you can think of has skyrocketed while salaries have stagnated or plummeted for

some because a large number of workers are on short contracts or are temp staffs and under the

shackles of Job placement agencies with virtually no working rights.

The economist who took part in the survey are lazy and completely out of touch with the reality or

hardship of most families, they are on eight, nine digit income and have never taken their lazy off their

posh offices to go out and check prices of basic foodstuffs or salaries of families.

Analysts also said areas of success were "accepting foreign workers," with 12 votes, and "promoting economic partnerships," with 11 votes. Immigration is a delicate subject in Japan, but job shortages have prompted the government to announce plans for new five-year work permit categories for foreign workers in areas such as farming, construction and hotels.

Foreigner are accepted not out of choice but because of necessity due to the falling birthrate and ageing of society and exacerbated by workers retiring and not picking good paying jobs (except you were a director or career bereaucrat) but rejected and treated like disposable napkins. There is no job shortage it is a hoax, the job market is not vibrant as most of the jobs are low paying and you don't expect one to leave a low paying that he/she is used to for another low one. Besides, the foreigners being accepted to come and do the low

paying jobs are young and single who won't really add much to the economy as consumers but a tremendous savings to the employers for securing cheap labor and in the long run consumer spending will remain tepid at best.

"It is difficult to proceed with fiscal reconstruction without medical and social security reform," said Harumi Taguchi, principal economist at IHS Markit. "Sustainable growth by improving productivity and to ease worries about the future by raising wages are also important to raise consumer spending."

How about reducing gov't waste and raising the basic wage to 1500yen and placing some restrictions on the job placement agencies the major cause of the low salaries.

Economists forecast that the core consumer price index, which excludes fresh food, will likely rise to 0.9 percent in the current fiscal year to March 2019, and the same rate the following year -- stripping out the effects of a scheduled sales tax hike in Oct 2019, the poll found.

Foodstuffs should be excluded from CPI calculations, it does nothing but skew the figures.

One of Abe's main goals has been to lift Japan out of an extended deflationary rut, and the core CPI has gradually improved, reaching 0.8 percent in July

The CPI has not translated to any improvement even slight of the livelihood of a majority of the population.

Economists predict the economy will expand 1.1 percent this fiscal year and 0.8 percent the following year. Some economists responded to the survey before revised growth data, which showed the economy expanded at an annual pace of 3 percent in April-June, the fastest since 2016.

The growth if there was really one was due to companies investing rather than consumer spending

"Industrial production and external demand is weak, partly affected by trade friction," said Akiyoshi Takumori, chief economist at Sumitomo Mitsui.

What a shame, the lamest excuse I have read for a very long long time, I guess if you are chief economist in a major banking corporation you have a carte blanche to make any utterance and it is taken as fact.

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Posted in: Retired police officers post ¥2 mil reward in Osaka fugitive case See in context

Strange, why retired cops and not cops in active service.

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Posted in: 28 suffer food poisoning at MOS Burger restaurants See in context


Agree with Disillusioned. It seems Moss Burger cares little about responsibility and has no remorse for what they did.

Health Ministry should have ordered all Mos burger outlet closed if they really cared

about the the public's health but as we all know and has been shown in myriad of cases

the profit and sales of company comes before the health or well being of the people.

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Posted in: What’s Japan’s least appealing big city, and why did it get stuck with that title? See in context


Great article--the most and least appealing cities are largely the same. Thanks. Ignoring the big-city rule, cities I like the most:

Kobe (my home), Nara, Hakodate, Nagasaki, Matsumoto, Kochi

If forced to live in a different big city: Sapporo or Yokohama

Placed I wouldn't want to live: Kyoto, too many tourists, Tokyo, too crowded, Osaka, almost entirely without greenery

Surprised you have Nara on your list, apart from Todaiji and the deer, there isn't anything

else I can think of Nara.

Must be the second boring city in Kansai after Wakayama

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Posted in: 74% of Japanese companies against daylight saving time for 2020 Olympics: poll See in context

While there has been much concern on social media that longer days could result in longer working hours given Japan's labor shortage, those in favor say daylight saving would help save energy, reduce emissions and stimulate consumer activity.

Labor shortage excuse brought up again. Say the same thing repeatedly and it becomes fact.

I have a foreign friend who can speak, read and write Japanese very well and can program in Python, Sql, Oracle, MS Access as well as interprete and translate from English to Japanese and vice versa and he applied for more than a hundred jobs last month alone but had nothing but negative response, why maybe because he is in his fifties. He is even prepared to accept any job for 1500yen an hour so that he can feed his family yet nothing and too add insult to injury the jobs he has applied for and turned down are still seeking applicants.

The vast majority are paying extremely low hence the outcry of labor shortage.

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Posted in: Abe says isle dispute with Russia must be settled before peace treaty can be signed See in context

Even though blessed with the world’s biggest land mass and natural resources, Russia is financially incapable of developing those same islands it refuses to return to the legal owner. Hence, the repeated requests for Japan’s help in developing them!!!

Russsia might be financially incapable of developing Siberia because of the vastness and other hash

conditions but then again is it only Japan that is financially and technically capable of developing

Siberia ?

All pundits they call on TV always float the idea that North Korea and Russia need Japanese money

and technology but what they forget to know is whether Russia is in such economic mess and in a rush to develop siberia and would have no choice but accept any conditions thrown their way. That would be naive


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Posted in: Kono says Japan will accept more foreign workers See in context

I would like to know what Kono's position was when the idea was proposed by the DPJ (if I am not mistaken)

of allowing foreigners with permanent residence allowed to vote and his party the LDP was vehemently against.

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Posted in: Abe says isle dispute with Russia must be settled before peace treaty can be signed See in context

Abe has said a deal would unlock trade and investment from Japanese companies for Russia, which is isolated from Western investment because of sanctions. 

Leaving on past glory, Is Russia so desperate for Japanese money. investment that it would just

accept any terms and condition that Japan dictates.

It is just like most Japanese think labeling an item "Made in Japan" is enough to sell abroad regardless

of the price. Sorry, the world doesn't live in the past.

Japan thinks it is rich but is it really that rich when a vast majority of the peoples standard of living is

really low.

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Posted in: Osaka's U.S. Open win re-opens cultural discussion in Japan See in context

Forbes magazine reports that Williams is the highest earning female athlete with income of $18.1 million, almost all from endorsements and sponsorship deals. She's topped the list for several years.

The author could have explained a bit and not just throw a figure and expect readers will understand.

Which of the Williams and is the income stated , income earned for a year and if so which year

or is it her lifetime earnings. ?

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Posted in: U.S. Open champ Naomi Osaka gets hero's welcome in Japan See in context


It is always tough meeting the rigorous criteria of being genuinely Japanese.

It seems to involve having 2 Japanese parents, having a Japanese passport, being brought up in Japan and speaking Japanese to a native level.

Tough criteria in our increasingly international era.

Go ask Renho, She was qualified for all of the above except both of her parents not being Japanese

and the moment she ran to head a party her nationality became an issue.

The Japanese are repeatedly being reminded that they are special and different and

to fall in that class both parents have to be Japanese to be fully accepted as a real Japanese

by a large segment of the society. If Osaka Naomi wasn't famous and was just a normal person

leaving in Japan she would have problems getting a good job or renting an apartment even if she

says she is Japanese.

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Posted in: AKB48 visit Thai PM See in context

Why can they not concentrate on improving their dancing and singing

which they are far lacking compared to Korean groups. Despite the billions the

AKBs contribute to Akimoto's account their dressing has always lacked sophistication.

I commend their effort though trying to stay relevant with non music related activities like the

center election etc.

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Posted in: Kono says Japan will accept more foreign workers See in context


+2 on the lady on the right. Elegant and classy.

Kono is correct. But he'll have to become PM before anyone will listen and take his advice.

Do you seriously believe Kono strongly believes in what he is saying and if he was PM he

would try to practise it, It just nothing but lip service to the international media.

Abe talked about women's empowerment and we all know the results, nada.

There is so much mistrust of foreigners by the Japanese to the extend that foreigners will never be

able to integrate. The J media over the years has preached to the Japanese how they are different

and special and don't believe a non Japanese even if your Japanese is impeccable can be like them.

labor-short industries such as restaurants, construction and elder care.

The above industries are not facing any labor shortage. they are just not paying well that is

why they are having problems securing workers.

There are thousands of over fifties who are willing to work but cannot find decent jobs

and are treated like disposable paper despite having experience just because companies prefer

the young that they can train and have total control over.

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Posted in: Over 60% of LDP members to support Abe staying as party leader: poll See in context

GoodlucktoyouToday  03:11 pm JST

But only 32% of the country wants this failure.

You cannot wish someone to fail when he or she has already failed.

Abenomics has been a failure from the onset.

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Posted in: The day after See in context

Some of you are acting as if you have never played competitive sports in your life.

Not seen anything wrong with Serena's behaviour on the court during the finals,

Breaking her racket, she is not the first to do it neither will she be the last.

She is a winner, she was frustrated and took it on the record, If you are expecting Serena

to act like an angel on the court while she is losing then you are being biased.

She is 37 and the manner of the defeat to Osaka serves like a changing of the guard.

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Posted in: Honda says he is preparing Cambodian soccer for the future See in context

Used to like Honda unfortunately the attention from the J-media made

him to be so full of himself. Even at the twilight of his career and more or less a

journey man he still doesn't know he could use some humility.

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