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Posted in: Consumers scale back summer plans amid pension woes: survey See in context

40 percent of the work force is on temp contract and an annual income less than twenty thousand dollars. It will be wishful thinking expecting consumption to be high.

People especially families don't have money to spend.

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Posted in: Pacifist constitution reform at stake in election See in context

The Komeito won't support any changes

Komeito is like a prostitute, they would support anything so far they are guaranteed a place as ruling coalition partner.

Don't know how soka gakkai members are going to spin the constitution change to appear like it contributing to world peace.

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Posted in: No. of recorded crimes to hit lowest postwar level for 5th straight year See in context

An NPA official also pointed to the country's aging demographics and widespread use of crime prevention resources as factors contributing to the decline.

What are the crime prevention resources used. Would really like to know.

Self gratification at best.

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Posted in: LDP set to retain majority in upper house election See in context

Opinion polls suggest his Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and its coalition partner Komeito are likely to win a majority, mostly due to a lackluster opposition.

Apathetic population rather than lackluster opposition.

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Posted in: Japan's neighbors will be closely watching Abe's policies after election See in context

And most Japanese people has supported it.

No, should be.

And most Japanese are indifferent to what politicians do.

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Posted in: Party leaders make last-minute appeals before upper house election See in context

Going through the normal motions.

What a pity.

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Posted in: Abe faces challenge from U.S. plan for Middle East maritime coalition See in context

What challenge?

We all know what he will do which is do as told.

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Posted in: Anime studio hit by deadly fire is known for skill, fan base See in context


I am really sad and raging with anger at the mass killing of innocent hardworking passionate animation workers.

Hope the almighty God gives the affected families the fortitude to overcome this tragedy.

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Posted in: Japan's exports drop for 7th straight month as China-U.S. trade war takes toll See in context

The Japanese economy, the world's third largest, is dependent on exports and the conflict between the U.S. and China has taken a sharp toll.

I bet the standard of living is not even amongst the first twenty.

The quality of life is what matters and not companies posting records and not passing some to workers to improve their standard of living.

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Posted in: Boxing champ Pernell Whitaker dies after being hit by car in Virginia See in context

RIP Sweet Pea.

You fought and excelled in an era of many great boxers.

What an utter joke boxing has become and it is only natural that I don't watch.

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Posted in: Unbeaten Vargas to defend crown against Japan's Kameda See in context

Good to see a japanese boxer leaving the comfort zone japan to fight abroad and if he indeed wins then he will be a true world champ unlike those who are acclaimed to be world champs yet scared as hell to fight abroad.

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Posted in: Confetti and chants of 'equal pay' greet U.S. World Cup winners See in context

A world cup of the 8 best teams on planet representing 2 continents and the rest made of teams with no prospect of pulling an upset and rightly so there were no upsets.

The womens game is improving but not anywhere near the mens game.

The level of the competition is not close at all.

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Posted in: JAXA says space probe landed on asteroid to get soil sample See in context

I am Thomas.

See before believing.

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Posted in: Japanese entertainment mogul Johnny Kitagawa dies at age 87 See in context

Lost the little trust I had of J-TV, for over 30 years here in Japan never saw his face as the TV showed self restrain not to show him. Even the last days he was battling with life he was never shown and since kicking the bucket his face is on every channel.

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Posted in: Japan Post unit admits to mismanaging 90,000 insurance policies See in context

None of these scammers will be arrested for scamming the public.

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Posted in: Japan Post unit admits to mismanaging 90,000 insurance policies See in context

"Our sales targets did not fit with the times," Yokoyama told the same news conference, referring to the recent tough business environment due to a declining population and ultralow interest rates in Japan. "We'll strictly respond if any illegal activity is found."

How about the ultra high interest rates you morons charge for credit card usage.

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Posted in: Got a Tokyo Olympic ticket? Unrivaled demand causes turmoil See in context

"This is probably going to be the most popular Olympics, and possibly one of the most popular events of all time," Ken Hanscom, the chief operating officer of TicketManager, told the AP in an interview.

If the peking olympic in the most populous nation on earth wasn't then that says alot about the marked dfference in perception of international events between the chinese and japanese.

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Posted in: Depopulation in Japan leads company to renovate two apartments into one huge living space See in context

I've been saying this for a long time: one of the benefit of population decrease is space increase per person. This is one example, and more will come.

That is not the case in Japan, this particular case is because it is government, private companies are

out to spend less and make as much money as possible, so no matter how large the land is they would still build small as it entails less cost. Houses built in new layouts by private companies are not any bigger than those built 30 years ago, this is a result of Japanese not having the custom of inviting people to their homes or hosting home parties.

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Posted in: Boeing makes $100 million pledge for 737 MAX crash-related support See in context

If the victims will really get US$290,000 which is very unlikely considering other stakeholders like lawyers, ethopian airlines, ethopian government officials. I will not be surprised if some victims get less than us$10,000

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Posted in: Whale meat fetches 'celebration prices' after Japanese hunt See in context

Good to hear! Hopefully the high prices for whale meat causes more businesses to enter the industry to provide more competition and higher quality meats and other whale-based products. I'll definitely be tasting the catch!

And also tasting the Mercury.

Good luck.

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Posted in: Abe says no need to raise sales tax beyond 10% for decade See in context

Here in Germany income tax is at a maximum of 47% if I am not mistaken plus 19% sales tax ... that's a whooping 66% tax while Japanese have a maximum of 28? oder 30? all together so less then halv.

While you are at it, why not make a comparison of the cost of basic commodities, foodstuffs, education, medical care, highway tolls, cost of having a car and cost of services offered by the government.

Kobe city started a few years ago fireworks events in the summer, it has gained popularity and became a crowd puller and what did the city do ? It has decided to build a fence and collect entrance fee.

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Posted in: Whale meat fetches 'celebration prices' after Japanese hunt See in context

Enjoy the limelight while it last due to the daily media reports.

Hope one or two weeks from now when the euphoria has died down there

is no complaining how the populace is showing no interest in a Japanese tradition

and asking for more subsidies due to a national need to maintain the whaling tradition.

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Posted in: Campaigning for July 21 upper house election kicks off in Japan See in context

Time to my earplugs that have been gathering dust into use.

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Posted in: Giant Beijing airport set to open on eve of China's 70th birthday See in context

When you build, build with the future in mind.

700,000sqm makes KIX built at more than a trillion yen look like

a small warehouse.

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Posted in: Depopulation in Japan leads company to renovate two apartments into one huge living space See in context

Its public housing, so they'll be at below market rents.

Not usually the case, unlike private companies their salaries don't come from

the rental revenues but tax payers money. so they don't care so much about

the occupancy rate when deciding the rents and more likely fixing the rent based

on rates charged by private apartments of similar size without much consideration of

the age of the building.

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Posted in: Abe raps opposition parties for joining hands only for election See in context

If anyone thinks the ruling party or the opposition care about the average taro or Hanako

then you need to have your brains checked. All they care about is being voted and earning their

fat salaries off the taxes of the hard working people.

They are all out of touch with the realities the average family is facing.

With 40% of the work force on temp contracts or part time with an average annual income

less than 20,000 US dollars, reduced income and increase in prices of almost all commodities

I expected them to counter and put Abe in corner when he talked about his achievements like the low unemployment rate and increase in the national hourly pay instead they just sat there listening as if

they were hypnotised.

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Posted in: City begins square watermelon shipments See in context

They look delicious and sweet. Only in Japan! And I guarantee all those 10,000¥ Watermelons will sell out. Further proof the Japanese economy is going from strength to strength!


why does one have to turn on the TV to watch boring manzai when there is interesting

comedy here on JT

My ribs are paining.

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Posted in: French police raid Renault HQ over Ghosn wedding probe See in context


You call the place and ask for one?

Easy to say, if you have nothing else to do except think about bills that you have

and have not received.

You are not at fault if you done call, it is normal practise that the vendor is

supposed to provide the buyer with a bill and if he forgets to provide one, I

don't think there is any law in ant country in the world that states that the buyer

must remind the vendor to provide a bill for a service offered in the past.

The onus is on the vendor and to think otherwise is living in a dreamland.

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Posted in: French police raid Renault HQ over Ghosn wedding probe See in context


@drlucifer when you are a responsible person you pay your dues no matter what. 

You pay no matter what, even when there is no bill ?

If a bill was presented and he didn't pay then he would be on the wrong.

There have been occasions that I didn't receive my nonthly internet bill for

almost 6 months which was the fault of the provider not me and they called

and apologised not me calling them. They even proposed I pay the back payments in

instalments if I wish.

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Posted in: Abe says no need to raise sales tax beyond 10% for decade See in context

Almost all of this debt is Japanese not foreign. Japanese government can repay it whenever it chooses. It's not a crisis. PM Abe is right when he says Consumption tax does not need to be raised beyond 10% in foreseeable future.

Delusion grandeur.

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