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Posted in: Brad Pitt asks astronaut: Who was better? Clooney or me? See in context

SF bores me to hell, it is just like anesthesia, I can't last 5 minutes without visiting dreamland.

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Posted in: Netanyahu teetering in close Israeli election race: exit polls See in context

Will pop a champagne if Netanyahu fails to form a government and is forced to step. The workd especially the middle east will be better without him.

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Posted in: Penalty drama as Liverpool, Chelsea lose Champions League openers See in context

Watched the Liverpool game. We didn't play good enough and a poor penalty given for a dive even with the VAR.

Well, you win some you lose some.

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Posted in: Currency provision won't be in Japan-U.S. trade deal: Aso See in context

There has been plenty of public complaint.


From which public?

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Posted in: Japan set to host 'spectacular' World Cup despite legacy issues See in context

Since the last world cup, Japan has started their legacy and with them hosting it this year it will only contribute to building Japan as a competitive rugby nation.

With more than half of the team foreigners due to the nationality eligibility rule that is an utter joke, it is easy for any country with money to become a competive nation.

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Posted in: Abe says ASDF may evolve into 'Air and Space SDF' See in context

Endless paycheck.

Spend, spend, spend other peoples money.

It is like someone is drunk with money,

Like someone who inherits Bill Gates fortune and has to exhaust it before he dies, all his thoughts will be centered on what to spend on.

The difference is a country is not an individyal.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. has reached trade deals with Japan; no word on cars See in context

American cars do not fit on Japanese roads, parking lots and house parking especially

Very lame statement, are American cars cargo trucks? Even japanese trucks run on Japanese roads.

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Posted in: Trump says it looks like Iran was behind Saudi oil attacks See in context

Shocking how easy it was for these drones to enter Saudi air space and attack the refinery undetected or challenges by defensive missile systems.

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Posted in: Trump says it looks like Iran was behind Saudi oil attacks See in context

Tens of thousands dead in Yemen-would an attack on Saudi infrastructure not be likely?

No, they are not supposed to fight back. They are poor and their fate is to die.


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Posted in: Japan considering medical aid for Iran See in context

And they bring the idea up with the public to get a read on their opinions.

And then go on to ignore the opinion of the public and implement whatever they want. It is a waste of time and resources getting the feel of the public when it is going to be ignored anyway ss it doesn't matter.

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Posted in: S Korean beer imports from Japan plunge 97% See in context


Well, I will do my patriotic part, for the sake of the economy, and consume more beer! Who will join me!

I would have loved to join you but I have to keep my sugar down.

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Posted in: Elderly people account for record 28.4% of Japanese population See in context

Do the hustle

My Mrs has been paying into this scam for over twenty years. She has ‘invested’ (cough) over 6 million yen into this scam, but her entitlement is less than 20% at 1.3 million yen.

Is the 1.3million yen the amount she will receive per annum or a one time lump payment if she opts out of the pension if she is a foreigner?

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Posted in: Elderly people account for record 28.4% of Japanese population See in context

The ratio of seniors with jobs increased for the 15th consecutive year as the country faced a deepening labor shortage.

Fake news.

Seniors working is not out of choice but because most cannot live on their monthly pension alone and those that can have to continue working even at extremely low wages so that they can save for elderly care or when they are unable to work.

The job shortage is self created by the government. Raise the national hourly rate to 1500yen and the shortage will vanish. Companie are making record profits while salaries have stagnated and instead of encouraging companies to compete for labor by dishing out more pay, the government resorted to a band-aid solution of importing cheap foreign labour which profits only the companies rather than the economy in general.

There are people opting to use their employment benefit rather than work because the amount received if under 60 years old and reason for unemployment is of employer making is better than toiling long hours on low pay and taxes deducted from the meagre pay.

The economy will continue to be depressed if the issue of low wages and the temp work laws are not addressed.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO Saikawa resigns; new chief to face challenge of reviving profitability See in context

The second-biggest Japanese carmaker by volume has announced a cut of 12,500 jobs over the next three years, departing from Ghosn's expansionist business strategy that the company's current management says focused excessively on numerical goals.

It seems like they are blaming everything that Ghosn did, even if it led to growth. I thought every business was striving for growth, higher sales and profits.

The 12,500 job cuts are all abroad so what is the fuss.

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Posted in: U.S. to expand low-tariff quota for Japanese beef See in context


Need cheaper beef than cheaper wine.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. is 'locked and loaded' for potential response to Saudi oil attack See in context

Iran is really trying to stir the pot again, they just can’t help themselves.


I will never allow my belief or likeness of someone take over my ability to reason.

It is a complete waste of one's brain cells.

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Posted in: High-speed 5G network seen as ready to spur online gaming See in context

As far as Japanese are concerned, Samsung represent same national security threat to Japan as Huawei does.

Just anything can be viewed or labelled a security risk to suit or hide the real motive and instill fear in the populace.

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Posted in: Mayor of town in Miyagi bemoans lack of Olympic funds See in context

But what I don't get is why aren't any of those politicians in parliament who opposed Japan getting and spending billions on these Games not speaking up and making similar comments like these two mayors?

Anybody openly against the olympics will be seen as being anti nationalistic given the olympics is a good opportunity to showcase the country that is ultra obsessed with how it is viewed abroad a chance show the world it's clean image.

The image of the country trumps the well being of the nationals, so everyone is required to gaman for the nation.

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Posted in: MUFG Bank looks online to boost Africa, Middle East networks See in context

Wait and see.

Hope it is not just talk.

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Posted in: 7 injured after taxi veers into street music event in Nagoya See in context

This guy is supposed to be retired and living on his retirement but he can't be he probably is on kokumin nenkin and the meagre 69,000yen is way too small to live on.

Don't be fooled that this guy had to work because of labor shortage.

This is the plight of many senior citizens on kokumin nenkin.

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Posted in: Japan Inc increasingly hit by trade war, but few shifting from China: poll See in context

No mention of the effect on exports of removal of SK from the white list.

Is it to say there isn't any effect or it is not mentioned because it was initiated by the grand master.

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Posted in: Hog cholera infection detected at Japanese agriculture lab See in context

Japan experienced its first outbreak in 1992 and declared the virus eradicated in 2007, before the discovery in Gifu last year.

It obviously came from abroad.

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Posted in: Ohtani to have season-ending surgery on kneecap See in context

The Los Angeles Angels slugger and pitcher will miss the rest of the season to have surgery on his left kneecap, 

Does the writer know the meaning of slugger.

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Posted in: Japanese firms put capital investment plans on hold as trade risks grow See in context

The findings pose a challenge to Abe's key economic reforms, known as "Abenomics", which has sought to generate sustainable growth through private-sector demand and investment.

Who in his right senses is still holding hopes on Abenomics, it was nothing but a buzzword and like all buzzword it died and was buried a long time ago.

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Posted in: Japanese firms put capital investment plans on hold as trade risks grow See in context

Business investment accounts for almost one-fifth of activity in the world's third-biggest economy and has been one of its few bright spots.

The author obviously used a template to write the stuff he wrote.

Bright spot when it has not translated to higher wages and increased spending of the working population.

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Posted in: Alcohol detected in JAL pilot’s system before takeoff See in context

Are the test mandatory before or are randomly carried out. My guess the former, thus the reason for the exceptionally high alcohol intake by the pilot. If he thought he would be checked I don't think he would have drank that much except he believed he was superhuman.

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Posted in: 5-year-old boy hit by police car on crossing last month dies See in context

Sad indeed.

RIP little one.

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Posted in: Tension between Japan, neighbors will test Motegi's diplomatic skills See in context

i heard Japan’s high lank Cabinet Office and Ministry of Finance officer, ret. saying on the radio “It’s just one Excel file that they need to send to Japan so that to stay on the white list why can’t they do that?”

That is not true at all.

The SK companies are now required several pages of data when applying for import clearance and some of the requirements will risk them revealing their production techniques something that any company will be reluctant to do.

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Posted in: Tension between Japan, neighbors will test Motegi's diplomatic skills See in context

Abe will need a watertight team to tackle other issues including efforts to retrieve Japanese nationals abducted by North Korean agents in the 1970s and 1980s, as well as countering China's growing assertiveness in the East and South China seas.


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Posted in: U.S. beaten by France 89-79 in basketball World Cup quarterfinals See in context

C'est bon.

Je suis tres heureux.

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