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Posted in: IOC says its Olympic ban on Russia cannot be compared with Israel situation See in context

The IOC just like other intl orgnisations has lost all credibility it is just a tool of the west. The IOC didn't ban the U. S for invading Iraq. Afghanistan, Libya etc resulting in the deaths of more than a million people

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Posted in: IOC hits back at Putin claim of 'ethnic discrimination' against Russia's potential Olympic athletes See in context

While you are at it ban the US and it's vassal states in Europe for invading.Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria etc it will never happen because the IOC like other intl organization are controlled by the U.S

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Posted in: Putin praises 'dear friend' Xi; pitches Russia's Northern Sea route See in context

Putin, a professional Xi arse licker!!!

Putin an intelligent strong leader loved by the Russians.

No European leader is so loved by its people when they have become a vassal of the U.S

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Posted in: Putin praises 'dear friend' Xi; pitches Russia's Northern Sea route See in context

Btw what are "EU values"?

welcome anyone policy?3 toilets?

EU has no policy, it is a vassal of the US

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Posted in: Israel-Palestinian conflict tests Japan's oil diplomacy See in context

No Worries, Japan is not a NATO member and it is not supplying bombs to either side as far as I know, in fact Japan is widely seen as a peace broker or a mediator in many parts of the world and I hope it stays this way.

NATO is going to open an office in Tokyo to intimidate China.

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Posted in: Japan trying to ensure safety of nationals amid Israel conflict See in context

Some lives are more important.than others. Beheaded 40 babies. I am sure you can back it with evidence. It is Netanyahu who has been running a concentration Camp killing palestines indiscriminately mothers, kids,whole families etc ..

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Posted in: Japan Innovation Party expels lawmaker Suzuki over Russia trip See in context

Dispelled from the party without permission what a joke. Wise of him quitting the Japan innovative party, He is better off as an independent.

He is spot on that Russia will defeat the U.S and its vassal states in Nato in Ukraine. The European especially Germany are willing to maintain sanctions on Russia even if it means the suffer, the Germans are supposed to be annoyed at the U.S for Nordstream pipeline.

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Posted in: Japan trying to ensure safety of nationals amid Israel conflict See in context

Japan "strongly condemns" the attacks by Hamas and the abductions of innocent citizens, Matsuno said, emphasizing that such actions "cannot be justified" regardless of the purpose.

How about condemn the indescriminate bombing of hospitals, schools and homes somebody tell me this is not genocide. How come Netanyahu is not charge for war crimes for his repeated bombing of the Palestinian people over the years. How can the world sit by while the Palestinians are in a a concentration camp. my heart goes to the Palestinian people

Two wrongs don't make a right

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Posted in: Iran prisoner swap for $6 billion in spotlight after Hamas attacks Israel See in context

The iranian have the right to use it as they deem fit. was the Money colored for these morons to know whether it was funnelled to hamas.

Well the military industrial complex and the oil conglomerates will profit from this conflict.

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Posted in: Israel intensifies Gaza bombardment, battles to dislodge Hamas fighters from its territory See in context


New York Times and any of the western maintstream media have lost all credibility. The are out to parrot the gov't line.

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Posted in: Mori Building to open new development project in Tokyo as part of push to revitalize city See in context

Our savings at work.

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Posted in: Kishida unlikely to call snap election within 2023: sources See in context

He should be paid 900yen per hour for his feeding the cows. Afterall that is what the minions make.

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Posted in: Kishida promises aid to help Poland with Ukraine refugees See in context

So we’re increasing defence spending. We are going to increase the child care budget.we going to increase the health care budget. Increase pension provision. With an aging population, falling birth rate, increases I. taxes coming and he still wants to give more away. One good thing about politicians and that is they are rather slow to open the Cheque book. There must be a bonsai money tree somewhere cause this is amazing.

Increase the kokumin pension provision from 32,000yen a month to 34,000yen a massive increase of 2,000yen. If you hit sixty five without large savings in this country you as you have to work

mean jobs till you die and not to talk of being a foreigner with the limited possibilities you are doomed.

The bureacrats and politicians have so much disdain for the plebs who pay their taxes.

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Posted in: If you currently live in Japan, do you think you will, or would like to spend the rest of your life here? See in context

God forbid.

I have been frustrated enough.

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Posted in: Japan's 1st piloted flying taxi test held ahead of 2025 World Expo See in context

Government regulation will make sure they don't fly.No flying after 8pm

commercial flights are a joke here.

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Posted in: White House announces $270 mil military package for Ukraine See in context

Ukrainian forces have used U.S.-made rocket launchers and tactical drones to destroy dozens of Russian targets and hold at bay Russia’s larger and more heavily equipped forces.

The picture I see say otherwise. The western media are untrustworthy as well. It is so difficult to believe any side to this conflict that could have been averted if not of the egos of Biden, Nato and Putin. I see all the killings, distruction and sufferings of the people of Ukriane and wonder what have happened If Biden and Nato hadn't taken the hard stance of underlooking and not negotiating with Putin, it was like Putin had to accept what he was told and shut up and Putin saying I am tough and I will show you I am not going to be dictated upon. The hardball Biden and Nato were playing is nothing but a bluff. Just pity the people of Ukriane for ending up being the victims of the clash of egos.

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Posted in: Kishida to create 2 Cabinet minister posts to support startups, cut CO2 See in context

Cabinet responsible for promoting startup businesses

It is just unbelievable a new ministry is created just for promoting start up, those it really

creating a new ministry for, what are the achievement of the digital ministry that was created

The cluelessnes is mind boggling.

Time to leave the sinking ship called Japan.

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Posted in: Abe attacker tried to draw attention to church: analysts See in context

The Unification Church has been directly involved in many things much more serious than forcing people to 'buy expensive pots and seals'. I mean, even if we only keep it to Japan rather than the rest of the world, it has been implicated in aggressively extorting money and assets from its followers.

The donation of money is not limited only to the Moonies, all the other Japanese Sects and religious groups are doing same may be less aggressively. There is that religious group with properties in prime positions all over the country, where do you think the money comes from for those properties ? it is from donations and sales of expensive temples some costing 7 million yen and average salary men are forced to buy them and pay in installments, I won't be surprised that some of the land on which some properties are sitting are donations, how about the sale of names for millions when one dies. I am afraid the media will concentrate on the unification church since it is foreign and ignore the Japanese religious groups.

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Posted in: KDDI to pay damages to millions of users after network outage See in context

For users that do not qualify for damages, KDDI is considering compensating them with an "apology."

Lucky KDDi, they are operating in the land that the big corps can do as they wish and go scot free

or pretentious advisory from the ministry.

Owe KDDI 80 yen and see how they will flood you mailbox with reminders to pay and threats of taking you

to court.

The mobile carrier is also planning to submit an accident report to the regulator, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, next week, detailing the causes behind the disruption as well as measures to prevent a similar incident from occurring again.

In the case of Mizuho bank, we know how effective the reports have been in prevent incidents re-occurring.

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Posted in: Gyms facing COVID mask dilemma amid summer heat concerns See in context

Nobuo Murakami, a specially appointed professor at Gifu University, who is well-versed in infectious diseases, said masks should be worn during the summer, too.

Well versed.

I guess specialist in other countries that have relaxed mask wearing and have

not experienced increased infection need to be lectured by Murakami.

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Posted in: Japan warns of rising security threats in annual defense report See in context

Japan warns of rising security threats in annual defense report

How about a white paper on improving the standard of living of the people

and prevent people's livelihood sliding into poverty and third world standards.

How about spending more money and provide affordable comfortable housing with a real

living room for the low income earners not the expensively priced 2 or 3DKs with the so called

living room the size of a pantry in an average family home in the U.S.

Those at the top know how to keep us the plebs in a state of fright while they plunder our taxes.

and don't there are people here believing the crap.

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Posted in: Opposition launches probe into lawmakers' links to Unification Church See in context

The media is having a field day because the church has it's root in SK while similar

Japanese religions and sects doing the same maybe not up to the extend of the unification

church will never get any mention.

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Posted in: Caroline Kennedy arrives in Australia to take up ambassador post See in context

Yep. Definitely prefer that to being the Ambassador here.

Would prefer being an ambassador even in Kim Country NK.

Nice job, live with ease out of the fat of the land.

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Posted in: Feisty De Klerk looking to 'irritate' fellow Springboks in Japan See in context

The eligibility rule needs to be changed so that players like De Klerk

can payback the country paying his paycheck.

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Posted in: Bank of Japan sticks to easing, raises inflation forecast See in context

correct me if im wrong but didnt the BOJ exclude volatile items like oil and food in their inflation calculations!?

Yes they did because it will drive up the numbers and they won't be able

to boast having the lowest inflation among OECD countries. This pattern is evident

with unemployment data, Covid numbers and a large number of other data.

I have made it as a rule of thumb to take the numbers with a bag of salt.

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Posted in: Civic group asks court to halt state funeral for ex-PM Abe See in context

"There are voices within society and the opposition parties that are against holding a state funeral," Masamichi Tanaka, head of the civic group's secretariat, said during a press conference in Tokyo. "It should be discussed in parliament."

Discussing it in the diet will be more waste of taxpayer's money, looks like Mr. Masamichi Tanaka

has not been following the stong arm tactics the LDP has been using to prevent deliberation and

pass controversial laws using their overwhelming majority. There are far more pressing issues

affecting us the who are still alive and battling poverty. and seeing our standard of living slide

below 3rd world standard.

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Posted in: Civic group asks court to halt state funeral for ex-PM Abe See in context

Make Morimoto Gakkuen pay for it.

If you mean Kake Gakuen the veterinary school then fine

Moritomo gakuen is not operational and defunct, the guy

was strong armed by the judicial system for trying to implicate

Abe and the wife and ended up serving time in jail and losing everything.

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Posted in: Japan reports 186,229 coronavirus cases; Tokyo has record high 31,878 See in context

Some years from now rhe covid vaccines will be exposed as the biggest scam to

have ever been perpetrate by a few on the entire world. I took 2 shots last year and

I am not taking any boaster shots and continue with precaution of wearing mask when

out in a crowd and refrain from touching objects when. out and disinfect at every opportunity

and wash hands thoroughly when back home.

The vaccines don't prevent any one from being infected yet it is still called vaccine, to continue with the scam they tell us the so called vaccine help reduce serious cases. Why isn't data correlating number of serious cases to the number vaccines taken to highlight the effectiveness of the vaccine in reducing serious cases.

Next, almost everyone is wearing mask, yet the number of infection is extremely high, is fair to infer

that mask wearing doesn't prevent the spread of the virus and more like the spread is mostly from contact rather than airborne. If it was really mostly through airborne the number of positives would exceed easily

exceed 500K nationwide.

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Posted in: Japan reports 186,229 coronavirus cases; Tokyo has record high 31,878 See in context


Japan is conducting many more tests now, therefore there are many more cases coming to light.

Are you just assuming ?

Why not back up with some data.

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Posted in: Japan aims to maintain stakes in Russia's Sakhalin 2 energy project See in context

Besides Sakhalin 2, Japan also invests in the Sakhalin 1 project, with Sakhalin Oil and Gas Development Co -- a Japanese consortium involving the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, trading houses Itochu Corp and Marubeni Corp and others -- holding a 30 percent stake.

Interesting to know, what percentage does the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (gov't) owns in the 30 percent and also the conditions and clauses.

Well, that is asking the impossible as we all know real journalism is extinct here.

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