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Posted in: World leaders stunned by Abe's shooting See in context

What a sad day. I am really gutted.

No matter what his policies were he doesn't deserve to be shot

of course nobody deserves to be shot. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

We are going to miss you Abe Shinzo.

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Posted in: Schalke signs Japan captain Maya Yoshida to bolster defense See in context


Does anyone know the meaning?

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Posted in: Tokyo closes books on costly, pandemic-delayed Olympics See in context

There is no mention of an independent auditor in the article will take the figures the threw out there with a big back of salt.

Surprised, so many here believe the numbers despite the long history of book cooking, shredding and missing records,

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Posted in: Indonesia deports Japanese man accused of COVID relief fraud See in context

The government tried to make it easy and quick for firms to get money to pay laid off employees

Made it easy for fraudsters and not the hardworking, honest and truly eligible smallbusiness ownerd who were deliberately frustrated by turning down re-application after re-application without indicating what was wrong with their application until most just gave up. Meanwhile Dentsu and Deloitte Tohmatsu as distributors of the funds helped themselves with a big chunk of the funds without doing anything, the bureaucrats and politicians have their back, no crime committed.

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Posted in: Indonesia deports Japanese man accused of COVID relief fraud See in context

Taniguchi and a group of acquaintances allegedly submitted about 1,700 false applications for COVID-19 relief funds.

Meanwhile thousands of honest eligible applicants were deliberately frustrated and made to apply multiple times without any reason given why their application was turned down. One small business owner applied 22 times and finally gave up.

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Posted in: China may cozy up to Japan to tackle economic slump, but faces hurdles See in context

China may cozy up to Japan to tackle economic slump, but faces hurdles

Delusion grandeur.

Which has a stronger economy,

The japanese economy has been in the doldrums since the bubble burst in the early 90s yet there is always that tendency to play up the J-economy and the thinking that the economy of other countries will have to rely on Japan. It is with this type of living on past glory that nothing has been done for over thirty years to stimulate growth and increase workers wages and standard of living all the while those countries that were said will rely on Japan have grown without relying on Japan.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing guard rails in Tochigi Prefecture See in context

If you are on kokumin nenkin you get 67K yen a month which is not even enough for rents. Most people will like to look the other and pretend Japan hasn't poverty issues or groups that have fallen off welfare.

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Posted in: Saudi Arabia puts 81 to death in its largest mass execution See in context

2022 will go down in history as the year of random killings and blood letting. While the west and it's allies are too busy trying to contain Russia and China, the THUGS of the world are seizing this opportunity to carry out their EVIL acts.

The west and it's allies are not busy anywhere just a flimsy excuse the fact is they have never cared, don't care, will never care about the lives of people from that part of the world and others. The hypocrisy is just too clear that even the blind can see and if you cannot see the obvious disparity of the reporting and condemnation then you are not any different from the perpetuators.

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Posted in: Ukraine prepares for defense of Kyiv as Russians try to encircle capital See in context

How do you compare Russian war crimes compared to NATO?

Nato is invading which country?

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Posted in: Ukraine prepares for defense of Kyiv as Russians try to encircle capital See in context

Other cities have already fallen or been surrounded since Russia invaded its neighbor on Feb 24, with civilians targeted in what the United Nations warned could amount to war crimes.

Could amount to war crimes, so invading a sovereign country and killing civilians even if inadvertently isn't war crimes ? Then what really constitutes war crimes?. Why has Putin not been classified as a war criminal, what are they waiting for.

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Posted in: Kishida, Yoon agree to improve Japan-South Korea relationship See in context

That's because there wasn't any export ban. Japan gave South Korea a special favorable treatment by putting them on their expprt "white list".

Thanks for letting me know that it was fake news. That there was no export curbs and SK did not retaliate by not sharing GSOMIA.

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Posted in: Kishida, Yoon agree to improve Japan-South Korea relationship See in context

No mention of Abe's export ban or the writer doesn't see it as also a reason for the strained relation.

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Posted in: Japan's imported wheat price to hit 14-year high See in context

And for those who think Japan can just grow more wheat, the climate in Japan in not suitable for growing wheat for pan bread, wheat grown in Japan is mostly low quality winter wheat used for local noodle production. The high humidity and rain does not help the production of high quality wheat in Japan.

Australian Hard, ND HRS, US WW and CWRS are imported for pan breads. Australian Premium White is imported for high quality fresh and instant noodles and U.S. Western White is imported for cakes and cookies.

Durum is also almost all sourced from North America and almost impossible to grow in Japan because of fusarium head blight.

Any farm or dairy product labeled as produced in Hokkaido automatically becomes the safest, most delicious

and best product that everyone is willing to pay a premium to eat. Hokkaido Produce is a magic word.

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Posted in: Ukraine says Russia stepping up shelling of residential areas See in context

The inevitable is coming, Time for the U.S. to start embarrassing the Russian military, Couple of dog fights in the sky should do it. The U.S. can finish this mess we call Putin's Russia in a few short days.

People are dying, not a joking matter. The U.S. couldn't even handle the Taliban.

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Posted in: Alleged stock manipulation at SMBC Nikko involved several sections See in context

Prediction: The gaijins are going down, and the Japanese will get off scot-free. Just saying.

The prosecutors and judges might read your post and do the unlikely just to prove you wrong like setting the gaijins free and prosecuting only the Japanese.

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Posted in: Fleeing sanctions, Russian oligarchs seek safe ports for superyachts See in context

If they don't like it, they can take out Putin. Problem solved for everybody.

Why didn't you make the same statement when GB invaded Iraq and inflicted deaths and carnage on Iraqis.

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Posted in: Japan to release 7.5 mil barrels of reserve oil See in context

From my experience living on this planet, it is well known that the global elites

and their cabals in politics and administration only care about their own gains

rather the well being of the greater majority.

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Posted in: Toyota subsidiary Hino admits use of fraudulent emissions data See in context

Hino is investigating whether engine certification malpractice took place before 2016. It said a third-party inquiry will be conducted into the causes of the matter including scrutiny of its corporate culture.

Hino investigating itself. How assuring indeed.

I know I will be hard on myself and will do a good job investigating myself.

Only a non functioning brain can think self investigation is possible

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Posted in: Sitting skier Muraoka wins Japan's 1st gold at Beijing Paralympics See in context

Liu Sitong of China took bronze as the only other racer to complete the course, with four of the seven entrants either crashing or missing a gate.

How can an olympic event be allowed to take place with only 7 entrants.

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Posted in: Honda, Sony joining forces on new electric vehicle See in context

Sony is leaving on past glory, the company is no longer innovative like

many people like to think.

I don't see this joint venture taking off and being a top player in the electric

car market.

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Posted in: Sri Lankan family sues gov't over immigration detention death See in context

I am afraid nothing will change, there are just too many Japanese that

when they see a non Japanese name they automatically develop a brain

freeze and cannot think right and look at the case from that Us versus Them

angle. Even the most basic thinking or common sense escapes their memory.

The distrust of foreigners runs so deep, it will take centuries for a little progress

to be made.

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Posted in: Japan to provide bullet-proof vests, other supplies to Ukraine See in context

Thank you, and while at it pass some onto the Syrian Freedom Fighters!!!

Are Syrians white ?

If they are then they will be getting some. If not then they suffer

the same fate like the Palestinians.

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Posted in: Paralympics open in Beijing under cloud of war See in context

They cited tensions in the Athletes Village.

And the solution was complete ban of athletes who had no say in what their mad leader does, the about turn a day after is clear indication that the IPC was pressured by some countries. By the way, was the U.S ever banned from any olympics when GB decided to lie and invade a sovereign nation called Iraq leading to the death of millions of iraqi citizens. Who really cares they are not europeans and are disposable lesser lives.

Talk about brainwashing.

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Posted in: Biden, Asia-Pacific allies discuss Ukraine; plan Tokyo meeting in spring See in context

No doubt that Russia has committed a huge error and even China distancing itself from Putin's actions after realizing that there is still unity and power in the EU/US alliance.

How has China distanced itself ?

Abstaining from voting is like voting against. A wise move by China which is thinking only about its interest.

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Posted in: Japan plans ¥360 bil domestic relief package as oil prices surge See in context

If Japan were actually in any sense fiscally responsible (and saw debt as a moral issue as Germany does) taxes would be so much higher than they currently are. BOJ bonds have been the LDP's solution to everything for over 20 years

The issue is not whether taxes are higher or not but rather whether the money collected is wisely used and for the benefit of all and not a select few. While you are at it why not compare medical, educational, pension remuneration, food, highway tolls and other living expenses between Germany and Japan, just to remind you Germany took in 1M refugees and Japan 15

Ask yourself which is doing more for the international community.

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Posted in: Japan plans ¥360 bil domestic relief package as oil prices surge See in context

However, there are no details on who and how will get money.

Probably this will land in the big firms' pockets or friends of friends, and at the end of the day, we will have to pay more for gas&electricity anyway.

The details are known if you listened to the local news, the money is going to distributors lije before the amount of subsidy per litre will be increased from 5 yen to 25 yen. As we all know the benefits won't trickle down to consumers.

The most infuriating thing is the media that just reads the news in passing without digging deep to educate the masses and reveal the truth. The worst media on the planet.

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Posted in: Olympics say goodbye to Asia after a star-crossed run See in context


Curling? Seriously? It’s more entertaining watching my elderly mother sweep the floor!


I almost broke a rib from the good laugh.

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Posted in: Olympics say goodbye to Asia after a star-crossed run See in context

But if you had to pick two countries where it was always doable and where you wouldn’t have doubts that they could pull it off — it’s those two."

Doable because those two don't give a damn about their general population but special interest.

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Posted in: 5 men arrested over death of work colleague See in context

Japanese have a very bad temper, thank God guns are not allowed here

it would be even worse than the U.S

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Posted in: Japan's COVID vaccine chief may be replaced to speed up 3rd shots See in context

Perhaps the guy should be applauded. The incredibly slow rollout of the third booster in Japan is not proving a big problem because natural immunity from omicron is proving far better than any vaccine. Check out the recent speech by Bill Gates where he fully admitted this fact already proven by various research. He noted how Africa which has no COVID problem with very little vaccination was saved by this.

How do you expect Takeda, Daiichi Sankyo and the big trading companies to make money.

Boosters after booster will always be needed so that the big companies are rewarded for their

support of the LDP and bureaucrats for affording them with a place to descend to with fat salaries

when they retire.

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