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Posted in: Japan, China still at odds over 'Rape of Nanking' See in context

Even Naz1s were horrified by the massacre.

Look up Unit 731:

Thousands of Chinese civilians were buried or burned alive, beheaded, used as targets for bayonet practice, or shot during mass executions, while the coutnryside was raped and pillated. A Tokyo Times reporter visint the area commented that he had never been to he11, but if there was a he11, it was in that city.

It was common knowledge that Japanese soldiers were killing Chinese for sport and pleasure, burying them alive, pushing them into fires, or beating them to death with clubs. Many of the atrocities were witnessed by Reverend John Magee, one o the Westerners in charge of an ineffective refugee area called the "Nanjing International Safety Zone." He recorded the only known documentary of this holocaust on 16 mm film (available today on video). At the time, the film was sent by an outraged German diplomat in Nanjing, George Rosen, to the attention of the Naz1 government, and the unlikeliest of saviors, Adolph Hitler. He requested German intercedence because the Japanese Army had turned into a violent killing machine. It has been estimated that 300,000 Chinese were killed and 20,000 women were raped over the six-week period.

From Rape of Nanking (wiki page>Atrocities):

On the rape that occurred during the massacre, Chang wrote that "certainly it was one of the greatest mass rapes in world history." She estimated that the number of women raped ranged from twenty thousand to as many as eighty thousand,[21] and stated that women from all classes were raped, including Buddhist nuns.[22] Furthermore, rape occurred in all locations and at all hours,[23] and women both very young and very old were raped.[24] Not even pregnant women were spared, Chang wrote, and that after gang rape, Japanese soldiers "sometimes slashed open the bellies of pregnant women and ripped out the fetuses for amusement".[25] Not all rape victims were women, according to the book, Chinese men were sodomized and forced to perform repulsive sexual acts.[26] Some were forced to commit incest—fathers to rape their own daughters, brothers their sisters, sons their mothers.

There are records of western missionaries/diplomats. Many bodies were burned and dumped in the river. I don't know what evidence these right-wing Japanese nationalists are looking for. Sperm? DNA?

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