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Droll Quarry comments

Posted in: Golden Week wraps up as travelers return home See in context

Came home from work last Friday and there was a car with a わ number plate sitting square in the middle of my driveway, not a person in sight. It turns out that a tourist had parked there to walk around to look for a house that was selling pottery. I know this because I parked behind them and locked my car. So many people go on tours and leave their brains at home...........

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Posted in: U.S. military command in Japan to be revamped: report See in context

If China did indeed invade Taiwan, it wouldn’t be a proxy war, but an all-fronts all-out war involving more countries than the Global War on Terror.

There is nothing to be gained defending Taiwan. The United States would throw Taiwan to the wolf, just like it did when it was called Formosa.

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Posted in: Japan sees record 2.79 million visitors in February due to Lunar New Year boost See in context

Sounds good if the coin is going in your pocket, but if you are a resident in one of these areas it sucks. Prices are higher, traffic is a nightmare, shortages of veggies and staples as they are siphoned off to hotels and If you live on Okinawa, residents are faced with the very possibility of water rationing. I can just about guarantee the hotels will scam the system to ensure Joe Tourist can soak in the tub with the hot water running to maintain temperature.

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Posted in: Antitrust watchdog to warn Nissan for underpaying subcontractors See in context

Nissan is an unethical company, just ask Carlos.

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Posted in: More whales getting stranded in Osaka Bay amid global warming See in context

Numbers increasing?? Two whales in two years, one last January and one this January does not sound like an epidemic.

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Posted in: Detailed cherry blossom forecast maps show early arrival for Japan’s 2024 sakura season See in context

If you apply normal Japanese media rationale.... If it's not happening in Tokyo it does not matter.

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Posted in: Comedian Matsumoto to go on hiatus amid sex scandal report See in context

He thinks his jokes are funny.... or at least he laughs at them.

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Posted in: Sour grapes: Japan battles to protect premium fruits See in context

Too much time and emphasis spent on how fruit and vegetables look and not how they taste. Looking pretty is not cheap as another poster pointed out. I don't know how much these grapes cost, never bought any and don't intend to do so. We always buy the fruit and veggies that are no "suitable" for the supermarket because they do not conform to the shape and color of the ideal, photo book display stereotype appearance. These less than perfect fruit and veggies save us a lot of money and IMHO taste just as good. Anyone up for a 40000 yen melon?

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Posted in: Kishida questioned over LDP revenue underreporting claims See in context

.... Its hard to find competent people to cook your books ....

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Posted in: Unification Church in Japan offers to set aside up to ¥10 bil in compensation fund See in context

The church is a religion of peace. It's just a small number of adherents who don't represent everyone there.

And no one noticed the amassing of 6 to 10 billion surplus yen by these adherents? A church or cult of willing participants that couldn't control this "small number of adherents? A few billion yen spent and we will have a rinse and repeat.

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Posted in: Publishing exec gets suspended sentence over Tokyo Olympics bribery See in context

Crime pays.............. well!

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Posted in: Okinawa rejects central gov't demand over U.S. base landfill See in context

Try relocating a US base near Tokyo and see what happens!

You would make a fine reporter for Mainstream news outlets. Cherry picking facts and spinning those to support your hatred for the US military. There are three military bases within a stones throw of Tokyo: Yokosuka, Yokota and Atsugi. The the Okinawa Governor and the party block/machine that ensures he gets reelected is funded by outside interests further south that have a lot to gain if the American presence on Okinawa is reduced. When and if, Taiwan falls, Okinawa is next to be assimilated. As the Borg would say, resistance is futile!

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Posted in: Toyota to offer Century SUV in bid to win more wealthy customers See in context

That front façade looks like it was copied directly from a 2021 Escalade. For a 170K, a bit more effort in styling would have been appropriate.

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Posted in: 4 complain of illness after steam eruption near Niseko See in context

At a press conference in Rankoshi, Mitsui Oil President Hidenori Harada stated that the Hokkaido government has instructed the company to cease dumping water outside the site. However, it is expected to take approximately two weeks to construct a pipeline that will redirect the accumulated water to a well about 1 kilometer away.

If that well connects to the water table........... Just sayin.....

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Posted in: Fishermen concerned over IAEA saying Fukushima water release is safe See in context


Ok, gotta be specific to be terrific

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Posted in: Okinawa governor visits China's Fujian to boost history-based exchanges See in context

Texas also has and independence movement and it has about as much chance to succeed as the Okinawa one.... which is nil. The overwhelming majority of Okinawa people identify as Japanese. There are a few romantics and hardliners that try to stir up the glory days, but they can't overcome the propaganda machine of the c/party.

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Posted in: Fishermen concerned over IAEA saying Fukushima water release is safe See in context

There are 440 Nuclear power plants operating in 34 countries. They have been around since 1957 and there have been two and a half major accidents in those 66 years. I don't see anything that warrants the constant hand ringing and sky is falling trope.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor visits China's Fujian to boost history-based exchanges See in context

China has no history of fostering another land without absorbing them as their own.

Just ask Hong Kong.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor visits China's Fujian to boost history-based exchanges See in context

.........like a mouse offering a snake cheese.

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Posted in: Struggling Japanese dairy producers betting farm on new markets See in context

Not the bland US, NZ Seiji-Ishii stuff. We need good English-style cheddar

....... and make it extra sharp cheddar! Some saltine crackers and an ice cold beer. I appreciate the tradition of wine and cheese, but I'm just not a wine person. Tillamook Creamery makes a decent cheese in the US.

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Posted in: Japan business delegation, including Okinawa governor, visits China See in context

Regardless of creed , color ,identify , gender , or nationality everyone has the right to comment or have an opinion on any such article whether they live in the area of reported article or not.

I agree with this statement. But when people appoint themselves experts and no longer present comments or their opinions and parrot fake or misleading information that it becomes irritating. I have no illusions about changing anyone's mind on anything on this site, but it is interesting to see what is being pushed as the truth.

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Posted in: Japan business delegation, including Okinawa governor, visits China See in context

Oh and the suffering I have experienced here is from fools who dont know what they are talking about.

I agree. If you don't live here and see the propaganda that is pushed daily by the government and media, you cannot fathom the gap in perception and reality, The vast majority of the Okinawa people just want to get on with their daily lives, have meaningful jobs, raise their children and lead a comfortable life. Instead they get reminded of WWII everyday by the local TV stations and newspapers, told how they are being discriminated against and how much better things would be without American bases. The really frustrating part of this is the people outside Okinawa who don't have a clue, chiming in with expert opinions which end up supporting the very political machine that is the cause.

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Posted in: Japan business delegation, including Okinawa governor, visits China See in context

Denny Tamaki is a left-wing politician who would like to belong to China along with former member of the House of Representatives, Ozawa, but the residents do not want that at all.

The political machine that keeps the communist party in power on Okinawa cannot function without Chinese money. You cannot become governor of Okinawa unless you are part of that machine. This party has placed the welfare of the Okinawa people last and ensured Okinawa is dead last as a prefecture. Denny and his cronies burn through an enormous amount of money from the Japanese and American governments and have very little to show for it.

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Posted in: Suzuki, SkyDrive to jointly start producing flying cars in 2024 See in context

Start shopping for an additional parking place now. Can't imagine the licensing requirements for this thing. I had an amphicar back in the 70s in the US and had to have a drivers license and a boat operators license. It had a watercraft inspection and a road worthy inspection as well.

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Posted in: Wages finally rising in Japan, as inflation eats away at consumer gains See in context

Apart from being a Japanophile is there any reason to live in Japan anymore?

 I fear that my time here has taken its toll upon me. I share a bond with this gilded place. If I ventured far from Okinawa, my strength would begin to wane until I was no more."

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Posted in: No sign truck used brakes in Hokkaido collision that killed 5: police See in context

Well, there's your problem. Five years past the point at which he should have retired.

Yes, yes, we all know Old People are the cause of all the worlds troubles. Can't trust anyone over 50, they might have more life experience and know more than us.... and (shudder) they don't spend 90% percent of their waking hours on a smart phone.

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Posted in: Paris 2024 Olympic headquarters searched in corruption investigations See in context

Maybe they should add a new category to the games.......... Most Corrupt Official..... There would be no shortage of potential "athletes" to participate.

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Posted in: Facing Olympic corruption charges, Dentsu out as IOC broadcast partner in Asia See in context

The IOC is just as corrupt as Dentsu. The whole Olympic process is an incestuous quagmire of greed.

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Posted in: Refugee law deportation changes empower Japan gov't amid distrust See in context

If your country is so bad, maybe you should stay and fight to make it better instead of cutting and running. The "good" countries did not get that way by their citizens running away in the face of adversity.

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