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I have a feeling a Thai word that sounds like "kawai" means something completely different. In fact I seem to remember a Thai being amused by that word meaning pretty as to a Thai it meant ugly. If anyone who know the Thai language reads this, could they please either confirm or correct this statement?

Good thing this is Japan and not Thailand, huh? ; )

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Michelle has always been the walking definition of sexy...

BTW I disagree that you need to qualify the statement that she looks great for her age...it's just my opinion of course, but I think she looks great, period.

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What would happen to places like Roppongi without the US military here?

I guess you'll just have to pick up the slack for us Serindipity. ;)

BTW did I miss something; isn't the correct spelling "serendipity"?

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The whole concept of the "Kyoto Protocol" being based in Japan is farcical, when in fact the Japanese government has some of the most self-destructive ecological and environmental policies of any developed nation in the world today. Japan likes to promote the 'old Japan' ideals of one being in harmony with nature, but nothing could be further from the truth. I have nearly finished reading a book titled "Dogs and Demons" (Hill & Wang, 2001) by a gentlemen named Alex Kerr, and some of the issues he exposes are jaw-dropping.

What a striking coincidence that one of the very issues Mr. Kerr brings up in the book, about Chisso Corp's. ties to "Minamata Disease" (which primarily relates to the issue of toxic waste disposal) is also in the headlines on JT today. This was first identified back in 1956 and the Japanese government was sued soon thereafter, yet this case still has not been resolved over 50 years later. I'd like to hear Ishihara's defence of that issue (and I have no doubt he would defend the Goverment's position.)

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If this happened in America the geezer would say "i kept hitting the brake but the car went faster and faster!" At least he took responsibility.

Exactly what I was thinking. Then they would sue the car manufacturer, of course, for putting an 'unsafe vehicle' on the road.

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and suspending use of vending machines at all stations

Sure...that'll be the day. They were refilling them today at Sakuragicho-eki...although that is JR line...I have not noticed this on either system (speaking as someone who utilizes the things on an almost daily basis...)

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Some grafitti artists have become renowned artists, but there is still a time and place for it.


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We oppose corporate fascism and advocate return of power to the people. Got it?

Wow, 'corporate fascism'. Sounds impressive. For example...?

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Johnshiomi & WMD. Yeah, you guys have Japan nailed. Beer gardens/halls, happy hour, and people drinking alcohol to loosen up and puking in the street after all-nighters don't exist anywhere but here. Sheesh.

I agree with Bogi. I have been frequenting a beer hall in Kabukicho with my girlfriend for the past few weeks, since late May at least. Maybe the "officially opened" part is the key phrase.

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fake dogs in fake house for fake people in a fake country

Wow. And I thought it was just a toy. Silly me...

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