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Posted in: Tomita will not appeal guilty ruling on camera theft See in context

If I saw someone putting something in my bag, I would confront them immediately. "Um, excuse me. What are you doing?" for example. Tomita's logic? "No, I'll just check later. I want to carry around someone's unidentified object." It could've been leftover food, trash, a bomb, a baby, whatever. Tomita was lucky though. It was a professional camera!

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Posted in: Bad behavior by teachers a growing problem See in context

I think the problem is actually decreasing, not growing. Yes, on paper it's clearly worse, but it's because the incidents are being reported more. There should be stricter punishments for such offenses, like losing your teaching license (for starters). It's disgusting to think some teachers are reprimanded for sexual offenses by being sent to another school.

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Posted in: S Korean court finds swimmer Tomita guilty of stealing camera See in context

What's that Japanese saying again? Oh, yeah. "A liar today, a thief tomorrow."

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Posted in: Genetically altered rice could solve Japan’s pollen allergy problem See in context

Digging a hole in the ground and using a ladder to wash the basement windows again? More research and info about autoimmune disease, chronic inflammation, stress, and lack of sleep would be better, although more difficult to promote to the public. My sensitivity to allergens in the environment are dependent on my diet, stress levels, and sleep. I know others who respond the same way.

so much of the Japanese population is effected by hay fever Not affected?

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Posted in: Tony Blair, Christopher Hitchens debate religion See in context

God is not Great is a wonderfully written and highly insightful book. I really wish I could have seen the debate.

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Posted in: Waiting for iPad See in context

Put simply, I don't understand the hostility towards Apple or its enthusiasts. If you don't like their products, don't buy them; don't even acknowledge them. Your silence may be more effective than hostility.

Personally, I see no use of the iPad (for me). But, for some users it would be ideal. I'm an iPhone user, Apple AND Linux enthusiast (gasp). The problem is not everyone wants to master Linux terminal commands and not everyone wants to customize their Linux GUI. Apple refined and made many things simpler. Blah, blah, blah... Life is short, get a Mac.

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Posted in: 3-year-old boy falls to death from 13th floor of Nagoya apartment See in context

Too much info left out of the article. Too many comments jumping to conclusions without knowing all the facts. RIP, little one.

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Posted in: The downside of twittering as Japan goes at it 24 hours a day See in context

Who you follow on Twitter is the issue. I follow health professionals et al. useful, worthwhile accounts. Some people, ie: "mmm... this coffee is good" Tweeters are not worth following. I've deleted many...

Before I Tweet, I always think "Will this be beneficial to anyone?" ie: funny, educational, informative or etc. The post about coffee could be better if it was "Best cafe in Minato-ku, Nagoya: Koji's Coffee --> LINK. I recommend Koji's Special Blend."

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Posted in: Right-wingers vow to block release of 'The Cove' in Japan See in context

Let it be shown, and let the people formulate their own opinion. The right wing fanatics are keeping Japan in primitive times.

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Posted in: Man, 19, arrested for beating girlfriend's 2-yr-old son to death See in context

Why did I read this... this news is a horrible way to start one's day. RIP--You didn't deserve to be born in such a rotten place.

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Posted in: New 'Final Fantasy' video game goes on sale See in context

I'd have to say FF7 was may favorite. All the titles before FF7 were pretty good too. I got bored and quit playing FF8 when I was halfway through, but eventually started playing it again about half a year later and enjoyed finishing it. FF9 OK... FF10 was pretty good, except for the story/gameplay being so linear. I did not like, nor finish FFX2, FF11 (if this one even counts) or FF12.

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Posted in: Hatoyama says Japan should embrace more migrants See in context

This sounds good, but will it actually make a difference? I'd say hard to adjust to customs and discrimination are the main deterrents. Anyway, these steps are better than nothing. At least the issue is being addressed.

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Posted in: Drunk cop arrested after fleeing scene of car accident in Fukuoka See in context

These stories no longer shock me...

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