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Normally, I support the Japanese government in their foreign policy, but I side with Russia on this one. Russia is willing and completely open to the transfer of the Kuril islands, but their one non negotiable stance is that US military personnel cannot be stationed on the islands. Japan has continuously refused time and time again.

Japan is simply a vassal state in the USA's global hegemony. Japan cannot negotiate the transfer of the Kuril Islands because in many ways they cannot be considered a truly independent nation. Japan wants the islands, and Russia is willing to give them the islands, but Japan does not have the power, or the independence to deny the USA access to place military personnel on the island and they both know this. The islands talks are one big charade for both sides to make it appear as if negotiations are somehow possible

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Posted in: 'Short skirts cause sexual assaults,' according to Japanese school uniform poster See in context

Why does it ALWAYS have to be Japan to be the only country with common sense. I feel like all of us westerners are living in a bizzaro world where facts are ignored.

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