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This is why democracy is overrated. How can you disappoint so many in a country with an election? Only in the current world do we call it good when just over 60 million people choose one guy and one party to rule over 325 million people...

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Honestly, America is free to choose for POTUS whoever it wants but the one I feel really sorry for is Obama. Giving 8 years of his life and in that process very visibly aging only to see (most likely) the majority of those 8 years go to waste.

Still, good luck America. You'll need it.

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So, I had to reply to this:

It is kinda like if you knew a friend, then went on a vacation, then when you came back you learned they did something bad, but it was now in the past. All your friends are still upset, but you have no experience with it, maybe even some collective guilt for what they did.

What I'm trying to say is the further out you get from Europe, the less World War 2 matters.

Actually go to Europe and see how much they try to suppress anything related to the war. It makes sense that on the opposite side of the world that some of the military fashion of that time would be judged more for its visual appeal rather than historical context.

Seriously, what is this even based on? I've never met anyone here in Europe that actively blames the Germans for anything. There's no suppressing anything. In fact, the countries, including Germany, are filled with war memorials, museums displaying everything and so on. There's still much historical interest even among the younger generations. Admittedly, I've never seen anyone dancing in outfits such as these though but that's more common sense, something the Japanese probably do not really have regarding Nazism (since they weren't as actively exposed to it).

This was not a smart move but they apologized so let's not make it any bigger than it is, huh?

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There are so many more negative things to say about these two candidates than positive things and for some reason, 90% of Americans are voting for one of the two. Unbelievable. How did these two even become the main candidates? As an non-American, this whole election seems like it's one big fiasco... And here I was thinking that European elections were a farce.

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And how are car manufacturers going to get their money back for these developments? Right, more expensive cars. Not only that, if what is said above is true and more and more brands jump on the hybrid bandwagon which is already more expensive to buy, the cars also become much heavier. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is like 300KG heavier than it's non-hybrid brother. In my country, road taxes are calculated by car weight so that means that you're going to be forced to pay much more road tax AND buy a more expensive car at the same time. Good thing I have a good bicycle...

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Am I the only one who finds it rather funny that the two were already have a fight and the dad's like: "I'm sleepy, you guys go and argue with each other, I'm going to bed!" And then says he woke up when he heard his wife screaming.

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are you serious? Have you actually read history? You conveniently left out Papua New Guinea including Rabaul and the likes which were sovereign Australian territory at the time. The Japanese invasion of the Alaskan islands as well as other both British and American owned islands in the South Pacific which all belonged to sovereign nations. That is, completely ignoring your assumption that replacing one colonial power with another is in any way a good thing.

Getting back to the article, I still can't grasp why people keep asking these kinds of questions to ministers. I'm pretty sure I've never heard anyone asking an Italian defence minister how he felt about his country taking over Ethiopia or Albania or how he feels now about how they (attempted to) invade Greece. Although her response is indeed stupid. Either owe up to it or say "no comment". Either would've been acceptable.

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SwissToni is referring to Russian Aircraft flying into Turkish air space, not Syrian. Please read up on the facts before saying something unfounded.

As for the actual conflict, it's a disaster waiting to happen (that is, if you don't consider the current a disaster already). It's only a matter of time until some Russian nationalist pilot gets trigger happy and decides to 'accidentally" shoot down an American (or other NATO) jet. Then the real shit will hit the fan.

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Except for the problem that Hybrids are unaffordable for anyone who wants to actually buy a car and not lease it...

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many of these EU countries were taking the moral high ground over Australias policy of boat turn backs and getting tough immigrants. Now seems there having a change of heart!? WOW that didnt take long did it.

Except for the fact that only some of the Baltic countries have had a change of heart. Most other European countries are still accepting refugees, despite the divide that it has created on both political and societal level.

I live in one of the Western European countries and I don't mind taking on "refugees" but the problem needs to be solved at its core. Make Syria safe again and you can send them back to rebuild their own country.

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I get that the way Abe is doing things is undemocratic but people commenting that this will cause Japan to become some kind of warmongering country is way off.

For one, every country in the world has the ability (and quite often obligation) to help a friendly country when at war. Currently, it means that the US and other allies should help Japan when they are attacked but if it would be the other way around, Japan would and could not lift a finger.

Secondly, Japan's military is just one thing: Modern. That's it. It's current size is negligible, especially compared to the current world powers and this is not something that'll change any time soon since most of Japan's population obviously don't feel very inclined to join the military either.

So, aside from Abe's wrong way of doing it, this change itself is hardly bad or dangerous.

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