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Those unemployment numbers are a farce. Once someone's unemployment benefits run out that person is taken off the unemployed list and no longer counted. The real figures are more like 14%.

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Prudence requires taking threats seriously. Japan and South Korea are strong US allies and public reassurances of that fact will help more than hurt. Let us hope NK don't chose to continue hostilities yet don't forget they are still technically at war with the South Korea.

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I don't get it. Japan is an honorable country in a world of dishonor.

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Posted in: Anti-whaling group takes battle to U.S. Supreme Court See in context

I think it's time that sea going ships exercise their right to defend themselves from pirates and start sinking attacking vessels.

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Something good came out of my country for once. China under the communists has no honor. Japan does. When China decides to go to war with Japan and if the US don't back Japan up I will enlist or try to enlist in Japans armed forces to do my part to honor my countries obligations to Japan.

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Please do deploy. It's about time that Japan got over the WWII guilt and took it's place in this world as the great power it is.

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