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Where in the article is "deportation" mentioned? I really don't follow the logic of the "protesters". It is not the government's or companies' responsibility to ensure stable employment. (Do they expect the government to treat foreigners preferentially?) Are they being treated any differently than Japanese contract laborers? If they are "integrated" than why are they marching in Ginza shouting "We are Brazilians". It seems to me, by their demands and methods , they show their lack of integration.

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Regarding Bush's statement about " The course of (our) nation not depending on others". I say, RIGHT ON! I cannot fathom why it should be desirable for ANY country to depend on others. Why should the U.S. succumb to peer pressure to do what is "cool and groovy"? Who cares what he rest of the world thinks? With some exceptions, they are insanely jealous of the U.S. Do we really want to be like them? Of course not. That is not arrogance, that is deciding for yourself; something all countries should practice.

Regarding Reaganomics, it works. Period. How can anyone say it was less than a smashing success? However, economic independence is very dangerous for the Democrats as they don't want any of their appointed victim groups to leave the plantation.

Bush wasn't the best president, but he is a good and honorable man and kept the U.S. strong. The Kenyan dude is a fraud. We don't even know who he is, what he has accomplished in life (other than write two books about himself), what is plans are (CHANGECHANGECHANGEHOPEHOPE), or more importantly, who actually is holding the puppet strings. Hopefully, he will be convicted of fraud and serve a term - in prison.

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Atheletes You have been fooled, hoodwinked, and cajoled into thinking George. W. Bush is an absolutely incompetent president; however, most of the examples you provide do not support your case.

Arrogant? On what do you base this? Because he does not base his decisions on a psychological need for approval from Americans and foreign countries? Because he made the hard, unpopular decisions base on what is right, not what is politically expediant? It's called leadership; something the U.S. was severly lacking.

WMD? Information said Iraq had them; and you know what, they did (and had used them in the past). The whole think about missing "WMD" was bogus, because the other 17 POINTS of the UN athorization (which he should not have even sought) are ALWAYS totally ignored. Bush had a moral obligation to act. He did not start the war; he finished it. What we are now doing in Iraq should be called "peacekeeping" or a "humanatarian mission". Hurricane (not Cyclone) Katrina exposed Lousiana's unpreparedness and (Democratic) corruption. It had nothing to do with Bush. Sub-Prime Morgage, partially a result of idiotic (anti-redlining, etc.) laws pushed by Democrats. The same people who got us into this mess are in charge of fixing the system. Do you actually think this was not planned in advance as a way for the ONE (or more accurately, his controllers)to "change" the U.S.? Yes, blame Bush while the Democrats cause the problem, "fix" it, and assume total control. All while fleecing us blind. (Like Bwaney Frank's former "lover"). Guantanamo - What's the problem? Moral masterbation will not protect us from terrorist attacks; Gitmo has. Bail-outs for cronies? I do disagree with all bailouts; to which cronies are you referring? Semi-socialist nation? True, but we were already that and all the Democrat alternatives are much, much worse. The Kenyan Guy (you mentioned arrogance?) wants to turn us into a full-fledged socialist state. The problem with Bush is that he was not a true conservative, but those on this forum who attack him attack him for being TOO conservative. I'd rather be the laughing stock of the world than be like them.

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War in Iraq justified? Well no, but this is a trick question. Hussein was not justified in invading his neighbors (3 of them). The U.S. was not only justified, but had a moral responsibility to put an end to that regime and its war(s). Waiting 10+ years and giving Hussein chance after chance was more than enough. The UN had a list of 17 grievances justifying the U.S. going on the offensive. Any one of which was enough. We are better off today because of Bush's resumption of offensive action. The question should be: is pacifism ever justified? John Lennon sang "Give peace a Chance," not "Give Peace a Chance, and another and another and another, even after the gassing ofthousands of civliians and the horror of the murder of thousands upon thousands of people." You pacifists cause more wars than militarys do; you are just to arrogant to realize it.

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".. tells both sides to step back...." This guy is seriousily delusional. My god, the problem is that the government is not stepping up to the plate to defend itself, the constitution, and the country. And the PAD is DEMANDING the police guard the "protesters" (read "occupiers") at Government House - even while holding a policeman hostage! The arrogance of these thugs is unbelievable. No, if the police refuse to do the job at the airports and Government House, there are those that will. This has the potential to get real ugly, real fast. The real problem is that factions of the royal family are not-so-covertly supporting the PAD; will this spell the end of the monarchy? civil war? killing fields? The end of the country? The government's inaction, whatever the reason, has been a serious blunder.

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"Partner"? Whatever it is supposed to mean, isn't it demeaning to the person to whom it refers and to the readership?

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You have to admit, it is plesant to come across a nice set of teeth!

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rjd jr. Why do you say that the jury which aquitted the shooter in the Hattori case was racist? I followeed the case closely, yet had never even heard that claim. The D.A. even said that it was an open and shut self-defense case and that he only brought it to trial because ofd international pressure.

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Good for TBS. The fact that it was his private life is irrelevent. TBS obviously feels they have a responsibility to the public to only employ actors who maintain certain standards. I applaud this move.

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The PAD can't win an election, that's why the are doing what they are doing. How many times was Thaksin re-elected? Even after the coup in 2006, voters re-elected Thaksin's proxies. I hope the police come down hard on this attempt at mob rule.

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Not "used to be" a Dude; He still is. Genital Mutulation does not change one's sex. ASbsolutely disgusting that he is on TV. Where is the outrage?

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Yes, murder is just great!

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Japan is now reduced to this. Joyfully, state intrusion into private life is welcomed. This is disgusting.

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"The attitude towards the homeless here is appalling."

What do you mean?

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"Wow, I had no idea surrogate motherhood was looked down on."

I hope you are being sarcastic. It is a perversion that will haunt us all.

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President Bush, he has not wavered in the face of international outcry. He is not perfect, but he is a worldsaver.

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