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Posted in: Is it safe to let customers know workers' real names? See in context

It depends on what line of business you are in. I would want to have the name of the uniformed officer asking me questions, the doctor I was consulting, but in espionage or soap land, well maybe not.


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Posted in: Four more arrested over Y1.8 bil bank heist using ATMs See in context

The picture shows Standard Chartered bank which now has nothing to do with Standard bank of South Africa.

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Posted in: In which events do you think Japan stands the best chance of winning gold medals at the Rio Olympics? See in context

As with all countries, the ones which the domestic media choose to give coverage to.

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Posted in: Getting stopped by police in Japan – how often does it happen (and why?) See in context

18 years here and have never been stopped, but have been to the cop shop three times to report my bicycle had been stolen.

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Posted in: No retiree left behind: Japan turns to riskier DIY pensions See in context

Yes, GW! That's critical, you have to pay into the Ponzi first.

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Posted in: Nintendo worth more than Sony after Pokemon rally See in context

Nintendo didn't do anything. Niantic created the game. Nintendo's genius is simply having the characters which they can get others (like DeNA) to monetise for them. the comparison with SONY is spurious. Investors have made the same mistake pricing it as an ailing tech company. Nintendo have a stable of priceless brands. How much money would you need to create another Mario, Pikachu?

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Posted in: Japan's once-spartan school lunches go upscale in big ways See in context

Nothing about how bad junior high school lunches in Osaka became after privatization.

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Posted in: New fashion brand for large-breasted women smashes crowdfunding goal See in context

It's probably just me, but the company logo looks very suspect.

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Posted in: Less is more as Japanese minimalist movement grows See in context

A lot of the comments are bang on, especially@ smithinjapan talking about balance.

It's equally unhealthy to take minimalism to extremes as it is to fill your place with stuff. Like being anorexic about possessions.

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Posted in: Man with only Y42 on him runs up bar tab of Y137,000 See in context

He treated other guests too. Share the love, especially when it is free.

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Posted in: What does 'good child-raising' mean? See in context

Sloppy wording. Raising offspring simply means to provide food, water, shelter. All animals do this. Bringing up children is a more complex issue.

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Posted in: I really want people to think about what they use their money for. Money is worthless unless you use it, and I don't understand why people just keep saving it. See in context

I'm no fan of his, but I think he is probably referring to the elderly affluent who have it all in postal savings.

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Posted in: Dead money: Battle for Japanese inheritances heats up See in context

These people who worry about inheritance tax are doing it wrong. They should have spent the money on educating their offspring. You can't tax an education, an experience, or other intangibles.

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Posted in: Dead money: Battle for Japanese inheritances heats up See in context

“The service itself doesn’t make money for Daiwa

Oh, come on! Mr Hosoda, your nose is getting longer by the second.

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Posted in: How to avoid being a 'third-rate patient' See in context

It's a shame that Dr Nabuchi, though something in his field, cannot find it in himself to be someone to all his patients.

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Posted in: 4 killed in car-motorbike collision in Gunma See in context

As a motorcycle rider in Japan myself, I don't like the way this has been reported/translated. The car wasn't hit by a bike, it was the other way round. If the driver of the car was turning right, the motorcyclist had the right of way. The driver of the car was either careless, or worse.

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Posted in: Governor under fire See in context

@ elbow room, Is it a halo or a noose?

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Posted in: Abe aide says raising sales tax would win global trust See in context

I think I could predict what people resident in Japan would say in reply to the question "would YOU be prepared to pay more for your daily necessities so that the Japanese government can be trust more?"

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Posted in: Elderly pickpocket 'Calling Tamako' finally apprehended after string of Tokyo thefts See in context

Must have taken "the authorities" a long time to think up such a witty name.

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Posted in: As a G-7 summit venue, Mie sucks, magazine says See in context

It may be a beautiful place to go and have a conference in, but avoid at New Year unless you enjoy the crowds.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth: Chinese officials were 'very rude' See in context

The Queen and Phil may be two different people, but they do (reputedly) think of the family as "The Firm."

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Posted in: Japan to announce action plan to curb tax evasion at G-7 summit See in context

It was an indiscriminate leak of personal financial information.

If any laws were broken then wouldn't it be fair to try them in a court of law, or is trial by media fairer?

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Posted in: Here’s what Japanese men and women think about cheating See in context

I think Ogun Alarcin highlighted a really simple but important word: RESPECT. I think some people really love their partner despite cheating, but I think the respect is missing.

Personally I don't care for what society thinks, the most important thing is for whether individuals are happy with the way they want to live.

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Posted in: End of a saga: Becky to return to showbiz; Kawatani divorces wife following scandal See in context

What was the outcome really? Both parties to the marriage realised that they had made a mistake and were fortunate enough to be able to end it quickly instead of wasting a lifetime together. Becky got a taste of life post work, and an education in who your real friends are.

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Posted in: Britain's ruling party defends linking Muslim London mayor to extremism See in context

Cameron would have done well following Khan in avoiding pork, at least during his time at university.

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Posted in: EU confident of Japan free trade deal by year-end See in context

I live in hope with Moonraker on the Stilton.

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Posted in: Facebook still isn't a mall, but its bots aim to change that See in context

I don't profess to know much about tech, but with respect to sf2k, people used to believe Amazon was a site to buy books, ,Google did search and Nintendo was a manufacturer of playing cards.

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Posted in: SoftBank slams bid to unseat founder's heir apparent See in context

Am I right in thinking that if he buys 483M of stock, transfers it into an offshore company and then sells within 5 years of being in Japan, he legally won't be liable for tax on the gain in Japan?

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Posted in: Another badminton player yanked from squad as casino scandal deepens See in context

The biggest gangster doesn't want anyone cutting in on its turf.

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Posted in: Schoolgirl says education pointless; gets schooled in debate on Twitter See in context

So she has made a controversial statement and backed it up with specific reasons as to why she holds that opinion. I'd say most people her age going through the state education system in Japan would not be able to do this.

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