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@M3M3M3 I had a German exchange student from Dresden in my high school French class who spoke fluent American/Canadian English including idioms and cultural references. Most of the school didn't know he was a foreigner as he spoke perfect English without the slightest hint of an accent. We also had a Finnish exchange student who spoke who sounded like to us perfect British English. Also, large chunks of America have significant Spanish speaking populations. 1/4 of my high school were native Spanish speakers or spoke Spanish at home.

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Posted in: Japan hopes to leave agriculture out of U.S. trade talks See in context

I saw the news article title and I thought to myself the comment section is going to be interesting. And sure enough, a lot of butt hurt, anger and stereotyping going on, on all sides.

One thing that many here are forgetting is that Japan lives and breath on trade, it's a resource poor, food insecure country. It much more trade dependent that many nations around the world, regardless of what your position is.

@ domtoidi, Many countries are stubborn, Japan is just an insular in many ways.

@ NURREDIN actually the US leads in many sectors around the world. If you want to see US global dominance look at the IT sector and Silicon Valley. I don't know about your figures about who sells more phones than Apple but that's irrelevant as it's about profit figures. You ignored the fact that Apple doesn't sell cheap phones in Third World countries while most other companies do. Also Huawei and ZTE both aren't doing well if you knew what you were talking about. High end smartphone market has hit saturation point for several years now. ZTE and Huawei's sales figures for smartphones in $$ are declining.

Also your comment about cars shows your ignorance as there is such thing as a national car manufacturer. Car manufacturers around the world share "platforms" and then rebadge them with a different brand and exterior. Also everyone hires international designers from around the world. South Koreans cars went from being jokes to serious competitors after they hired Japanese engineers as industry consultants and Western design teams to design their cars. Several Japanese manufacturers have car lines that are made in the US and exported back to Japan and the newest NSX was designed in the US.

@Redsuns while I agree with your sentiments however, Japan is a trade and export dependent nation while the US is less so. The US is more independent and secure in more areas than Japan is. The most basic among them is food security and energy security. With the US being more far more energy secure than Japan. So if everyone embargoed each other and trade around the world came to a halt, everyone would hurt but resource poor island nations like Japan would be devastated and struggle to survive.

@katsu78 While I agree with you, however complete free trade between nations doesn't really exist. It's really about reducing trade barriers, tariffs, subsidies, and regulations but not complete abolishment. Every nation will protect certain industries or sectors, America's not unique in that regard. For example US free trade agreement with several nations include guaranteed quotas on H1B visas as to secure US IT sector jobs for their citizens outside of green card lottery. So I don't think anyone in America expects complete and total regulation of the Japanese agriculture sector as no nation's ever done that in a free trade agreement with the US. I do believe Mexico gave up the most in terms of agriculture.

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