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Any non-bias news sources from you? Every day are these far left links you give and try to pass them off as 100% factual for pats on the back. Give us some substance please!

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Posted in: Japanese TV personality Dewi Sukarno visits Ukraine despite travel restrictions See in context

Stop being 'Merica centric! These guys are unknown here in Japan, just like she is unknown in the US.

FYI, my comments about these guys would be the same as I wrote about her, regarding the desire for more "fame".

Oh and who in the hell are Jolie, Penn and Stiller? Meaningless names to me!

Angelina Jolie, Sean Penn and Ben Stiller? Never heard of them?!?

Also the Sean Penn article was here on this site the day before this article.

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I have lived in the Philippines off and on over the last 5 years. I have yet to meet a Filopino who did not appreciate the drug war.

Exactly and it made the country safer than it was. I went to a friend's wedding down in Mindanao a few years back. It was under martial law then. Everyone told me that pre-martial law, there were dead drug users everywhere. Also people were often robbed and shot if they didn't give up their money to these drug addicts.

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Posted in: Japanese TV personality Dewi Sukarno visits Ukraine despite travel restrictions See in context

Such hypocrites, I didn't see any uproar when Letterman, Jolie, Penn or Stiller went. What makes them OK to go but not her?

This is the person who smashed a woman's face with a wine glass requiring over 30 stitches. She's damaged goods

Well Sean Penn was a woman abuser. I didn't see you mentioning that in yesterday's article through all the comments about his greatness and muscle mass.

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So excited about this as a Lakers fan. When Nunn signed, we thought he was a steal at the MLE level but he was out last season and hardly plays this season. We have enough guards as it is.

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Yes. To make excuses for this kind of violence on partisan grounds is pathetic.

Didn't see much of that preaching for partisan unity the Summer 2020 when the burning/looting of businesses, death of 25+ and destroyed livelihoods was "justified." Oh and Antifa either "didn't exist" or weren't actual people but an "ideology." Don't forget the who's who of politicians were out supporting the mayhem. Where are they now? I guess no elections in the near future so no need to act concerned.

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4%? Things I buy frequently are now twice the price. I thought Gyomu Supermarket was the go-to cheap store and now I am exploring my options.

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Many of these people outside NZ would struggle to name another NZ PM.

Well Kiwis in NZ can probably name every NZ PM and they are the ones that gave her a 30% approval rating of late. You can gloat how she is the greatest politician of all time but that doesn't mean the masses have to.

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I already did. And I didn't even have to read CNN. It's called thinking for yourself. Try it.

Things people say when they disagree with their favorite news organization once in a blue moon.

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threatened countermeasures against countries involved, which include the U.S. and several European nations.

I will laugh if China bans foreigners from entering because of this because I am sure 99.9999% of people have any desire to go there in the near future.

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20/20 was a steeple in many households every Friday evening at 10pm following the great sitcoms on ABC(TGIF) from 8-10.

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Posted in: Man arrested over hit-and-run death of 2 night street patrollers in Osaka Pref See in context

They shouldn't have been walking on the road, especially at night.

Maybe he shouldn't have been driving through a residential neighborhood hitting people then driving away.

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Posted in: Mother, holding 2 children, jumps off platform into path of train; all 3 dead See in context

It not sad or tragic,it just a symptom of Japanese society failure

We can't determine that until we know why she did this. Until then, it is really hard and sad for me to wake up to this type of news especially since I have kids the same age.

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Posted in: High school boy killed, man injured by train at station in Saitama Prefecture See in context

Way to get yourself killed, too. Press the emergency button on the platform and call it a day.

Not an easy task when you have to make a split second decision.

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Posted in: Rapper Tory Lanez guilty of shooting Megan Thee Stallion, US jury finds See in context

Lanez -- whose real name is Daystar Peterson -- is scheduled to be sentenced on January 27.

Not to worry, this is L.A. and the Canadian wannabe gangsta will only be doing community service.

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Posted in: Japan's QAnon members convicted of trespassing at COVID vaccination sites See in context

If they don't like vaccines, no one is forcing them to have one.

Yes, people say this then turn around and ridicule/cancel those who choose not to. The same people that were anti-big pharma 3 years ago, currently treat big pharma like God and even rush their kids to the front of the line to get poked.

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Posted in: Twitter users vote to oust Elon Musk as CEO See in context

The same people in here whining about Elon Musk owning Twitter are also the ones saying before that they don't use Twitter in the first place. Why gatekeep a site you don't even use?

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Posted in: Announcement of Don Quijote’s beloved mascot being changed has shoppers in shock See in context


Now I can go to the thrift store and buy Donpen junk to sell to the "mourners" on Yahoo Auction who will act like they have always been Donpen's biggest fan.

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Toronto has high gang population in certain parts of the city - gangs like in American cities.

So can I waltz into one of their unlocked trap houses and expect them to whip me up a batch of maple cookies as a guest?

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Oceania, traditionally forced to compete for a World Cup place via a playoff, will receive an automatic qualifying berth.

This part always confuses me. So Australia is part of the AFC and New Zealand the OFC though both are in Oceania. So basically New Zealand will get an automatic birth and Australia has to go play a bunch of Asia teams to qualify?

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Posted in: 5 dead, suspect killed in Toronto area condo shooting See in context

I was told though that Canada was so safe that doors were unlocked and you could walk into a stranger's house unannounced to have dinner with them.

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I've watched 13 world cup finals and that was the most exciting since 1982.

No doubt! That was one of the best games period I have seen. Both teams deserved to go home winners. All the focus is on Messi and rightfully so but Mbappe single-handedly tied the game for them twice and got every French goal on an injury depleted team. France is going to be a scary team as long as he is playing for them which might be another 3 World Cups.

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Cross city rivals in a city that takes their sports seriously. You strike up a conversation with a person from Melbourne about AFL for example, it won't be anything casual. They are passionate about their team. On the other hand, Melbourne people tend to look down on this type of behavior especially if it is done elsewhere in Australia.

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Posted in: France ends Morocco World Cup dream to set up Argentina final See in context

Great to see the two best teams as well as the fairest teams in the final. At least they won’t be blaming the referees if they lose like some of the other teams have.

I guess you didn't watch any Argentina games.

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Posted in: Man gets suspended sentence for causing plane to divert after refusing to wear mask See in context

He should be made to do two years hard time at the very least.

lol There are probably people in your country that do a lot less time than that for more violent of a crime. Will you be out there saying all this about them? A heavy fine for disrupting business and community service/anger management sounds about right. If they exist here that is.

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Mitch McConnell is in an interracial marriage, and he voted against their legal protection. Republicans don’t care about women, so why would they care about their marriage?

Joe Biden didn't want interracial schools calling them "racial jungles" and called non-Democrat voting African Americans as not being black. What type of gymnastics will you use to defend him? I'm waiting.

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When U.S./Japan get eliminated from the World Cup, I always pull for the underdog. Got my Morocco jersey on, ready to go. Even if they lose, it looks good on for Christmas.

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Wonder where the disgruntled Germany fan is that made fun of Japan having 130 million people losing to a country with 4 million. Well Brazil has 216 million people, what now?

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Posted in: Brittney Griner released from Russia in prisoner swap for arms dealer Viktor Bout See in context

By this logic the president of the nra and smith & Wesson should be arrested. Follow though then.

Which would be a dream come true for you but I will let you continue to enlighten us how this was an even trade.

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Posted in: 765,000 World Cup visitors fall short of Qatar's expected 1.2 mil influx See in context

originally forecast led to an unexpected glut of accommodation but has also averted major over-crowding or traffic headaches in Qatar, the smallest country by both population and area to host the World Cup.

Said it all in that article you had on here a week or 2 ago. Prices for accommodation were through the roof so people were staying in UAE and Bahrain to save money then flying in on game day.

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