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Posted in: Moriyasu defends decision-making after Japan's loss to Costa Rica showing See in context

Do find it interesting that people in here were nowhere to be found after Japan beat Germany. Now they have a reason to come in here to trash Japan though their teams are also laughable this World Cup.

BIG MISTAKE. The manager will be sacked for too much tinkering by leaving out his best players.

No manager has ever coached 2 consecutive World Cups.

I doubt they will get even a point against Spain when they can't even have a single shot at goal versus Costa Rica. They just got a couple of lucky breaks versus Germany,

Did you even watch the game yesterday? Japan had 3 shots on goal. Costa Rica had 1 which went in. Why would Japan's goals against be lucky and Costa Rica's not?

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Posted in: Moriyasu defends decision-making after Japan's loss to Costa Rica showing See in context

The "experts" here said Japan didn't deserve to win because Germany controlled the ball most of that game. Yesterday Japan controlled the ball but they are saying Japan "underestimated Costa Rica." What is the end game for people living in Japan but wants Japan to somehow lose?

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Posted in: Costa Rica scores late to beat Japan 1-0 in lackluster game See in context

Football was is and remain a European and South American tradition.

Because of this ONE game might as well ban all non-European and South American teams because they are not worthy of putting on a football uniform. I would actually triple dog dare you to go tell this to all your Japanese friends, family members, co-workers, etc that they have no right to be in the World Cup because football is not in their DNA. Let's see how that works out for you.

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Posted in: Japan looking to make World Cup splash after sinking Germany See in context

Moriyasu has set the benchmark as the Semi finals - minimum. 

Actually he said final 8 which would be the first time in Japan's history.

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Posted in: Japan looking to make World Cup splash after sinking Germany See in context

Ideal would be Japan beating Costa Rica and Spain-Germany getting a draw. Then Japan would only need a draw vs Spain to win the group. I'd rather not see Belgium again.

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Posted in: Japanese fans rejoice after dramatic World Cup win over Germany See in context

Interesting to see some people that today for the first time acknowledged the World Cup was happening or even talking about soccer for the first time since years of knowing them.

I usually go to all of the Japan team's Osaka and Kobe games whether it is the Kirin Cup or Asian qualifiers. Tickets are easy to buy and hardly anybody I know knew they played the night before unless the news announced they clinched a spot in the WC. There are either die-hards or bandwagoners. A lot of bandwagoners use it as an excuse to run around Shibuya like they do for Halloween lol

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Posted in: Japan gets 2 late goals to upset Germany 2-1 in their World Cup opener See in context

I have been into the Samurai Blue since 2002 and go to every game when they play at Nagai Stadium. They almost always play a strong 1st half and gas out in the 2nd. This is the start of a revolution! lol Asano, Doan, Tomiyasu and Minamino are all potential starters but came off of the bench and instantly made an impact. Asano attacked as soon as he stepped on the field. I wonder if they are going with this approach for the Costa Rica match or will switch starters. I can't wait for 7pm Sunday night!

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Posted in: Mexico and Poland play out 0-0 draw at World Cup See in context

Thats 90 minutes of your life you'll never get back! Both teams dreadful.

Same score but I found the Tunisia-Denmark to be worse. I loved the refs in this game though. Let the players play instead of coddling the floppers.

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Posted in: Tunisia holds Denmark 0-0 as Arab teams impress at World Cup See in context

If one of these 2 can at least tie France, they can get in I think.

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Posted in: Netherlands strikes late to beat Senegal 2-0 See in context

I am rooting for Senegal in that group. Netherlands is a beatable team too that I don't see making past the next round.

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Posted in: Saka, Rashford help England rout Iran 6-2 See in context

Fun game especially after the first half hour. Iran will be that gimme win for U.S. and Wales.

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Posted in: Bale to the rescue as Wales snatch U.S. draw on World Cup return See in context

I am happy though we came away with a draw and not a loss. Wales is one of those dark horse teams we always tend to lose to. We better step our game way up against England this weekend.

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Posted in: Qatar opens World Cup with a message of inclusion See in context

Indeed. I've lucked out with ONE early-ish England game tonight. At least the Eng/USA game is on Saturday morning. Good luck!

Same to you! I think Eng and USA should get out of the group no problem. I am a little worried about Wales being a pain in the rear.

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Posted in: Uber Eats delivery worker arrested for smearing curry on apartment door of customer who gave him low rating See in context

Weirdo! Glad he was caught. I always prefer to have my reviews(for restaurants, hotels, etc.) anonymous with not much details on when I bought something or what I ordered. I have known people being harassed after leaving negative reviews via phone or e-mail.

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Posted in: Qatar opens World Cup with a message of inclusion See in context

Let's just enjoy the Football! A lot of late nights / early mornings ahead for those of us who actually just want to concentrate on the games.

Yep, all of my U.S. games and one Japan game will be at 4am here. I am sleeping at the same time as the kids the night before those games.

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Posted in: Gunman kills 5 at Colorado gay club; 25 injured See in context

There’s more mass murder at higher levels of lethality with guns than without.

A gun can't shoot without someone squeezing the trigger. So let's release all prisoners because there will be no harm if there are no guns.

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Posted in: Qatar opens World Cup with a message of inclusion See in context

I don't care less about their controversy or whatever. I am only interested in watching the games. People need to get over it and instead focus on the sport itself.

Yep, ALL countries that have hosted World Cup or Olympics have had their fair share of human rights abuses, controversies or bribes. People who focus on these things instead of the sport probably never cared about the sport to begin with. Where I come from, these people care about things like tweets, team names, who has/hasn't taken a vaccine and who is/isn't standing for the National Anthem. They don't spend a dime on any of the sports.

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Posted in: Ticketmaster cancels public sale of Taylor Swift tickets See in context

I like the system Japan ticket companies do when it comes to bigger sporting events and some concerts. Have everyone sign up by a certain date then do a lottery on who can buy tickets. That prevents people wasting hours on buying something that bots have advantage in getting.

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Posted in: Pelosi to step down as top Democrat after Republicans take House See in context

Like millions of other Americans who have stocks.

Not sitting in government.

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Posted in: Pelosi to step down as top Democrat after Republicans take House See in context

Time for her to sit on a beach.

and focus on her stocks.

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Posted in: Trump launches 3rd campaign for U.S. presidency See in context

Maybe you're just not used to seeing many upvotes for pro-GOP posts. 

No, only one opinion is allowed around these parts. That is called "democracy".

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Posted in: Japanese town livestreams elected politicians faces to make sure they aren’t sleeping in meetings See in context

Looks like a perfect picture for the ad campaign of their next election opponent. The problem though is that many elected officials have no opponent when election season comes around.

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Posted in: ‘Black Panther' sequel scores 2nd biggest debut of 2022 See in context

Just a very short while ago we were told that we were sexist and racist because of the poor box-office of Woman king.

Actually the woke and cancel culture are really conflicted with this film. Half want to see this, the other half are angry that the main start Letitia Wright is an anti-vaxxer lol

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Posted in: Nearly 60% in Japan unaware of relaxed COVID-19 mask guidelines: survey See in context

In order for people here to stop wearing masks, one of the infamous celebs is going to have to come out and show themselves not wearing a mask entering a store or restaurant. TV and social media are very influential here.

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Posted in: Biden hails Democrats' 'strong night,' acknowledges concerns See in context

Why is this being heralded as a great victory for the Democrats?

Because U.S. politics has become like a sporting event for people on who gets bragging rights. You notice people on here that aren't even American somehow hop on the bandwagon.

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Posted in: GOP nudges closer to House win; Senate could hinge on runoff See in context

This is the result for violating minorities rights


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Posted in: U.S. basketball star Griner on her way to Russian penal colony, lawyers say See in context

Would love to see the "wrongfully detained" crowd take vape cartridges with cannabis oil into most Eastern Hemisphere countries and see how that works out for you.

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Posted in: Florida's DeSantis re-elected, but key U.S. midterm races still undecided See in context

Well darn. so far Stacy Abrams lost again.

I wonder if she will deny the results again.

and that the reason was because Black people either don't have IDs or access to polling centers lol

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Posted in: Endo leaves game unconscious ahead of World Cup See in context

They lost Yuta Nakayama last week too.

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Posted in: On stand in 1/6 trial, Oath Keepers boss says he's a patriot See in context

This is the result of identity politics the GOP has been pushing for decades, demonization of those with political ideals different than the current Republican party per toxic partisanship propaganda, followed and exacerbated by Trumpism.

So no identity politics in the Democrat party calling every non-White conservative/Republican as whitewashed, mentally challenged or many of the other bigoted words that I probably can't repeat here?

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