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First thing I saw was 1-5 is foreigners 6 is japanese

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Japanese news papers/net papers are getting better at saying nothing about who. Kudos, due to the Japanese law about defamation. So stories like this start popping up more and more showing the real picture ;-)

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So @john, ankel monitor is more expensive?! Here is your "logic failure", police already spend time at the station 24/7, they are programmed with allowed areas times etc, and give an alarm when they exit these areas or gets damaged in any way, or if they loose signal. They require less people to maintain, no money for food, building, and guards checking on you every 10min. Before you choose flawed logic, I would request you to research first.

We use this in Denmark and many other countries in Europe because it's cheaper!

At this point in time, I would highly plede the European Union to start talking about sanctions, in coop with USA. Japan needs to change it's attitude.

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I specifically know that the committee for ISO27000 comes un-announced (the norm) to many foreing companies, but also that, Rakuten gets a heads up more than a week before they come for a visit.

these things are Interresting to me as I have been discussing it a lot with my friend.

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Lol, this is Soo common, have a friend in Rakuten, and he tends to say, "oh I'm actually working in Singapore". Apparently by moving the department manager to Singapore is enough ;-)

Then again the owner of Rakuten has a good relationship with the government, that solves all problems.

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