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Posted in: Celebrities want to tie TPP trade pact with Japan to dolphin hunt See in context

If these celebrities are sincere , then they should also call for a boycott of Iceland and Norway too. The Faroe islanders have a similar whale/ dolphin cull, and Iceland has regular whale hunts, yet no one pays attention to them. I wonder why Japan is being singled out..... hmmm, could it be something else??? No, it couldn't be, these celebs are supposed to be liberals.

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Posted in: Campaigners rally in Tokyo against dolphin hunting See in context

If its true that many of the dolphins being captured at Taiji are being sent to aquariums, many in the USA, maybe some Americans should be protesting the live whale/dolphin shows in the US . Yet I haven't seen anywhere near 24 protesters at Sea World lately so to just shrug this Japanese protest off as small potatoes in a country usually not for protests is ignorant.

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Posted in: China slams 'troublemaker' Abe after Africa visit See in context

The perfect response would be for the Japanese Ambassador to hold a picture of the "Tank Man" from Tienanmen. The Chinese government couldn't respond to that picture without drawing attention to their own barbarism AGAINST THEIR OWN PEOPLE .No way the Chinese press would be allowed to show the picture to Chinese in China, and yet the rest of the world would be reminded that China's own hands are just as bloody .

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Posted in: China defends South China Sea fishing rule See in context

"Does Japan allow finishing near diaoyu/sankaku island? Does Japan not use their naval ships to fire water cannons or collide on the fishing boats from Taiwan and China? Do they not arrest the fishermen"

Actually, Japan does. They recently signed a fishing treaty with Taiwan that allows Taiwanese fishermen to fish in the disputed waters. I think it happened in April 2013. Google it for details.

Anything else you wish to have disproved?

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Posted in: Fukushima Industries unveils new mascot with an unfortunate name See in context

Oh no.. Please tell me someone got this from an Onion article...

fuk up py,


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Posted in: China lashes out at Japan military radar plans See in context

Whatever happened to China's stance on noninterference in others affairs? They always bring that tired canard up when others speak of Tibet, Falun Gong, etc.. What is wrong with a country wanting to defend itself? This radar system allows Japan to detect any incoming missiles, presumably from North Korea but quite possibly Beijing as well. If China had this capability, they wouldn't waste a second putting it into place. It seems with China , hypocrisy has no limits....

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Posted in: Seven decades on, Japan looks for WWII remains See in context

I think what Japan is doing is no different than the US soldiers who go to Vietnam to look for their fallen family members or buddies. The US was the aggressor in that war, yet that's not the narrative that comes out of the US media now - they were just "doing their job".

"Finding the remains all over Asia and the Pacific are a great opportunity for Japan to wonder and reflect on what these soldiers were doing there - invading and killing - but it is, as ever, presented as a tale of sacrifice and victimhood." The exact same thing can be aid of the US in Vietnam.

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Posted in: 2 Japanese firms snared in big price-fixing probe in U.S. See in context

IMHO, The only person or entity in this whole discussion who is playing the "guilt card" or "perpetual victim card card" is Issa1, not the actual companies involved - so "Chiba Chick" and others should make this distinction. So by pleading guilty and agreeing to pay the fine, it looks like the Japanese companies have "manned up" , accepted blame, will take corrective measures and still probably eventually kick ass on the their American competitors. Also, "Chibachick" - do you think all 120+ million Japanese think exactly the same way and all feel like victims? you make it sound like because of what one particular poster wrote, that ALL Japanese think that way, rightly or wrongly. Just wondering...

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Posted in: Beijing restaurant removes 'racist' sign after fury, but manager refuses to apologize See in context

Its interesting how the Chinese shop owner wrote it in both Chinese and English, as though he wanted the whole world to know what he was thinking. His staunch refusal to apologize is also an indicator that along with being a racist, he;s pretty damn arrogant too. But if this sign weren't in English too, would it have even been noticed? I remember the signs outside an Audi dealer in China after the Anti Japanese riots that proclaimed death to all Japanese - apparently this Beijing restaurant owner is not alone. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-09-20/audi-says-it-regrets-anti-japan-photo-at-china-dealership.html I think his sentiment is much more widespread than many here would care to admit.

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Posted in: Second JAL 787 incident in 2 days raises questions about Dreamliner See in context


The Dreamliner hasn't been a problem only for JAL - there were also problems on United bought 787's http://money.cnn.com/2013/01/08/news/companies/boeing-787-dreamliner/

Ad to that you're obviously racist comment " Now if they can't read the instruction manual in English then it's their problem" - don't you know that many employees of JAL are Americans? The maintenance crews, being based in the US, were almost undoubtedly American.This has nothing whatsoever to do with English reading ability.

The FAA and NTSB I'm sure will do a thorough inspection and report to find out the problem. Its strange that you have already acted as judge , jury and executioner when no one else has all the facts yet. If that's not prejudice I don't know what is.

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Posted in: China less attractive to Japanese firms - but not because of riots See in context

I think this trend will only accelerate, and not just from Japanese Companies. US manufacturers are also pulling out, and moving back to North America, most notably Mexico. The majority of European companies are in no condition to invest more in China, so this could pose problems for the Chinese labor market, which has already been hit hard the last two years. The good will that existed between China and the rest of the world is fading fast, and not just because of territorial disputes - but raw economic reality. Also, the number of WTO cases against China is expanding exponentially, from solar panels to tires, to car parts , etc... The welcome rug to from foreign companies to China's manufacturing is being pulled in front its eyes, and the result won't be good for China.

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Posted in: Japanese firms look at other countries as alternatives to China See in context

from "callmeB"

Your Business and investments are unwanted in China. Leave now and American businesses and European businesses will replace you immediately.

Europe is in shape to invest? Have you been reading the news? Does "Eurozone crisis" ring any bells? Also, did you read that Japanese foreign investment in China is double that of the US over the past year? That Japanese investment in China increased last year and is only behind Taiwan and Hong Kong? Also, like the way how you totally dissed the entire Phillipine nation to make your point - hope you don't call customer service for any products you buy and say that - see what kind of response you get! You also appear to be from the US, and are apparently unaware how much people don't seem to care much for the US these days either. Maybe some saying about "people living in glass houses" would fit your position quite well...

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Posted in: Chinese leaders may come to regret anti-Japan protests See in context

@chucky... "Japan 1930's no different than Japan 2010s. Both fell because they bit off more than they could chew. History does repeat itself. China and Japan equal, same."

In 1930 , were there over 40,000 US troops stationed in Japan? Did the US and Japan have a security treaty? Japans SDF is has no aircraft carriers, depends on the US for a nuclear deterrent to China and Russia, and currently has no atomic weapons. can you give some evidence for your claim? Also, how can Japan quietly build a force with the US monitoring it? If anyone is building their military surreptitiously, its China

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Posted in: Message for Japan See in context

@breakingpoint according to wikipedia: Japan aid to Taiwan earthquake in 1999 - $500 million Taiwan aid to Japan in Tohoku earthquake - $ 240 million

So not only are incorrect in saying that Japan didn't aid Taiwan, but you totally overestimated how much Taiwan gave.

The people of both countries appreciate whatever aid they can get, no matter who its from. That's the important thing

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