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Posted in: Kyoto hotel's refusal to accommodate Israeli man illegal: city See in context

No action taken! Well done authorities, you are waiting for more such incidents to be reported before you think about what to do years later.

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Posted in: Japan seeks more visitors despite overtourism problems See in context

Its the downfall of the Land of the Rising Sun. Without tourism, economy will be in doldrums. There is no way Japan can make money - besides cars, its lagging in all going down in all other sectors.

Last 30 years economy and lifestyle has fallen consistently. Next 20 years, it will get worse. So without the tourists that can spend money on a battered Yen, there is not much hope.

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Posted in: Barrier at viral Mount Fuji photo spot to be replaced after holes found See in context

With 3,000,000 visitors per month enterin Japan and a percentage of that going to Kawaguchi lake, the authorities need to spend a bit more to block the view with some rigid stuff and implement a permanent solution.

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Posted in: Q&A: Japan's coronavirus-related travel restrictions See in context

Ask foreigners to pay hefty taxes but put red tapes when the time comes to fly out / re-enter. Foreigners have to pay for the tests and go through all the hassles but Japanese people don't have to. The taxes are paid by the foreigners for the welfare of Japanese people! With 25% of the population already above 65 years of age, the country needs foreigners in the long run to support the economy. Discrimination has been there all the time and now it shows out blatantly. If you do not have a Japanese passport, but still intend to stay here, remember you have no value and security - is the message.

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Posted in: Japan to set up coronavirus task force; no state of emergency yet See in context

They waited for the Olympics and hence testing was minimal. The number moved from 1000 to 1500 in the last 1 month exluding diamond princess related cases, which is completely false. Now that Olympics have been postponed, now they talk subtly about lockdown, explosion of infections and cases now increasing suddenly. Very disappointing! When billions are under lockdown, people in JP are enjoying sakura, K1, lunches etc!

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Posted in: Angry confrontation breaks out after man coughs on Yamanote Line train in Tokyo See in context

How can such a video be published out in the public? Its violation of privacy.

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Posted in: Store shelves stripped of toilet paper amid coronavirus fears See in context

Too much of panic buying in the city triggered by fake news and paranoia. The same was seen in 2011. Why not use Toto or other similar toilet seats. If the seat has got a dryer then tissue is not even required, without dryer minimal tissue will be required.

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Posted in: Teacher tells student to jump from school window in Saitama See in context

Why the teacher has not been arrested for abusing a student physically and mentally? Or that is all fine as long as you say 'sorry'? Ridiculous!

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