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"What does Abe have to do with Soka Gakkai except for the fact that LDP and Komeito are in alliance."

You literally just answered your own question right there, buddy.

They are in a coalition together and maybe it's still an arguable point but these days many normal people see them as much more than an alliance of convenience but an actual earnest close alliance. Komeito may have used to troll them, and as you said, 30 plus years ago LDP may have been anti SG, but here in the year 2022 now they are closely allied, and Komeito is even making concessions regarding having a full offensive military. Anyway, if they have nothing in common and if Komeito were at all against LDP then how could they be in a single coalition bloc at all? Get real. Even if your ideas are somewhat based in reality and have some sort of sound logic, this dude was not, and anyway plenty of reasonable people these days see that obviously LDP and Komeito are literally working together, and that Komeito is of course run by SG. On a side note, why Pure Land Buddhists (the majority in Japan) would ever vote even for a party (LDP) who is aligned with groups (Komeito/SG) who wish them death (yes, see SG's publications right on their official websites in any language of NICHIREN's works which clearly state that all Amida devotees should be killed) is well beyond me.

Well, however the police say this group 'might not even exist' whereas of course SG does exist (as does the Moonies - another religion that Abe is associated with as a matter of fact), so it might be some fictional conspiracy theory 'religion' like illuminati. The anti-NHK party have accused Abe of being CIA and then I've seen some conspiracy theory posts online claiming CIA is Illuminati and therefore Abe is illuminati. The police should just clarify what group he mentioned. I guess they are investigating but still.

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