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Posted in: U.S. sailor reportedly charged with Okinawa rape See in context

Its time to close all bases. It's an outdated concept.

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Posted in: Objects tossed from high-rise building in Kawasaki See in context


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Posted in: Japan launches satellite to study black holes See in context

Events like this AND the Olympics inspire people, especially the young.

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Posted in: Three die in suspected suicide in car fire See in context

Theres somethjng more going on here.

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Posted in: Man cuts off love rival's penis; flushes it down toilet See in context

Im defiantly not religious, but most of the 10 commandments really are just bits of good advice. Don't play with O.P.P. y'all. Its sleezy and it can go south real quick. He should've thrown all her stuff out into the street, gotten drunk for a week with old friends, and would've felt better about the whole thing.

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Posted in: New hacks strike at heart of mobile innovations See in context

Oh defiantly. But we need to think about the long run. Thus is defiantly a sigh of things to come.

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