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No: SHEENA & ROCHETS SANDII & SUNSETS ... Just for the most famous not mentioned. You can go back to the R'n'R history class!!!

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Levain - Tomigaya : at the top for years! For real bread "campagne, complet, baguette": La Terre - Ikejiri & Shibuya Foodshow: Very dedicated japanese artisan. "Bio baguette, melange" Gontran Chennier - Shibuya: New on the Tokyo scene with a creative approach. "curry baguette, good prices Maison Kayzer - chain already mentioned - reable source of daily bread

Viron & Saibron are over priced

Kobe-ya, Donq, (even Paul) etc... They are just selling industrial products, as for french, bread have to be baked on the premises (by a certified baker)

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Fukushima prefecture needs to hire new police forces because the crime rate in the area is out of control ? give me a break !!! (Even the Yakusa don't want to go around fukushima dai ichi, they prefer to racket somewhere else like Miyagi-ken... and, anyway japanese police don't know the word Yakusa ! They don't exist !!! ) They have just too much aid money, that they need to spend it in useless posters for no or fake jobs ...

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