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Getting dual citizenship by birth and by naturalization are handled differently. Japan turns a blind eye to people who got dual citizenship by birth and kept them after age 22. However, Japan is very strict and harsh on people who naturalized. After acquiring Japanese nationality by naturalization, if you don't give up the other citizenships or if you give up them and then get another citizenship later, they enforce the law and revoke the Japanese citizenship. I know people who lost Japanese citizenship after naturalization because of getting another citizenship even though they tried to keep it as a secret from Japanese government. Some of them were caught and stripped Japanese citizenship when people who know them informed the officers.

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Posted in: Erdogan vows to press Syria offensive to key Kurdish-held towns See in context

As an addition, Turks won't stop because they know that YPG ocuppied area will empower PKK, because YPG will allow it to be used by PKK, as a stronghold and a border passage for terrorist activities against Turkey. Therefore Turks want to minimize the YPG occupied area as much as possible.

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Posted in: Erdogan vows to press Syria offensive to key Kurdish-held towns See in context

YPG is just another Marxist-Leninist terrorist organization, which is closely aligned with PKK, which killed tens of thousands of people in Turkey and officially recognized as a terrorist group by US and EU. Even Barzani of Iraqi Kurdistan said that YPG and PKK are the same thing. They are forcing people to fight for them and threatening to kill them if they don't. Moreover, Human Rights Watch announced that YPG is violating the child soldier ban, which is a war crime by international law, and many children are died in combat while fighting for YPG. 

There are also other terrorist groups fighting against ISIS. Both Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda are fighting against ISIS. More than 1000 Hezbollah fighters died while fighting ISIS, but the "brave" fight of YPG, Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda against ISIS does not change the fact they are all terrorists. However, US is calling YPG as "brave" soldiers, not terrorists, because YPG for controlling the oil reserves in northern Syria as a puppet of US, unlike the other terrorist organizations. YPG and US used ISIS as an excuse to occupy northern Syria. Eventually US will betray and get rid of YPG when US no longer needs YPG, like the other terrorist organizations that US used in.the past. US has already abandoned the YPG forces in Afrin in the favor of Turks because both Obama and Trump had promised to Turks that YPG will retreat to the west of Euphrates River after ISIS is defeated at the east of Euphrates River and YPG is no longer necessary in that area. However YPG did not retreat, so Turks are making it happen by force and US is allowing it by keeping silent.

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