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Posted in: Two of Ghosn's former aides escape indictment through plea bargain See in context

In meantime Ghosn is also a Dutch tax payor instead of French (https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-nissan-ghosn-france/renaults-ceo-moved-tax-domicile-to-netherlands-in-2012-paper-idUSKCN1P32EV). It could well be that he not only avoided French wealth tax, though also benefited from a Dutch 30% ruling (https://www.abilitiestrust.nl/Dutch-Corporate-Services/Netherlands-Tax-compliance).

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Posted in: How Japan viewed the UK before and after Brexit See in context

Even though I am not even living in the UK, I am already shocked since the Brexit referendum took place. For lawmakers it looks as a project without end. For parties that trade with the UK there can also be great impact. Think of trade conditions, law applicable to the contract and import/export processes with EU countries (https://www.abilitiestrust.com/Information-and-News/index.php/;focus=STRATP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_14702932&path=?m=d&a=20180922102450-5415&cp=1#STRATP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_14702932).

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Posted in: EU finally seals Brexit deal; urges Britons to back PM May See in context

Avoiding a hard Brexit will economically be a good thing. It will limit the economical damages to some extend. Though the economic impact will be felt in the UK in the coming years. As an example: recently many trading firms have chosen for Amsterdam as their new hub after Brexit whereby Amsterdam will take over 30-50% of the trade. The battle for the companies that leave is an interesting one.

In accordance to a recent article from CNBC the traders chose for the Netherlands as it scores high on regulatory environment, electronic trading infrastructure, logistics and location, legal environment, language skills and talent pool (https://www.cnbc.com/2018/09/13/reuters-america-amsterdam-attracts-more-trading-firms-seeking-post-brexit-eu-base-source.html). Also relevant must be that corporate income tax rates in the Netherlands are substantially lower that in Frankfurt, Germany. The traders that move over to the Netherlands can thereby lower their personal income tax substantially by means of the Dutch 30 ruling ( (https://www.abilitiestrust.com/Information-and-News/30-ruling-request-Netherlands/).

Let us all hope for the soft landing.

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