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What if I became a freeway Sea Shepherd? I see people 'bending" the law all of the time on the freeways and I don't like it. People driving 10mph over the speed limit, or changing lanes illegally. I don't agree with it. I will follow these people to their place of business and then puncture their tires or tamper with their engines so they can't drive. I am justified because I am potentially preventing freeway accidents and the police don't seem to be enforcing the laws adequately. I am fighting the good fight too.

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Posted in: The education ministry is concerned at the falling aptitude of high school students for mathematics. Is this a big problem and what can be done about it? See in context

Alright!! Finally, someone else is failing at math. This has been an educational cry for years in the States. All we hear is how our students are so far behind the rest of the world in math and science. New programs come and go, but it doesn't seem to improve our standing. Math is one of those things you either have a talent for, or you don't. Not to say everyone can't learn it, but as for choosing a career that is based on math skills, those who have an innate math sense are more likely to go that direction than others. Same as anything else. Otherwise we'd all be accountants and rocket scientists.

I'm all for "leveling" math classes based on skill levels. Higher achieving students grouped with other high achievers. Different levels would be able to focus on skills that they need, making a teacher's job more focused.

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