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Posted in: If you had to pick a kanji character that best sums up your life this year, what you choose? See in context

凸凹 Life has been like an uneven road in 2016

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Posted in: 50 dead, 53 wounded in Florida nightclub shooting See in context

Yes, if the US had sane gun control rules, like say the Belgians and French, this kind of thing would have never happened. Oh, hang on....

I agree that the US needs stricter laws on handguns. But his incident says much more about radical Islam -- and even current immigration trends -- than it does about gun availability.

Until the whole story comes out, I have to agree with this statement.

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Posted in: 'Mad Max' voted best movie of the year by international critics See in context

"we don't need another hero", I have was honesty really disappointed by this movie, 2d characters, a weak story...I really preferred the originals, Mel Gibson brought a character you really started to feel for....this new max movie is full of bad people, and lead character who just kicks ass and nothing more. It's a shallow action movie (imho), and not a movie worthy of this praise.

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Posted in: What do you think of adulterous dating sites like Ashley Madison? See in context

I can't look into other people lives, I don't know about their situations, so live and let live..no judgement passed. It's probably cheaper than visiting a brothel, and for women who are deprived of sexual intercourse it's even harder to be eh serviced....

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Posted in: Samsung ramps up Apple challenge with large handsets See in context

It's a pity that Samsung took this road, creating good looking devices aimed at the selfie taking, facebook writing, and angry birds playing users. No sd slot, no removable battery is all very Applish. Sure Samsung's offerings are superior to anything Apple has to offer, but for the power user it's all a big step back. Just hold on to your Note 4, and hope that the Note 5 will be a commercial failure.

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Posted in: Time will tell if Apple Watch catches on See in context

Thanks Strangerland.

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Posted in: Time will tell if Apple Watch catches on See in context

As a tech lover, I applaud Apple for this piece of technology, my biggest pet peeve, not only with the iwatch though is that the voice commands are in one language only. Sure you can change the setting, but for someone who uses English, Japanese and sometimes Dutch on a daily base it's close to useless. Has anyone found a way around this? Google plus has a bilingual setting, but even if I give a simple command like "navigate to Nagoya shiyakusho", it gives me some garbled information.

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy arrested for fatally stabbing man on street in Aichi See in context

You did..... Ah company, factory mmm I get your confusion. Well a yakuza company won't have a sign on the front written "Yakuza&co", they go for something more clever like "hellbound Kitty" or "yamada real estate".

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Posted in: Apple tunes iPod as it pushes into streaming music See in context

You can play the music in 'offline' mode, which essentially downloads the album / playlist into the app itself. -

That makes sense, but can you download it for free?

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Posted in: Apple tunes iPod as it pushes into streaming music See in context

How are you going to stream music to a device without internet connection? Wifi would be an option, but what if you want to leave your house?

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Posted in: Man fatally stabbed on street in Aichi See in context

It is a well known fact that the yaks(yamaguchi) are moving their headquartes from Nagoya to Nisshin, near this old man's house. He just came back from a meeting concerning this problem, and since he was the spokesman of this movement, it's quiet clear in which direction the jcops have to look. If they won't find perpetrator this movement will die too.... Even if the yaks dish up a sacrificial lamb, the folks here are scared enough to commit to this cause.

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Posted in: U.S. woman attempting to row across Pacific rescued after SOS See in context

Well she had her 5 minutes of fame, next up; a nutter who climbs Mount Everest wearing nothing but a thong.

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Posted in: Fox renews 'The Simpsons' for 2 more seasons See in context

The Simpsons still make me laugh, southpark however has lost its funniness.

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Posted in: Apple profit soars on iPhone, China sales See in context

Go get a room you three...

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Posted in: Software developers try on Apple watch; see more apps coming See in context

Mmm I kinda like the iwatch, it's definitely a step up from the google watches. Now the google watches have to step up their game and release the second generation of watches, which will surpass the iwatch, then Apple will have to step up their game..and so it continues...in the end the iwatch will be as reliable and useful as an iphone 6 and the google watches as reliable and useful as a S6, HTC m9, Z4 etc etc. Great stuff for the consumer, you can buy a great watch for the system you bought into....until that time comes I just sit back and wait

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Posted in: Samsung removes logo from smartphones in Japan See in context

The Samsung logo staring Japanese consumers in the face would remind them of Samsung and Korea's success and dominance, especially in one of the global economy's most strategic and tech-laden field. That's why.

True, but Samsung also misses a charismatic (dead) leader and doesn't have the ear of the mass media.Samsung should use those K-pop and K-drama figures to promote their wares.....

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Posted in: Palm-sized desktop PCs See in context

don't have to hack it to run OSX.

Why would you want to?

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Posted in: Kagoshima schools to resume Saturday classes once a month See in context

Japanese elementary schools should get their stuff together, too many public holidays, half day classes starting a week before any major holiday and half day classes after they are finished. Throw in the useless time spent on sports day and its training and you start to wonder, when do the kids actually study? To make up for the wasted time, they give the kids heaps of homework for the holidays, including things they haven't studied yet.

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Posted in: Record iPhone sales drive blowout quarter for Apple See in context

But can Apple still innovate?

Uh no. The huge amounts of iphones sold are not due to innovation, they are the logical result of building a non compatible system. Trying to move to another system is soooo stressful, apple did a great job with that. All those folks longing for a bigger phone finally got their wish when Apple decided that it was time for them to decide that the crowd was ready for it. Instead of of going through the hassle of exporting i-messages, etc etc most people just caved in and got the 6.

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Posted in: 200 killed as Boko Haram attacks northeastern Nigerian city See in context

More than 200 combatants died Sunday, mainly insurgents, according to soldiers and civilian self-defense fighters who counted bodies

In these dark times, it's good to read something positive!

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Posted in: Google planning to sell wireless phone service See in context

just dropped Softbank and bought a SIM from BIC camera

Which carrier are you using now, because I checked yahooBB (or something like that) and the difference is almost nothing...especially if you're a softbank user.

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Posted in: Southern All Stars singer Kuwata apologizes over concert antics See in context

He doesn't need to apologize to a bunch of right-wing emperor loving sheep! He had the guts to stand up for what he believes in, and made fun of the people which should be made fun of! Abe was upset? Boohoo! The right wing was upset? Boohoo! Most jpop artist are spineless jelly fish who just go with the flow, once an artist stands up and ridicules the status quote you posters ridicule the ridiculer (yeah I know..).

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Posted in: Reaching for the universe See in context

Lovely? Sure, but can she cook?

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Posted in: McDonald's apologizes for tooth, plastic found in food See in context

They provide a lot of jobs, and judging by the "obesity" of the Japanese population, their health impact is also non existent. Like a previous poster said "human errors can't be avoided", so give them a break already. Stop thinking about the evil empire, but think instead about the Ken en junko who feed their families by working at McDonalds.

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Posted in: Abe emerging as a rare strong leader in Japan See in context

A true great leader in Japan is the equivalent of a mildly entertaining Muppet...the standards are not so high here...

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Posted in: Suicide bomber kills 47 boys in Nigeria school massacre See in context

Reading this makes me just sick to the stomach....50 kids dead, and for what purpose? The total absence of comments shows how immune we have become to this kind of news from African or middle eastern countries..

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Posted in: Name some movie scores that are so famous that after hearing only a few seconds of the music, you can immediately name the movie. See in context

Mission impossible and the attack of the killer tomatoes.

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Posted in: What is your stance on doctor-assisted suicide by terminally-ill patients? See in context

I'm all for it! I don't think this topic will create a strong discussion as the only opposition will come from religious corners and those who've never seen a loved one suffering from the last stages of liver cancer....

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Posted in: Christian Bale to play Apple's Steve Jobs See in context

Should have chosen Jim Parsons off the Big Bang Theory

Ha ha that made me giggle! People take these IT folks far too serious, they are just clever entrepreneurs, next up is a movie about the guy who created Line or Skype or wait Facebook..oh wait.....

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Posted in: Milan fired up by the real Keisuke Honda See in context

and it looks like he is playing with Graves' disease or something the way his eyes bulge

You reckon? I just thought he was frog eyed...... I have a job related to Nagoya grampus and I've known him since he was just a lad with big dreams....not the most social player out there and definitely not the best looking player....but without a doubt the most talented and hardest working player on the field.

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