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Posted in: Apple unveils thinner iPads, sharper iMacs See in context

Apple killed the iPad when it released the two 6s.

I think they killed the ipad mini.... the upgrades to the ipad mini 3 are minimal at least. Google is doing the same with the nexus series.....too bad because the difference between 8 inch or 5.5/6 inch is huge. In my opinion, a phablet is no substitute for a tablet...it's just a huge phone with more working space.

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Posted in: Which do you think is the most foreigner-friendly bank in Japan? See in context

Ogaki bank, as they are less uptight about giving house loans.

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Posted in: Mothers react to being called by their first names after years of just being 'Mama' See in context

Now let's see what happens when the husband suddenly says "I love you", and not something like "I love your bento".... or wait...when he suddenly gives her a kiss in front of the children!!!! A lot of japanese couples have relations build on understanding not passion....after years of marriage they don't understand passion anymore..hence the horrible sex stats, low birthrate and happy widows.

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Posted in: 6-year-old boy hit and killed by car while playing on skateboard See in context

The boy was unlucky, the driver was unlucky, end of story.

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Posted in: NTT Docomo unveils 2015 winter/spring products See in context

Give something away for free and anybody will get one.

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Posted in: Windows 10 tries blending new with familiar See in context

Mmm I love 7, I pass on 8, so I'll probably get 10. Apple computers might be easier to use, better designed etc. and be less virus prone...using my wife's Apple just frustrates the crap out of me....at a certain age you just want to use what you're used to....

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Posted in: Japan overwhelmingly favors CDs to digital music See in context

I'm not sure, but I've heard that the music you buy through itunes isn't really yours...... Besides this, a cd always sounds a lot better than mp3, in this age people spend hundreds of dollars to equip their smartphone with expensive earphones, completely forgetting that even if you dress up a pig, it'll stay a pig.

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Posted in: Samsung, BlackBerry speed arrivals of new smartphones See in context

Without a doubt, the best phone on the market is the Sony z3, a long-lasting battery, a gorgeous screen, an amazing camera, awesome battery life, stereo sound, water and dust proof and you support thet Japanese economy(for those who care) it bless the 6 out of the water, and slaps the s5 in the face....and best of all you don't need a case cause its sturdy as a brick.

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The stylus that it comes with scratches every screen protector I've tried.

Use a proper protector like the glass spigen GLAS.t, it won't scratch...when using a generic stylus you'll lose the pressure sensitivity which makes your note 2 an....iphone with limitations.

Still stuck with 32-bit processor isn't it? How will this compared to the 64-bit A8 processor of the iPhone?

The processors of the new androids are still superior to the A8, with a meager 1gb of memory the 64 bit chip has no clear advantages yet over the 32 bit processors. The lack of true multi tasking in this age of time is still astonishing..... In the future 64 bit processors will make more sense, but more so on an android than on an iphone with its by Apple imposed limitations.

I have no love for Samsung, Apple or any other company, because they only cost me money...but IF you spend your money you might as well get the best one available..which I think is an android. The truth is though that you can get your iphones for free here in Japan...so for the folks who don't depend on multi tasking or the other advantages (open system) android has...the wise choice would be an Iphone...I reckon that if most of the pro-iphone folks really had to fork out $900,-, they wouldn't choose so blindly.

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Posted in: Complaints on 'bendy' iPhone, software bugs dog Apple See in context

Of course we can start joking now about how apple copies the Galaxy Flex, or the soon to arrive Apple statement that people have to carry the phone in a different way.....but we don't, it would be like shot in front of open goal.

On a serious note, who in their right mind carries such a big phone in his pockets for 18 hours?

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Posted in: Samsung to release Note 4 'phablet' on Oct 17 See in context

The South Korean consumer electronics titan credited with being the first major manufacturer to blend tablet and smartphone features

Actually the dell streak was the first....oh how people ridiculed that phone!

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Posted in: Should Scotland be an independent country? See in context

Ooops my mistake, actually I'm just repeating the sentiments of an Irish (northern Ireland) friend. No sarcasm or bad intentions here...so the kanji on your green card doesn't say 英吉利 but 英国? well good on you, and I learned something new again today.

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At least the Scots don't need to have Igirisu as nationality on their gaijin card anymore , as a Dutchman I would really dislike the fact if my nationality is stated as Doitsu.

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Posted in: Apple: Record 4 mil orders of iPhones on 1st day See in context

Yeah... the day after Apple introduced the iPhone 6.... sure enough, Samsung had derogatory commercials out about it. They're such petty idiots...

Watch the commercials without pink apple glasses and you'll see that Sammy hits the hammer on the head!

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Posted in: Apple: Record 4 mil orders of iPhones on 1st day See in context

"This just shows how arrogant Steve Jobs was, telling everybody what the proper size for a phone or a tablet is. He would have been too proud and stubborn to change his believes, losing out on millions of dollars."

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Posted in: Apple iPhone 6 shipments delayed amid record orders See in context

I'm way ahead of you all, I own the iphone 12! Yes I have an 8 inch screen, widgets, multi tasking, s-pen. 2gb memory, otg compatible, etc etc.....just the os is different...but that's what makes it invisible for our furry friends.

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Posted in: Apple unveils smartwatch and new, larger iPhones See in context

I continue to be dazzled and impressed with Apple and Samsung should really appreciate Apple otherwise if Apple never introduced the Smarphone, Samsung would still be fighting Sony in the Television Market (Bow to your Masters Boys...Bow to Your Masters).Apple Rules.

Ha ha funny man, so Apple should bow to Sony for inventing the walkman. Bow to your master!

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Posted in: Apple unveils smartwatch and new, larger iPhones See in context

I own both an iPhone and a Note and can tell you that there's no comparing them. The Note has the bigger screen size, but it scratches easily and just feels cheap

Me too I own both an iPhone 4s and the original note......funny I experienced the opposite, the 4s turned out to be far more fragile than the note... and for the same money the note is like a mini computer whereas the iPhone due to its limits is just a phone. Each their own I guess, but even at 5.5 inch, the iPhone will still always be just a phone.....

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Posted in: Cilic crushes Nishikori to win U.S. Open title See in context

I couldn’t play my tennis.

Mmmm sounds like the Japanese soccer team announcing that they couldn't play their soccer style....

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Posted in: 'Abenomics' in trouble as challenges mount up See in context

Eikaiwa economic experts LOL. If any of you had the slightest idea about economics you wouldn't be in a dead end job a high school grad could do

Lovely to know that some Nobel prize winners also take part in the discussion!

Back on topic: my opinion is that is that my opinion doesn't matter, I'll wait till our Nobel prize winner writes down his take on the crisis. From now on I'll start each discussion with "although I'm just a simple English teacher and my opinions are probably equal to a high school grad.. "

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Posted in: Business is bad See in context

Lots of these shotengai are outdated in how they look and what they sell, and not very kid friendly. Try to find a toilet for example...The only ones surviving are those that offer something unique like Osu Kannon in Nagoya, which has some unique rare fashion shops, geeky stuff like manga and computer parts shops, original food stands and an "back to the old days" atmosphere, mixed with all the weirdness present day japan has to offer like cosplay festivals and maid cafe.

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Android phones: too large to be phones, too small to be tablets.

IPhones :too small to be useful, too large to be......eh I can't think of anything...

Let's all wait for the iPhone 6, I reckon it's going to be the most successful iPhone ever ! Iphone owners have been dying to get their hands on a bigger screen....even the die-hard fanboys are running out of excuses.....

Anyway, I'll stick to the smaller screen, as it is indeed better. I don't need something the size of a 1980's calculator designed for people who think for some reason a bigger screen means a better phone.

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Posted in: Magazine speculates McDonald's may pull out of Japan if things don't improve See in context

I would be sad, I need my monthly McDonalds shot! They are an honest business providing work to lots of people, 10 minute relax breaks for stressed out parents, and a good cheap cup of coffee with a 100 yen burger for the busy salary man. None of the posters must be living around here, cause all the foreigners I see here are quite full bodied. Good thing about Mac, you don't have to enter if you don't want to.

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Posted in: Samsung battles on two fronts as Apple readies iPhone 6 See in context

It's nice to see that the iPhone is finally growing(up), heavily suppressed by its father Steve, the little thing never had a change to play with grown ups.... Now it can finally enjoy some new privileges which come with adulthood, like a proper keyboard (swiftkey) and maybe true multi taking.. Congrats iPhone you became the equivalent of a Japanese adult; reliable, predictable and still very depended and restrained. But it's a step in the right direction and with the zero yen policy of softbank, you'll be adopted by many new, no longer cross eyed, owners.

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Posted in: Messi named player of the tournament; Neuer wins World Cup Golden Glove See in context

Didn't USA goaltender Tim Howard make a WC record number of saves in one match? Seems like that bit of athletics should have garnered him the title of top tournament player.

copy that.

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Posted in: Germany scores in extra time to win World Cup 1-0 See in context

Nice, it could have gone either way, definitely not a one sided match.

But was it that good??

It was an above average goal, but due to the timing and importance you can say it was fantastic.

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Posted in: Messi named player of the tournament; Neuer wins World Cup Golden Glove See in context

Mmm I love Messi, but I don't know if he deserved this....it's more a way to honor the man, than a prize for being the best player in this tournament.

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Posted in: More misery for Brazil as Dutch take third place 3-0 See in context

Dear elbuda, I feel for you, I know it's frustrating to see your team lose in a way which is just not right. I agree with you on many points and I feel"the schwalbe" should be outlawed. I don't agree that the pk Robben got was unjustified...what he did was "drawing a fault", something which happens quiet regular in basketball. To single him out for something that has been common practice for years is just not fair and reeks of "sore losers" syndrome. Mexico went much further then anyone expected keeping their abysmal qualification in mind, you should be proud...putting your team in a defensive position against a great forward is asking for problems if your defenders aren't experienced enough. You guys can have your revenge four years later until that time stop trying to put down the great achievements of the Dutch team.

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Posted in: More misery for Brazil as Dutch take third place 3-0 See in context

Robben is a disgrace, I agree. It's one of the things that differentiates him from a guy like Messi in my opinion, who stays on his feet as much as he can. Robben is the very best, and very worst of soccer really, and for that reason will not be in the Pantheon of Greats.

The reason why he falls is because of his speed and build, skinny fast people fall easier when tackled. You can't compare Messi and Robben...Messi sits on his lazy butt waiting for the ball to be served on a silver platter, while Robben falls back, plays midfield and forward...the man works! Shut off Messi and he just becomes an appendix, shut off Robben in the front, then he just works harder in the middle and the back.

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Posted in: Netherlands coach criticizes third place match See in context

The Dutch just weren't good enough, even though they had the advantage over Argentina on a rainy day and on a wet court. The Argentinian defense won the game (goalie and the full-backs).So be it.

Wow I thought maradonna was the only nutter in Argentina...thanks I couldn't decide who to support, but I'll side with our sympathetic neighbours and the Brazilians now.. thanks!

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