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Posted in: 'American Sniper' triggers angry debate See in context

You can go with mainstream media/Hollywood crap to get your definition of "hero" or you can have a look and listen to these guys:

Iraq Veterans Against the War Speak Out


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Posted in: Gov't discusses measures to stop crop damage by wild boars, deer See in context

Wow, this article sure brought out the bloodthirsty segment of the population... One method crueler than the next. I wonder how many animals there are that don't get killed instantly, instead get an ear shot off or leg, manage to get away and suffer a horrible and lonely death. But hey, no skin off your nose, as long as there's beer in the fridge when you get home, right? How about installing proper fences, and exploring humaner ways of protecting crops? Not "economically feasible", i guess...

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Posted in: 79 U.S. sailors sue TEPCO over radiation during Operation Tomodachi See in context

Conbinibento's comment is spot on. This suit is worth the trouble, even only for TEPCO's reaction to it. The implied "you're so stupid as to believe our version of the conditions?" SHOULD make headlines in the papers here!

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Posted in: You know you’ve been in Japan too long when… See in context

When you think idol groups in their late teens are a bit old.

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Posted in: Takeshi defends grisly gangster flick See in context

I can do without extreme violence, regardless of director, but i generally really enjoy his movies. The clown act on TV was a bit of a surprise when i came to Japan. The other day went to his art exhibit in Tokyo Opera City. Very cool, original stuff! Interesting guy, many sides to him. He just dreams it up and makes it happen.

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Posted in: Oi assembly agrees to restart 2 reactors See in context


You're welcome to demonstrate, once more, how personal interests (be it love of profit or established comfort) blinds people to the desire and right of others to live in a safe and sound world, since the beginning of "civil"ization.

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