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Posted in: Federer withdraws from Cincinnati; Nadal to become tennis No. 1 See in context

Sorry for Federer but nice to see Nadal back on top. What a pleasant surprise!

Two legendary players who are decent guys to boot.

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Posted in: 3 killed after small plane crashes into Tokyo residential area See in context

What a terrible and tragic accident. The pictures on the TV news were really shocking and the surrounding damage was spread over quite a large area involving what seemed like around 10 houses. It is really surprising given the devastation that people from the completely destroyed plane actually survived. With 2 houses completely destroyed too, it seems amazing that more were not killed on the ground as well. Hope the survivors pull through.

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Posted in: FT says parent company Pearson in talks to sell Economist See in context

I really hope this great publication is not meddled with. Having said that, there is talk that some of the private investors and wealthy families who already own a large stake, are seeking to buy out Pearson to avoid that. That would be far preferable to Nikkei or the like getting their greedy hands on it. Am still hopeful I can continue my subscription.

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Posted in: Nikkei pledges to respect Financial Times culture See in context

Nikkei pledges to respect FT culture? Who are they kidding?

“we cannot respond to readers’ demands with only coverage of Japan.”

Such a stupid statement contradicts their pledge to respect FT culture and tells us what we already know, that the FT will be manipulated in future to serve J-business interests.

I am very thankful that Pearson had the sense to hold on to The Economist.

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Posted in: What Chinese tourists are buying in Japan See in context

"What Chinese tourists are buying in Japan"


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Posted in: Lower house OKs security bills despite opposition boycott See in context

Abe and his cronies' interpretation of the Japanese Constitution is illegal, immoral and unforgiveable. The Japanese Constitution strictly requires a referendum which it appears Abe wishes to circumvent. In any case, I have hope that the supreme court will do its duty and knock down the amendments. Failing that, it is our duty as citizens, parents or supporters of peace to fight Abe on this one. Many of us will, but I expect that the huge majority won't. I remain convinced that Abe will face severe retribution and punishment in future, whether at the polls or by prosecution. Many of us will not rest until that time.

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Posted in: Ruling bloc pushes security bills through lower house panel See in context

It has been stated in the mass media including on this website that once approved, assuming Dear Leader Abe and other cronies approve them this week, the bills are then subject to referendum under Japanese Law. Assuming opinion polls are correct, the bills will overwhelmingly fail to be inacted into law as public opinion will reject them in the subsequent referendum. In the worst case scenario that Japanese have been lying to pollsters (common in Japan as politics is taboo and folks dont want to be seen supporting a decreasingly popular leader), a referendum could suport Abe. The bills would then be enacted. But, if his ratings fall enough and Abe is cut from power and a coalition opposing the bills gets in, the bills can be repealed in future.

I predict Abe will eventually be held accountable for interfering in freedom of speech and breaking laws regarding neutrality of the media, worsening relations with neighbors, history revisionism (immoral but also illegal in many developed countries unlike Japan) and other misdemeanors at best, crimes at worst. Abe cannot learn from history. From the failure of his grandfather and the failure of his first disasterous term some years ago as leader. But if history teaches us anything, it is that he is absolutely doomed to fail eventually and he will be forced to learn. He will not go unpunished and I for one cannot wait.

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Posted in: Yes or no? What Greece's landmark vote means See in context

"What Greece's landmark vote means"

With respect to the innocent people caught up in the middle of this, it does not mean anything. Governments borrowed money, squandered it, were economically inept, borrowed more and squandered more. Now, they want to change the terms of the deals after they have been made. As many have said, it is not now Greece's decision to make.

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Posted in: Tsipras defiant as banks shut, markets rocked See in context

This third world thinking economy should never have been allowed to join the EU, let alone the Euro. People were right all along. They could not and cannot be trusted. They can remain defiant all they want. They have broken their promise and agreement to the creditors countless times and the creditors, despite showing good faith when kicked in the face, have had enough. It is now not the decision of the Greeks to make so I find their arrogance at holding a referendum to be ridiculous. Sadly the innocents, the many good people will suffer. Greece is a textbook example of socialism at is very worst. When you squander money, especially when it is not yours, you will pay a price. If 3 year olds can understand this, so can the Greeks. KICK THEM OUT!

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Posted in: Jeb Bush, in Berlin, says Putin is bully and U.S. needs to respond resolutely See in context

Democrats must be thanking their lucky stars that this intellectual will run for president.

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Posted in: 3 minors arrested after forcing 15-year-old boy into river See in context

As with the recent Kawasaki murder case and others, the names of the arrested / charged will be posted on Twitter and other social media by classmates or local people for example. The names and photos of almost any suspect below the age of criminal responsibility can be found instantly on Internet searches in Japan. Perhaps this might be a contributing factor in forcing the government to lower the age in line with many other developed nations.

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Posted in: McDonald's to let parents, kids cook burgers at its stores See in context

How unbelievably pathetic. As if anyone needed proof at how inept and out of touch the people who run this company really are. My family roared with laughter when we heard the news. You just cannot make this stuff up!

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Posted in: LDP suffers 'own goal' in Diet debate on security bills See in context

"Japan should never again fight another foreign war. We must learn from our past mistakes."

Yes, indeed you must. But, you don't.

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Posted in: Asia should put WWII behind it: Singapore PM See in context

Words of wisdom and eloquently put.

"China and Korea are the only ones who cry out. With exception of them, every Asian countries moved on. Time to China and Korea to be mature and stop acting like spoil kids."

Oh dear. In addition to completely missing the point, you have inadvertently proved Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to be correct. Might I suggest you bother to read the article next time before commenting.

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Posted in: Syria regime to accept de facto partition of country See in context

In the future, Assad's body will be dragged through the street much the same way as Gaddafi's was. He will suffer immensely and he will deserve it. It will come as no surprise and he will garner no sympathy. The hugely predictable nature of his demise may produce a yawn or two. The only two things people will remember is that his favourite musical artistes were Right Said Fred. And that he murdered thousands of people.

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Posted in: Ireland says big 'Yes' to gay marriage in world first See in context

Congratulations to the people of Ireland! A huge leap forward in attaining equal human rights.

"Homosexuality is not what god intended."

Try telling that to god's most senior advocates, the gay cardinals in the Vatican, including the many who have committed sexual acts with underage boys.

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs security bills, but voters wary, confused See in context

"A survey by public broadcaster NHK aired this week showed that 49% didn’t understand the proposed changes very well or at all."

I would say this is optimistic. But assuming that half don't understand: the majority of these voted for Abe and the LDP on a manifesto of amending article 9 of the constitution. A nation of sheep, then. To add insult to injury we have to listen to China telling Japan to learn from history. If China really did want to learn from history, then how about following its own advice and starting with its own political system. A system proven time and time again to be a complete failure on every level. Respect our intelligence and our human rights and we may have a shred of sympathy when you come to fail.

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Posted in: North Korean defense minister executed by anti-aircraft fire See in context

This act highlights how insecure Kim Jong Un and his cronies are. It is also a telling sign that a power struggle is gaining strength. Just like we saw from Daddy, we can expect belligerent actions and tantrums aplenty in the near future. It is the people of North Korea who continue and will continue to suffer, many going hungry while the ball-of-fat desperately clings to power to feed his unsightly belly and all that goes with it. As the world is growing increasingly impatient, incoming U.S. Republicans will all but lose patience. History is our best guide and so an ending is become increasingly on the agenda.

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Posted in: Gifu woman held for cashing dead parents' pension for 50 years See in context

So this criminal steals our money and now what? We have to fork out to pay for her healthcare while she fades away unpunished. Disgusting! Any simple check could have prevented this fraud decades ago.

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Posted in: Japanese man leaves $100,000 watch behind at Newark airport See in context

If you are going to have so much money, at least have an ounce of good taste. Beyond stupidity.

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Posted in: Conservatives sweep to power in UK elections as Scotland debacle ruins Labour bid See in context

Jimizo, good point. I find it laughably ironic that SNP voters who are overwhelmingly left wing, have screwed Labour's chance of getting in at Westminster though.

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Posted in: Conservatives sweep to power in UK elections as Scotland debacle ruins Labour bid See in context

When you consider that the opinion polls and exit polls tend to always benefit Labour and underestimate the Tory vote, no surprise here, then. What was predicted later on, but was devastating nevertheless, was the scale of the SNP win in Scotland. This will give a big push to the Scottish Nationalists and may result in this General Election being the last of its kind. May the political wrangling begin.

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Posted in: Japan turns to U.N. to pressure North Korea on abductees See in context

Mitsuo san,

Yes, you make some good points.. But the fact remains that however terrible, NK's atrocities are a drop in the ocean compared to what Japan committed in the years up to 1945. So, when Abe et. al. and senior figures in Japan play down what Japan did 70 years ago, you can be sure when Japan goes begging to the U.N. for attention and help, they will not be taken seriously. This concept is a bit like the U.S. pressuring other countries to stop producing nuclear weapons: the only 2 times nuclear weapons were used to murder innocent people, was by the U.S. History teaches us that without changing tack, Abe, Obama et. al. are doomed to fail. I just feel very sad for people like Megumi's parents. When Megumi was taken, her parents' lives were taken too.

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Posted in: McDonald's announces global turnaround plan See in context

"McDonald's announces global turnaround plan"

Yes, OK, please turn around, go, and don't come back.

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Posted in: Japan turns to U.N. to pressure North Korea on abductees See in context

It is very sad what has happened to the Yokota family and many others and my heart goes out to them. But, here is the problem. Look at the graph. Japan abducted over 3 million people in WW2. Many were murdered and are included in the total number murdered by the Japanese Imperial Army (estimates range from 10 million to 14 million). The world will NEVER take Japan seriously until its current leaders admit to and learn from its past. The only country which has influence on NK is China. Millions of their citizens were murdered by Japan and so very sadly they consider this a non issue. I don't think therefore, the issue will be resolved.

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Posted in: Charlotte new favorite for British royal baby's name See in context

I have made a ten Pound bet that the name will be, "Shanice". The odds are a bit low but I stand to make a fair bit if I'm right.

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Posted in: No room for gays in Kenya, says deputy president See in context

Agree with you Jimizo. Alas, religion is often a breeding ground for bigotry, homophobia, wanton racism and of course general ignorance. In addition, homophobia is often used as a way of attempting to repress a person's own sexual feelings toward the same gender or trying to somehow create an impression they don't themselves have such feelings (even when married). Of course, the exact opposite effect occurs. There are a couple of vocal homophobes where I work and besides advertising how unintelligent they are, the first thing everyone thinks when they harp on with their anti-gay rant, is, "religious nut" or "ah, he must be gay".

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Posted in: Prosecutors won't indict former TEPCO execs over Fukushima disaster See in context

A bit like the political leader who sets up his own panel to investigate himself over allegations of corruption, only to find there is "insufficient evidence" to support the claim.

People power is the best way of resolving this. Not fighting cancer with cancer. But if you hope that will happen in Japan, please think again. Silence yourself, and go back to the excellent, high quality TV we provide and Christmas leftovers for you!

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Posted in: Singer Joe Cocker dies at 70 See in context

Dear Joe,

Thank you for making the world a better place with your fantastic voice. May you rest in peace.

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Posted in: N Korea experiencing severe Internet outages See in context

99.999% of North Koreans can't use the Internet when it IS working. No change there, then.

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