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Everyone here made good, contributing comments about the door on the train. And you are all correct.

However, allow me to point out that there is obviously something the carrier has not mentioned. The sensor that is supposed to keep the electronic breaks engaged when doors are unlocked was not working. At least for that particular car.

It is obviously something that a major train carrier does not want to mention.

On board sensor on his dash board clearly showed the door open but did not indicate it being unlocked which is how the train moved. But without the sensor indicating an unlocked door, the breaking mechanism would disengage as normally and nothing would prevent the train from moving.

It's mistakes like this that costs lives.

I should hope they be more forthcoming in future press releases.

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Worst idea ever. Unless you have controls to screen people for age verification, anyone could order anything from Amazon. Controls first then think about the new venture. lol!


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