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Suspended Stasification Aeffectation

Time traveling is similar to FTL (Faster Than Light) travel. The faster that you travel the more space that occupy. The question is once the body crosses the threshold of FTL and Time Travel does the body die due to gravity not being able to regulate the heartbeat properly?

A fascinating aspect of death at FTL and TT is that if the body dies the body would not begin to decompose because the chemical processes involved with bacteria would not be present because the bacteria would have also have died. So does death really occur or is the body placed into a state of suspended stasification where not even exposure to radiation would aeffect, pronounced eye-ffect or the body being influenced by something and the effect that created suspended stasification that is only possible when traveling at FTL and faster as well as Time Traveling, would not influence the process of decomposition. If true and the body is in fact placed into a state of suspended stasification aeffectation because of gravity not being able to regulate the heart beat of the human and bacteria, would the body return to a normal state of being alive once the human body returned to a dimension of space-time that was governed by the heart of gravity within the area that human body was occupying? Would the human brain retain the memories that had been stored in electrical patterns? Would the human remember who they were or would the human have to start again from the beginning and relearn everything that they had previously known?

More importantly though is the thought that if humans do go into a state of suspended stasification aeffectation at FTL speeds then life would exist at the velocity of FTL and faster velocities that when the life residing above FTL velocities slows to a velocity that a heart would be affected by gravity to creating a pumping of circulation then life would be created. Life that would be created across the Universe and even outside of the Universe as well.

What ever is above the There is the reason why we explore.

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