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No "system" can protect the individual. The "system" cannot be everywhere at once though its laws are. When a crisis erupts, it is the individual on the scene who must manage the events as they occur until the "system" arrives to restore order. The individual should be allowed the right to arm themselves and prepare to take their place in local or national history as the moment demands. Gun-free zones are fish tanks for sharks and other predators, and no amount of law will change what hides in a person's heart

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I myself do not accept the idea that these recent events are the result of populism. I suspect however that what we are seeing is a rejection of the ideas that evolved during WWII that with free trade, open markets, and jobs for all that the world could be so much a better place. Instead people have found that five TVs in one house, two cars in a garage, a 4000 square-foot home do not bring you happiness and that all these trappings are no more than a burden, requiring hours of maintenance and limiting one's freedom.... As for the free trade and kumbaya, it has resulted in not much more than bad conditions for all concerned.

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