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Posted in: Japan's synthesized singing sensation Hatsune Miku turns 16 See in context

@David Brent:

Absolutely no offence intended, but J-anime collectibles are worth literally hundreds or even thousands in the West, show/series depending.

Also, some of us just like the toys as collectibles. Who are "you" to judge?

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Posted in: Man arrested for abducting 7-year-old girl, keeping her in his car See in context


The perp is 28, the girl is 7.

Why do you think he "forced" her into his car? Arts & crafts?

You soft cun7...

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Posted in: Abe calls on Suu Kyi to ensure Rohingya can return to Myanmar See in context

Most insincere-looking handshake I've ever seen.

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Posted in: Gov't funding for imperial ceremonies sparks rare dissent See in context

I've been staring at this photo for 12 hours now (I had nothing better to do today ,-)) and I still can't work out if they're standing or sitting!

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Posted in: S African power ends Japan's run at Rugby World Cup See in context

Japan played well.

Japan lost.

End of story.

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Posted in: Security tight as Afghans vote for president See in context

@Riperez: "One should also note that the US helped train and finance the Taliban."

But did they? I thought (and I stand to be corrected here!!!) they armed & trained the Mujahadin against the Sov "invaders" AND the Taliban, and then became the Northern Alliance?

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Posted in: Things you should know when going out in Tokyo See in context

@Reese: Don't get so down, mate.

I have no idea "where" you're staying, but I'm sure there are some Japanese pubs (Izakaya) nearby. I'd seriously recommend you stick your nose into one or two of those. Even if they look like seafood restaurants!

Maybe when you stick your head through the entrance curtain (if they have one), a quick and dirty "Daijobu desu ka?"(or just Daijobu?) and you should be fine.

I'd recommend you stay away from the foreign bars. You'll be in Japan FFS ... go Japanese!

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