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Posted in: Tsunami could kill 149,000 in Hokkaido in worst-case quake scenario See in context

This story is just fear mongering. Guestimating how many 'could' die as a result of a hypothetical tsunami. I mean, how does that help anyone?

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Posted in: KDDI mobile customers across Japan hit by prolonged network troubles See in context

I don't understand why there's no info. The service has been down since 1.30am and all the major news sources know nothing. This is weird.

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Posted in: FamilyMart launches new food brand after controversy over 'Okasan Shokudo' name See in context

Okasan shokudo has a better ring to it than Otosan shokudo. That would more likely raise a few more eyebrows. I wonder who did the cooking at home for those high school girls. Mum probably.

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Posted in: We try out a revolutionary product: long Japanese sandwich bread See in context

Cake bread, meh. What is it with the bread situation in Japan. My local supermarkets sell nothing but Shokupan.

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Posted in: Faction politics wane in LDP leadership race See in context

Ok, so we all know Kono will be next. His successor has probably already been chosen too. And on it goes.

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