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Sweet. I wish I were there!

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Posted in: Souvenirs with soul: Japan's best charity calendars See in context

That girl with the purple hair and yellow shirt-who is she? What a tease! You can't see her figure clearly, but from what I can see she looks pretty hot! I'd get her calendar too. Tee Hee.

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These girls are pretty hot! I bite my knuckles as I look at this picture.

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Posted in: New magazine SAMURAI.JP launches in search of Japan’s lost values See in context

Instead of Samurai.JP The new magazine should be called Sulu.JP. Because the future of Japan is not in the Samurai of the past but in Sulu as in Star Trek-Sulu. The leading culture in Technology should promote Star Trek like advanced concepts like String theory, teleportation, nano-tech.etc. Right now the world is undergoing a high tech revolution making new discoveries at unprecedented speed. And Japan is leading the way. Just think of your cell phone how fast thats advancing. So change Samurai.JP to Sulu.JP marketing Star Trek advanced tech concepts and you'll get more sales. Tee Hee...

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Dwolfman says yes-absolutely beautiful!

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Posted in: Kurara Chibana looking for Mr Right See in context

"Make it up as you go"-sounds interesting. And she's looking for Mr. Right too-sounds good to me also. In fact, I would be happy to test her theory on a date with her to see if it works to "Make it up as we go." Tee Hee!

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Posted in: Kuroki, Tabe team up for detective drama See in context

Sexy looking detectives. That show is gonna be pretty hot!

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