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Posted in: Obama says U.S. must lead globally but show restraint See in context


So are you saying to me that no nation is capable of defending itself or taking care of its own internal affairs? Pax Americana is nonsense.

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Posted in: Obama says U.S. must lead globally but show restraint See in context

I'm not quite sure why America does need to lead globally, it will only result in more unjust proxy wars and more global animosity towards the United States.

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Posted in: Thai junta leader says king endorses coup See in context

God Save the King...

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Posted in: Political earthquake in France as far right triumphs in EU vote See in context

I know Ukip in particular get a lot of stick from the media and also a lot of accusations of racism but I don't agree, Ukip may be a tad unorthodox but I see no problem with wanting to control your own borders and laws which the United Kindom does not anymore.

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Posted in: China should build ties with Russia to counter Japan: newspaper See in context

I've heard that Russia wants to build ties with Japan but I feel as though recent events and the ever lingering issue of the Northern Territories/ Kurils is a bit of a stumbling block with that.

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Posted in: Is pouring more financial aid into Africa the best way to help that continent develop? See in context

Investment, not aid. That's what Africa needs.

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Posted in: Who are your favorite fictional detectives of literature, film or TV? See in context

Inspector Zenigata

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Posted in: 4 crew of S Korean ferry indicted for murder; 11 others face negligence charges See in context

I think they certainly were negligent but to try and prove that they had murderous intent which is what they'll have to do is going to be hard seeing as how I don't think any of the crew set out that day to kill the schoolchildren.

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Posted in: China accuses U.S. of emboldening maritime rivals See in context

Isn't it funny that China can go from flexing its muscles with other nations and then turn into a victim when it suits itself, there is a kind of juxtaposition with that and it leaves people just kind of nodding politely when China mouths off like this as if to say "yeah yeah, China whatever you say..."

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Posted in: World powers join search for abducted Nigerian schoolgirls See in context

Burning Bush

Better late than never I suppose.

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Posted in: World powers join search for abducted Nigerian schoolgirls See in context

I hear that there are British S.A.S and S.B.S on standby in Nigeria at the moment so hopefully we do wipe these scum off the face of the earth.

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Posted in: Vietnam says China fired water cannon, rammed ships near oil rig See in context


China China China, Can anyone actually feel sympathy over the ordeals they went through during WWII when they behave in such a drastic aggressive way to all its neighbors. I honestly believe these asian nations should band togther against china stop trade and discuss invasion.

The funny thing is that while the People's Republic whinge and moan about World War 2, its really only Taiwan who have the right to be angry at Japan but they remain civil.

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Posted in: More than 170 sharks caught, 50 killed in Australia's cull policy See in context

Real question : What is Sea Shepherds stance on this? will they be sending any vessels or personnel into the area ?

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Posted in: North Korea says new kind of nuclear test still an option See in context

Fox Cloud Lelean

I think you're right however I think any war with the North would be very costly and last many many years mainly because I don't think China would allow the North to fall and possibly have US military bases on the border, this was shown quite clearly last year when tensions were quite high and the Chinese had massed troops on the border ready to "secure" nuclear facilities if the peninsula should fall into war.

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Posted in: Inmate dies of heart attack after botched execution in Oklahoma See in context

Elbuda Mexicano

Surely would it not be better justice if the criminal serves the rest of their life in prison? the death penalty is too final and in some cases, the wrong person could be convicted and put to death. The best penalty would be life imprisonment and hard labour every day.

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Posted in: Teen survives five-hour flight to Hawaii in plane wheel well See in context

Very sad case, this lad must be going through some intense stuff at home form him to want to put himself through this, I only hope that he is given the help and assistance he deserves.

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Posted in: Separatists tighten grip on east Ukraine; EU agrees on more sanctions against Moscow See in context

Why exactly is the west doing the equivalent of throwing its toys out of the pram? if the people want it then why object to it, when there is an openly fascist party in power, I can fully understand them wanting to break away.

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Posted in: Queen hosts Irish president on 1st UK state visit See in context

As an Irishman I'm very happy to see that the attitudes of the people of Ireland have moved on and that we can hold visits like this in high regard, I'll be excited for the shared future Great Britain and Ireland will share in the coming years.

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Posted in: Addition of Korean name for Sea of Japan becomes law in Virginia See in context


How about renaming it to "Japan Korea see" since it separates this two countries. I guess this would be to logical and to friendly solution and Humans do not like the logic and do not like to be friendly.

How about we retain the name already in use. If the Japanese Isles were not there it would just be the Pacific Ocean so Japan is the factor there and why rightly it is named the Sea of Japan now and I suspect in the future also.

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Posted in: Addition of Korean name for Sea of Japan becomes law in Virginia See in context


https://www.swaen.com/Korea-East-Sea.html As you can see there are 28 authentic European-made maps dating as far back to the 17th century for sale on this site that describe it as "Sea of Corea", etc.

But the number of maps dating to that time that list it as the East Sea is few and far between, Sea of Japan or Japan Sea is the most dominant name amongst maps from that period, and these days, British Admiralty Charts make no mention of the East Sea on any of their listings.

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Posted in: Addition of Korean name for Sea of Japan becomes law in Virginia See in context

Absolutely stupid behavior on the part of Korea, you don't see the UK complaining about the Irish Sea or the french complaining about the English Channel, it's utter nonsense...

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Thanks for the info! I live in the UK so it's quite a bizarre thing to hear of.

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Posted in: Kanebo See in context

Why do people want to whiten their skin?!

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Posted in: Japan lifts self-imposed ban on weapons exports See in context

I wonder which nation will cry about this first.

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Posted in: China says Manila provoking trouble in seas ahead of legal case See in context

I think we need a new phrase because "pot calling the kettle black" is starting to lose its meaning with the frequency we have to use it with China.

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Posted in: G7 warns Russia of more sanctions if Ukraine crisis escalates See in context


Being done with the understanding of the governing administrations?

But the problem is that the majority of the people in Crimea wish to be a part of Russia, and the current government in Kiev is the result of a Coup d'état so I don't think unelected officials in Kiev should be any more legitimate than elected MP's in the parliament of Crimea.

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Posted in: Spring arrives in Japan with first cherry blossoms See in context

I think Japan has the most beautiful spring time in the world

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Posted in: Abe threatens Moscow with more sanctions over Crimea See in context

I could not agree more with dbsaiya, I'm so tired of Japan on the world stage adopting an adaptation American Foreign policy rather than acting as a strong independent nation.

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Posted in: Graduating princess See in context

Congratulations! and best of luck to her in the future!

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Posted in: No pot See in context

First off, this poster is quite ridiculous, I'm not sure what message it's trying to convey, I think that educating people properly on cannabis, it's dangerous elements and potential benefits, we'll be much better off but in my opinion, we don't need more drugs on the market, Tobacco and Alcohol are bad enough as it is.

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