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What the world sees but does not recognize is that much of the rampant violence are rival gangs fighting over turf, (drug selling or prostitution areas in various parts of the city).

One way to lower this would be to remove the funding from the gangs by removing the laws that make drugs illegal. Laws against prostitution are also used as a way for gangs to make money by controlling territory and charging a protection tax on prostitutes.

The USA did a grand experiment many decades ago called Prohibition, in which all alcohol sales were made illegal. That experiment empowered organized crime and gave it the funding it needed to become embedded into the USA society. Did the USA learn from Prohibition? It would seem not, as we are prohibiting drugs and sex just like we tried to prohibit alcohol.

Guns, especially illegal ones, are not cheap. I could buy a cheap HiPoint pistol for around $100.00 from a licensed gun dealer. For someone on the street that same cheap gun might cost them $500.00. A high markup and the reason people are willing to risk prison to buy for others who are not allowed to purchase firearms themselves due to past felony convictions or domestic abuse misdemeanor convictions.

Due to the money being made via drug and sex sales buying an overpriced cheap gun is possible and even likely.

Remove the funding, legalize recreational drugs, legalize prostitution, and help stop the organizations that are racking up our gun deaths.

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