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The luminous paint was used to coat watch dials so they would be visible in the dark. The radium is combined with a fluorescent salt, kind of like what they coat florescent bulbs with, so the radiation from the radium becomes visible light when the fluorescent salt is struck by the radiation from the radium.

A long time ago it was found that radiation sickness was causing deaths in workers that painted watch dials with radium paint. An investigation showed that the people painting the dials would use their lips to form a sharp point on the paint brush so they could get the paint on the tiny dials and numbers more accurately. The painters were not aware of the hazards they were exposing themselves to.

Luckily radium coating of watch dials is no longer needed with digital watches in fashion.

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If the idea of antimatter being a reversal of time is what concerns you then think that the longer we sit here contemplating it the further and further the antimatter universe is moving away from us on the time axis. If that is the case then moving backward in time would likely take more energy the further you tried to move back in time.

Localized creations of antimatter by high energy collisions are not part of the original Big Bang.

I am wondering if, since neutrino's are known to change types, on their way from the Sun, where they are produced, to the earth, then maybe neutrino's can also change between an anti-neutrino variant, in which case the backwards movement in time during the particles time spent as an anti-neutrino might account for the discrepancy in measured speed,

If information can be added to the neutrino then use of this might enable a faster information transmission as well as increased computational speed. I was wondering what the next Moore's law advancement in computing might be, LOL .

We live in interesting times!

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My understanding of political things.

Politics revolves around 4 things. Conservative, Liberal, Authoritarian, and Anti Authoritarian.

The Conservatives and Liberals form one axes , normally placed as Liberalism on the left and Conservatism on the right. The Authoritarians and the Anti Authoritarians can be represented as a vertical axes with Authoritarianism on the top and Anti Authoritarianism on the bottom.

As stated earlier Liberals want government to control the money while keeping away from civil liberties. In plane language Liberals feel the government can better spend your money than you can but that government should keep their noses out of your bedroom.

Conservatives do not want to control your money, but they do want to control what goes on in your bedroom.

Both Conservatives and Liberals tend to gravitate towards Authoritarianism as in both cases, they need government to be big enough to control either your spending, or your bedroom practices.

Anti Authoritarians tend to not care what other people do and say they are for personal responsibility in both money and bedroom issues.

The extreme Anti Authoritarian would be considered an Anarchist, as they would feel they do not need the help of a government to assist them in either their finances or their bedroom practices. Since the Anarchist feels no government is needed they would be considered neutral on the left and right axes.

Libertarians tend to be Anti Authoritarians but believe a limited form of government is needed. Libertarians can be conservative, liberal, or neutral on the left right axes.

Politicians are almost always Authoritarians or they would be working for a living, (small smile on that one)

Authoritarianism in almost all cases leads to the development of a bureaucracy as more and more non elected people are needed to keep track of either your finances or your bedroom or both.

Bureaucracy tends to be self sustaining and soon serves only the perpetuation and GROWTH of the bureaucracy. That is why you will never see a politician proposing actual cuts in budgets. The most they can get away with will be slowing the rate of growth. The bureaucracy that funded them and allowed them to play with other peoples finances and/or bedroom practices needs to feed and will spit out the politician that actually tries to cut their budgets.

I am not a Londoner so I can not say much about the riots but I have thought a lot about politics and wanted to put my say in as there did not seem to be a clear consensus on what being a Conservative, Liberal, or Anarchist is.

In my opinion, getting rid of self perpetuating bureaucracies is probably the one thing that could fix social unrest. The less fortunate of society are prodded to increase and multiply by policies whose origins are actually the perpetuation of the bureaucracies needed for the care and feeding of the less fortunate.


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