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Toughbooks hold about 60% percent of law enforcement mobile computer market in the US. They are great for this. Cops are harsh on equipment and if you bolt it down in a car it needs to be tough. Regular users will fine a toughbook CF equivalent to driving a tank which is something they might find unnecessary.

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Amazing, only four posts before JT commenters went for the ribald pun. I am disappointed.

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This article is right on. Having worked 10 years at an old and proven Japanese tech firm I have seen it all first hand. Actually at a US division mind you. My favorite incident of the Alpha Japanese boss was when an old Tokyo University alum who was known for being a real bully asked several engineers to have one volunteer to work on something. The engineers were mostly south asians and american. We all stood there silent. After an uncomfortable 30 secs the boss says okay point at the guy you think that can do this in this group. Nobody pointed. Too funny. I eventually volunteered.

The other parts of this artivle about the exhaustive meetings where lowbies who barely speak are commonplace even at US divisions of Japanese companies (where there are japanese expat management and team members).

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A husband isn't a cash register

This is seriously funny. I feel like sending this article to my japanese wife. Knowing several Japanese women who are married to americans,one particulary awesome female japanese friend of ours warned another japanese friend who was considering dating an american that "American husbands don't give allowances".

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I still see a lot of nihonjin visitor in hawaii recession or no. Plus now is best time to vacation as due to economy airfare and hotels are more discounted then previously as evidenced by this article.

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Great picture

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Please do a Zatoichi2!

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Hey I've been there - nice place. would go back. I think the wine spa was there for a while and not just a recent thing.

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Pepperspray!? nowai the attacker will just take it away from the woman and use it on her. It is best to submit to criminals attacks in order to lessen the intensity and length of the attack.

Just kidding of course, make crime painful for the attackers and discourage further attacks. For those of you that encourage the comparison of pepper spray and a pistol LOL at you you must think every human being is a sheep.

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Nice hit job article. This is drive by Journalism at its best.. It would be nice if truth wasn't lost in your clowd of derrangement and hate on Bush ............and.......... McCain. (They are not the same by any measure and were most notably rivals)

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You guys are getting it wrong. His victory yell was a primal moment of elation after watching his teammate overcome the french swimmer in the final leg of the that realy event. He doesn't ususally celebrate that way in his individual events and was completely overjoyed at the team and its dramatic win in an event where they were not favored to win. Many olympic viewers and commentators have called that finish one of the best ever and likely most dramatic of these games.

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The Picture = not great, the woman = attractive. Frankly I was surprsied she became so popular in Japan but good job by her. She was an import car scene swimsuit model in America and she went to Japan to pursue her pop singing career and has been a sucess I think.

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