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Posted in: Japan seeks answers after suffering highest terror death toll since 9/11 See in context

working overseas is a gamble. as an individual, you have to put in the legwork to do your research on the area to measure for yourself just how safe/dangerous it is. working in japan? yah, pretty god damn safe. working in algeria? hm...maybe not so much. once you measure the risks, it's also your job to alleviate them by bringing your safety concerns to your company, in this case, JGC. make sure they provide you with enough safety assurances and if those are enough, you make your own choice for yourself to go or not. at that point, it's your life and your decisions have outcomes, whether desired or not.

it's not like these japanese were executed while putting a suit on and walking to their office near Tokyo Station. They were working at an oil/gas plant in northern africa. Does that make it right to blame them for their deaths? of course not. we all mourn for the loss of life, especially when innocent, in this case. But let's not forget the reality of the situation.

If blame needs to be placed, put it on the deceased's employer, JGC. They are responsible for the safety of their employees and have clearly not done enough. It wouldn't even surprise me if they withheld information from their employees on just how dangerous the job and location is. Less danger = less pay. Corporations tend to screw their employees over when it affects their profit's bottom line. You would be naive to believe that this isn't the case. Corporations are people too! Yah, and they're the most cold hearted, bastard mother effers to have ever walked this earth.

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Posted in: Japan talk of warning shots heats up China dispute See in context

china invades senkaku airspace, japan fires tracer shot, china fires at f-15, japanese f-15 shoots down both chinese f-10s, china invades and takes over senkaku, abe cries to obama that japanese are being invaded, us navy comes in and dominates the chinese force. check mate.

that's planning out 7 moves in advance.

now the question is, just how good is the chinese chess player?

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Posted in: Japan talk of warning shots heats up China dispute See in context

would china risk going to war over one shot down airplane? highly doubt it. especially not when the US navy is hanging out just a few miles away waiting for china's response. i say shoot one down and see just how loud is china's bark.

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