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I went to the first run and it was actually pretty good. Very dynamic, energetic interpretation of the show with great songs. This news broke at least one week ago though and the picture is two years old. Met Norika on many occasions and she has always been friendly and easy to talk with.

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A friend of mine is friendly with Makiさん and introduced me to her a couple of years ago. I have met her many times since and she is one of the nicest people I know. Sad to hear this news.

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Heard about this commercial back in February and that she ended up injuring muscles in her neck, shoulders and back through playing air guitar.

“I play a mean air guitar. I might enter the world championships,” she chuckled.

I saw the interview that she gave a couple of days ago at the event and this line was most definitely a joke. After making this "joke" she went on to emphatically add that entering the world air guitar championships is never going to happen.

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I have been lucky enough to get to know her a little via a mutual friend and by attending events that she has participated in. From my experience she is, and has always been, a vibrant and energetic personality every time I have met her. Her interests are wide ranging and she is always curious to learn more. As for the varied work that she does, she likes to achieve milestones in her life and constantly have new experiences. I realize that she is lucky as she has the time and money to do this, but most would do the same in her position. She has her faults, but we all do. I know because I have seen and heard them. There were projects she undertook that 'critics' were hoping would bomb, but she threw herself into the work regardless and achieved. For example, the musicals she performed in. I went to both and thought she did a great job. Both shows were full on for a month and required performing to the same level for three hours, two or three times a day. She does look good for 39, as a constant regime of 'Kaatsu' pressure training, 'Esthe' and a personal dietician help her to maintain her 'look'. Up close though she looks what I think she is which is an attractive, beautiful woman in her thirties. I have even seen her without make up, casually dressed and I still think that.

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The red and white color code fits in with the red cross motif. I guess that was the thinking behind Norikas outfit. However, I dont think the shoes or hat was the best fashion choice she has ever made.

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