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Rice, Miso Soup, tofu, soba, and basic udon just a few of the options that have always been vegan friendly. Yes, a lot of Japanese people eat meat; however, there are tons of dishes and desserts here in Japan that are vegan friendly. They simply don't have a big VEGAN sign plastered on them. Almost every Mochi snack or dessert is vegan friendly.

Most miso soup and almost every noodle broth has fish extract in it, so not even vegetarian-friendly.

Basic mochi is vegan but when it’s been coloured/had flavourings etc added it’s usually not.

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Posted in: Former ‘Mr Todai’ participant arrested for allegedly raping woman See in context

The judgement here is sickening. According to other reports, he followed her out of the elevator in the building and assaulted her.

But even if she had gone willingly to his apartment with him, IT WOULD STILL BE ASSAULT.

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Posted in: Mysterious yellow liquid sent to Nagoya officials with message to 'end women-only train cars' See in context

I have never seen a near empty women only car, often they are even more crammed than the normal carriages.

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