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Posted in: Sapporo restaurant fines customers who don’t finish every last bite See in context

i can sum this up in one word........................ moronic.

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Posted in: Bruce Willis says he's against new gun controls See in context

All i will say is.......yepy Kia yea m

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Posted in: Renowned photographer Leslie Kee arrested in Japan over obscene photos See in context

Well it seems that America and Japan do have something in common both would rather allow violent moves in the theater than allow one photo of a naked human body get out

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Posted in: Fugitive Sea Shepherd founder hands over reins See in context

This has been said here. That the ruling only applies to the us base part of the ss but if the ships of the ss violate the ruling the the government of the us can name the ss a terrorist group and arrest any of its members that are here take there assets and arrest anyone donating to the ss and Paul's stepping down dose nothing. And for this to come out of the 9th circuit is not to be taken lightly

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Posted in: Man kills mother, then 26 at Connecticut school, including 20 kids See in context

First RIP to all of those who were killed and I grieve for the family's. BUT just BECASE ONE sico goes off and kill is no reason for law abiding gun owners to give up there gun. I live in a part of the u.s. we're the closest law informant is hours away so keeping guns around is a nessacery thing. And the fact that a well armed populous keep the government honest. Plus deer meat tastes great. Those that shout the loudest for gun control live in the city's where they think there safe. An that there's a cop around every corner. And yes if there had been tighter security in that school he'd never got past the office.

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Posted in: Interpol issues arrest notice for Sea Shepherd founder Watson See in context

what most of you have forgotten the arrest warrant from Germany is for skipping bail a crime in most all countries so now watson is stuck on dry land in new zealand and that is great so now the new zealand will have to decide if they want this criminal in there country.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd fugitive Watson says Japan after revenge See in context

for all those die hard ss supporters watson has done more to hurt his cause than help it. regardless of the costa rica thing or the Japanese he has now given the Germans a reason to file arrest warrants in every country that they trade with. now that he has told every one where he will be in December. and last i checked the germans still have a navy and so we will see what the german governments resolve be in getting Watson. and watsons resolve in his cause

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd fugitive Watson says Japan after revenge See in context

OK look for all you Paul Watson lovers he is a fugitive from justice and anyone helping him can be arrested and sent to jail. Paul Watson had said that those who sail with him should be ready to die to protect whales. But when the sharriffe man comes he runs away. We now see his colors. There yellow. We have all seen his crimes on tv and in film. There is no excuse for his actions and now he has realy turned himself into the criminal he wanted to be. There are only a few places he could be that might protect him. And if he dares go aboard any ss ship it can now be boarded by any country and all arrested and the ship seized. And for all those who get on here and try to justify his action aboard ship need to come out into the light and see that paul has done more to hurt the cause than help it. When even green peace won't claim him should tell you something. So Paul need to do the right thing and surrender to german authorizes and deal with this it's not going away an he is only making it worse. But then agin only the guilty and cowards run and in this case I think it's both.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd founder Watson skips bail in Germany over Japan extradition fear See in context

First if you ram a ship under flag of costa rica then yes they can lodge charges against you. And it Dosent matter what Watson has done to protect whales he is now a criminal on the run and anyone helping him can be put in prison right next to him. Now as to him ramming whaling ships we have all seem him do it on the discovery channel on tv. And in those waters where you will die in minutes if your ship goes down. That is attempted murder. And only the guilty run. And as soon as the arrest warrant is registered and presented to Interpol then any where Watson goes is required to arrest him and return him to Germany where he will do time for jumping bail and then cr and Jp can have him. Death to the ss and good riddance

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Posted in: Japan to go ahead with whaling despite activist threats See in context

ok fact time in 23 years there have been 13,313 whales killed by all nations on the planet that's 579 a year.it's not like there tearing the bone out of them as we say around here so relax.oh and those are i.w.c numbers.whale hunting is like deer hunting you have to find them to kill them and it's a big ocean out there.am glad to hear the Japan is sending escort ships.do that need a deck hand? Call me I'm available.I'd love to see Paul Watson stand trail for piracy and attempted murder on the high seas

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Posted in: Japan to go ahead with whaling despite activist threats See in context

If there is a market for the meat then the hunt should go ahead we in the west shouldnt intercede with the hunt if sea sheapard wants to do some good let them count the kill and make shure the fleet Dosent go over the quota there allowed but from what I've seen on tv the sea shapards are an Eco trerroest group and should be treated as such.the first time they attack the Steve Irwin should be sunk and all hands that survive should be jailed.if the u.n. Was worried theyed have observers on the processing ship to count the kill.

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