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Posted in: Man indicted for murder of wife, 5 kids after psychiatric test finds him fit to stand trial See in context

He'll sing for this, for sure.. The sooner, the better, why waste food and water on him?

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Posted in: Crumbling 'children's palace' in Aoyama occupies some of Tokyo's most valuable real estate See in context

Follow the money, who will win if this is destroyed and the land sold to construction companies? You can bet you can find some corrupt official blocking the repair works until it is too late...

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Posted in: Russian Medvedeva sets world record; Canada leads in team event See in context

They found better chemicals now?

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Posted in: North's 'army of beauties' cheer but Koreans suffer ice hockey rout See in context

I really feel for the girls that trained hard all their lives only to go in order to make place for the n Koreans. Life isn't fair...

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Posted in: At Games reception, a hopeful dessert and a hasty exit See in context

Pence (and red button trigger happy orange idiot Trump) would do everything in their power to start a conflict and get their power-trip fix and their names in the history books. So no wonder he displays this attitude.

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Posted in: Taiwanese man given 25 years for trying to smuggle 597 kg of stimulants See in context

Only people lacking history education wonder why he got so much, without killing anyone:

One murderer destroys one life. Can you imagine how many lives can be destroyed by half a ton of drugs? This offence is far worse than murder, from the society point of view, you only have to look back 200 years and at the Opium Wars. All East Asia punishes this by execution, and unfortunately Japan doesn't...

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Posted in: Peruvian man charged with 6 murders enters no plea See in context

No, mentally ill people do not break into houses to murder.

Only mentally ill people break into houses to murder

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Posted in: Trump apologizes for retweeting videos of far-right British group See in context

So you're telling me the Queen would eventually have to tolerate receiving him and giving a big banquet for this person? Can't the Brits make a referendum for interdicting him to come?

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Posted in: Djokovic out; Kerber, Keys, Halep, Federer reach Australian Open quarterfinals See in context

Simona Halep...beat Naomi Osaka 6-3, 6-2. -

ouch - and Halep is still injured...

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Posted in: Mother drowns after jumping into sea to save son See in context

I have wrote this a few times here: never jump immediately after someone in water. Take 20-30 second and get rid of as many items of clothing as possible. This will calm you down, avoiding the panic, and it allows your body to swim, instead of getting dragged down.

I think everyone should take a rescue course (they are only one hour long), where one can experience in a controlled environment, how difficult it is to swim clothed, even in very calm waters. Imagine then swimming on a rocky seashore, where the water is usually very rough...

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Posted in: Economist Takaaki Mitsuhashi released following arrest for assaulting teenage wife See in context

Was he initiating the Klingon mating ritual? Also, why the court's rush to release him, even if he's obviously guilty?

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Posted in: 85-year-old motorist hits teenage girls after ignoring family call not to drive See in context

Denying dementia is one of the first signs...despite the warnings given by persons close to him, and an accident...

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Posted in: Rental kimono company causes distress for hundreds of women on Coming-of-Age Day See in context

No Japanese that knows his/her own culture would consider this a rip-off. Hiring professional kimono dressers was always a luxury. I bet most complains come from know nothing foreigners...

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Posted in: Annual New Year's Fire Review held at Tokyo Big Sight See in context

Mark, sarcasm is the last refuge of the imaginatively bankrupt...

My deepest respects go to the firemen everywhere...

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Posted in: Caller threatens to blow up aircraft at Narita airport See in context

Narita has one of the best service I've ever experienced. Used it countless times, never had big problems or experienced big delays due to inefficient crowd management, etc...

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Posted in: Toyota likely to fall to 3rd place in 2017 global auto sales See in context


The issue is basically that the Chinese gov't gave VW, Audi and GM preference over Japanese manufacturers in establishing factories in China.

You're Japanese, aren't you? The issue is that Toyota wasn't ready to compromise and invest in China, by Chinese rules (49% owned by China, including current and future patents). Not China's fault here, really, and nobody really got any preferential treatment. China would have loved to get some Toyota patents and how-how as well.....

VW did extremly well there, by completely selling basically their old models (complete with the old but perfectly functional factory production lines being dismantled in Germany and transported to China). It was one of the most intelligent moves in the automotive industry of the past three decades, and it pays them now handsome dividends...

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Posted in: Brother, sister found dead in apparent suicide See in context

Disillusioned, it was a brazier, not a brassiere... RIP to the two... Not everyone has a Happy New year!

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Posted in: Happy New Year See in context

Yeah, release them, balloons. Fish really love it...

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Posted in: Canadian charged with trying to smuggle Y630 mil worth of stimulant drugs into Japan in guitar case See in context

10kg? The sniffing dogs would feel it from 100m distance..

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Posted in: Philip Morris' search for a cigarette no more harmful than a cup of coffee See in context

Yeah, they are implying here coffee cups are harmful. There are proven health benefits from drinking coffee, there are absolutely no benefits from smoking. The coffee associations should sue their ass..

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Posted in: Tokyo taxi company president arrested for assaulting taxi driver See in context

The company does have a poor IT department as well. He's still listed as the president of that dump:


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Posted in: Christians worldwide prepare for Christmas with an eye on security See in context

pure scaremongering article... First, the Jerusalem issue is a Jewish one, not a Christian one. Second, real Muslims would never in their lives ever dare attack Christians on Christmas. Jesus is one of the most important profets in Islam as well.

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Posted in: Nagoya University hospital left gauze inside woman's body for 44 years See in context

... So they ruined 40 years of her life, and caused her to get a tumour, instead of a healing...

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Posted in: New Tokyo fish market to open on Oct 11, 2018 See in context

To everyone saying they're sad seeing that tourist location go, it was never a tourist location to begin with. Check YouTube in order to see how idiotic tourists behaved in Tsukiji, with was is, essentially, everyone's food (hint: drunk Brits, licking the fish and attacking the shop owners? WTF?) I'm glad the access will be even further restricted and controlled, and I'm glad they moved it from that old location to a modern facility.

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Posted in: 2 men killed in car-truck crash in Shizuoka See in context

Drugs (alcohol etc) or suicide. For those claiming that a '50s car has any chance against a modern (non K) car, no have no idea what you're talking about. Modern cars are both heavier (major plus) and much, much better build materials and design wise than cars from even 20 years ago. Nevermind the boxes from the '50s - you have no chance of survival in those.

K cars on the other hands, are coffins on wheels. Japan only allows them because they are sold for huge profits by the killer auto manufacturers making them, Japanese people only buy them because they're not so heavily taxed, and because the safety problems these "cars" have are not publicized.

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Posted in: Japanese dinner party recipe: Teriyaki beef mince canapé See in context

I have to stop and wonder if the author is serious, or if this article is just a pamphlet... this "Teriyaki beef mince canapé" is so over pretentious for some minced beef fried with Teriyaki sauce, I just can't put my finger on it...

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Posted in: Police prevent woman defendant from wearing bra in court: lawyers See in context

At least she was dressed. Wearing no bra but a camisole should be completely acceptable in our society. Check out this case, of more bigger gravity that happened in US (Kentucky). There a woman was denied feminine hygiene products and was sent to court without pants (trousers) in her jail underwear:


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Posted in: Appliances, other items missing on isle where N Korean crew sheltered See in context

refrain from commenting (on the discovery of missing items on the islet) with prejudgments as investigations are ongoing.

Exactly! Although such items might be worth a small fortune back in the Worker's Paradise, DPRK.

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Posted in: The last journey home -- repatriating the deceased from Japan and abroad See in context

They fled to Japan and obtained (Japanese) nationality but didn't speak any Japanese.

I HIGHLY doubt this happened. I think they might have obtained a special permanent residency, but it takes a lot more (including basic Japanese proficiency) in order to obtain the citizenship...

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Posted in: High school volleyball player beaten by coach, teammates for violating no-dating rule See in context

Instead, he’ll be allowed to serve out his current contract until its end at the conclusion of the school year in spring (the school has said his contract will not be renewed).

In other words, they're firing him without any fears of liability. The coach could indeed sue the school would he be fired on the spot, as he probably did not breech any major rule by his behaviour.

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