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Posted in: Anti-whaling campaigner arrested in Greenland; may be extradited to Japan See in context

I agree with what Paul Watson says on the need to eat whales.

I disagree with every illegal act he's done. Having an opinion on something doesn't give him the right to endanger others' lives on high seas. There is serious prison time to be done for such acts. Enjoy!

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Posted in: Biden and Trump offer worlds-apart contrasts on issues in rare contest between two presidents See in context

Beavis and Butthead (or President trump and President biden). America should learn what freedom and responsibility means from Europe and Japan.

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Posted in: 98% with mixed Japanese heritage experience microaggressions: survey See in context

Everyone experiences "microagressions". Grow a pair and deal with it...

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Posted in: Toyota investing in EV charging network Ionna See in context

Sh1mon M4sada

Thanks for the laugh - just FYI, the BoJ has avoided raising the taxes even after the Lehman shock. And that turned out to be an extraordinarily good decision, in the long run, big picture.

Do you think something like your reason will make them do so? :) :)

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Posted in: Missing woman rescued near Tokyo after 36 hours adrift at sea See in context

Congratulations, legally she actually became the captain of her floating unicorn or whatever it was. Extremely lucky to have been spotted and rescued alive. I don't understand how people underestimate the sea like this - it's not a place for doing stupid things..

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Posted in: Boeing accepts plea deal to avoid a criminal trial over 737 Max crashes See in context

ONLY 500M fine! Any other foreign company would have been fined in the tens of billions here. Remember VW having to pay close to 40B USD in the US? Nepotism and protectionism at its best. Not-caring-about-non-american-lives-ism too!

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Posted in: Inflexible rules, miscommunication at root of automakers' test woes See in context

No need to bow your head, Akio-san!!! The company did nothing wrong and had customers' safety as its first priority!

F..k the Japanese government and their outdated safety standards and slow, corrupt workers! When I buy a car I don't want to it be tested by a less safe standard but according to the strictest out there. I don't give a sh*t about some bureaucrat's opinion on this matter.

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Posted in: Ex-kindergarten head, staffer found guilty over girl's death in van See in context

That's what's wrong with the Japanese justice. Suspended? It's basically inviting the parent to apply their own justice to these two idiots...

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Posted in: Chinese woman honored for sacrificing life to save Japanese family See in context

JT mods - don't let the scum of humanity post comments on this thread too! I can count already many that should not be here.

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Posted in: Sister of man on 1966 murder retrial raps "ridiculously long" process See in context

Naaah sis, you underestimate how determined government employees in Japan are to ensure they and their successors have a job. So what if a rather simple trial takes five decades and many hundreds of million of taxpayer yen? Who cares, as long as the 公務員 (civil servants) have a steady salary. It's not a private company, where they pay by performance and efficiency!!!

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Posted in: Alec Baldwin’s case on track for trial in July as judge denies request to dismiss See in context

The gun went off as he was searching for a good camera angle, (together with the person he killed). It didn't want of in the second he touched it. He had time to check it before dicking around with it.

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Posted in: Alec Baldwin’s case on track for trial in July as judge denies request to dismiss See in context

Well, that doesn't make sense. How do you check if a weapon is safe before handling it?

You check if it's loaded or not FIRST! If you see anything resembling a bullet, take them out, as this was just a practice run. Also, you're supposed to check if the bullets are blank, before the actual scene shooting happens. All of this is the responsibility of the person holding the gun.

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Posted in: Alec Baldwin’s case on track for trial in July as judge denies request to dismiss See in context

He was a movie star :) is absolutely not relevant at all in a country where justice works.

It was an accident? Of course. But we can't let those responsible just walk free. The question is: was it preventable? Who's mistake caused it?

By US law, Baldwin was at least responsible for checking the weapon (which he knew it was real) and making sure it is safe to handle himself, before handling it. This is a fact and it makes it already more than enough reason to indict and not to dismiss.

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Posted in: Tokyo's old fish market makes way for skyscrapers, glitzy stadium to woo global spenders See in context

I'm really happy tourists aren't allowed in the new fish market. Also, yeah, nothing wrong with turning a sticky old place into something modern. Instamamas who just lost a place to visit for a stupid instavideo, that's life! I'm happy you're frustrated!

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Posted in: China's BYD launches third EV model in Japan See in context

Buy Chinese EV!

All your data are belong to them!

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Posted in: Gov't panel proposes air traffic control measures to boost safety after Haneda collision See in context

, issues with the decision of the JAL crew not seeing an aircraft on the runway under VFR CAVOK conditions

Clouds and visibility OK doesn't mean the pilos are able to see a small aircraft at night when not pointed directly at them. Especially on a runway (so a very dark area). Most probably they actually saw some lights but thought it's normal ground illumination, not an actual aircraft.

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Posted in: France can be 'proud' of divisive Olympics founder: IOC chief See in context

He dead for 100 years but let's cancel him. Today's new generation is stupid beyond belief.

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Posted in: Boeing may avoid criminal charges over violations: report See in context

Can you imagine any foreign company doing exactly the same violations in the USA? They would be cancelled on the spot. Boeing went and killed a few hundred persons, because of greed and complaisance, yet there are barely any consequences for them .

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Posted in: 200 mil tons of rare metal rocks found in seabed off Japan island See in context

What Japan islands? That was China's, since over 6000 years ago!

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Posted in: Oppenheimer reportedly apologized, cried in 1964 meeting with A-bomb victim See in context

Sadly thes obsessed scientists rarely think of the consequences of some of their inventions until they have already opened Pandora's Box.

Many of them had relatived fighting and have already lost a few family members in the war. I'm pretty sure they were thinking about any means that can beat Japan and stop the madness.

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Posted in: Judy Garland's hometown is raising funds to purchase stolen ‘Wizard of Oz’ ruby slippers See in context

Stealing these is as smart as stealing the Mona Lisa. You'll never be able to sell it and turn it into money - at least not legally. Otherwise, whoever buys them would have to always hide them.

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Posted in: Oppenheimer reportedly apologized, cried in 1964 meeting with A-bomb victim See in context

Millions would have died without the atomic bomb. One way or the other the war was going to end, and this was by far the fastest.

Also, remember, if you don't want to get bombed, don't start a war! The "we're victims" mentality of a lot of Japanese is as disgusting as it gets. There are many other war veterans and victims carrying their burden with greater dignity.

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Posted in: Top Japanese skateboarders took part in 'underage drinking' See in context


It is not enough to obey local laws when you are temporarily travelling, you also need to obey the laws of your country of residence. In other words, you cannot travel to another country to perform a crime (not a crime in the destination) and get a free pass. This applies to most western countries in the world as well.

No, Japan is not China or whatever country you're from. Stop spreading opinions around like they're facts. In fact, Japan's citizens have to obey ONLY the local laws while traveling - that is, if they don't break the law in the country they're into they can't be prosecuted in Japan EVEN if they drank alcohol while under 20.

More info here:


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Posted in: Man arrested over deaths of ex-wife, 3 kids at Tokyo home in May See in context

He'll hang for sure. But it's very sad, I think this might have been preventable with a better work-life balance within that family. Probably the man was never at home and the wife simply couldn't manage everything alone, leading to this conflict and conclusion.

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Posted in: Spent fuel cooling halts for 10 hours at wrecked Fukushima plant See in context

For all non-engineers here: By now the decay heat is way less than 1kW per tonne of fuel. Given they have thousands of tons of cooling water and given that it can also work in a passive circulation mode, there is absolutely no danger from stopping the active circulation for many days in a row. A few hours won't even move the needle. The only issue is that something didn't work as it should have been.


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Posted in: Russian food shop in Ginza to close as war in Ukraine drags on See in context

Rain man - try ottoman cuisine... Very good too!

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Posted in: Akio Toyoda, grandson of Toyota founder, wins shareholder approval to stay in leadership See in context

The cheating did not result in recalls or safety problems.

Yeah, because Toyota, in their "cheating" were using stricter (and slightly different) standards than what the government imposed.

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Posted in: Russian food shop in Ginza to close as war in Ukraine drags on See in context


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Posted in: Study details huge emissions resulting from Russia's invasion of Ukraine See in context

Yes, let's stop wars, because they pollute... not because they kill? How blatantly disturbed must the author of this article be, in order to mention all those tons of CO2 but not mention the actual human victims ONCE!!?? :( .

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Posted in: Do you think political correctness will be the death of comedy? See in context


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