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Posted in: British woman sues Japanese university over power harassment See in context

A quick google search shows her research was into 'gender, media & politics'

We've wasted our time talking about this character then. She's specialized into creating a fake issue where is in fact none, and does this for her studies and in her real life. If she's half as bad as most gender studies "scientists" around, it more than explains the opinnions of the other two professors.

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Posted in: Russia turns up uninvited to major NATO war games See in context

Russia never feared the west, and the Marines shouting like chimps on the deck of their own boats will make the ruskies get a laughing fit, at best... Yes, the planes are Soviet era, but I bet they still pack a strong enough punch. The USA still needs to fix its own technology, so that it can be effectively used against someone stronger than the tribes they're usually fighting with...

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Posted in: Casio to release G-SHOCK collaboration model with THE HUNDREDS See in context

I place GSchocks on the same shelf with the Fender Stratocaster and the VW Beetle.. These designs are above iconic, they entirely redefined markets, and are in the immortal class... For example, a Gshock looks good on almost any outfit, and that says a lot about their ubiquitousness and worldwide acceptance.

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Posted in: British woman sues Japanese university over power harassment See in context

The doctorate plagiarism is something that can only be decided by a commission, in the modern world, including Japan. I don't know what to make of that.

But when two of your peers accuse you of something, and you have to counterarguments good enough for the other peers to still approve of your promotion, you still have a problem. More, I don't know what "the University agreed it was power harrasment" means. The University is an institution, and as such can't agree to anything. A representative of the institution can express a personal opinion (thus not representing the institution), or can bring the matter for a debate in front of a committee, that produces a statement representing the insitution's point of view. I suspect it was the former - someone there agreed it was a harassment, but was not in a position to represent his/her institution.

But being criticized alone is NOT power harassment, unless you can prove the reasons for critique not being valid. For all we know, she might have refused some personal favors to the two teachers, and the retaliated (harassing her), or she might indeed be an overly arrogant person, deserving the critique.

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Along the same lines, no-one is allowed to criticize someone now, for the fear of being called a harasser? Whenever two of your peers criticize you in front of the entire group and the rest agree with them and vote you down, you DO have a problem. If that's later called power harasement (although I'm not sure who at the university agreed it was, and how does that make the whole university liable), it's a totally different matter. A good person does not get criticized and voted down to begin with.

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So she can't handle criticism, and wants 700.000?

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finally some good news. Sony always pays a lot of attention to quality and detail, and I have a lot of their electronics, usually they don't disappoint. Hopefully they get to increase the range of profit making business.

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horrible outfit...

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Posted in: U.S. seeks greater agricultural tariff cuts by Japan than in TPP See in context

Well, at least for rice, and other basic products, they are a matter of national security. Eliminating the tariffs means many producers of Japanese traditional rice (koshihikari, akita-komachi, etc) will be forced out of business, and the paddies will be left neglected. It takes a complete ecosystem to be able to produce rice the traditional way, and once stopped and the land left alone or worse, sold to developers to build some ass-ugly apartments on them, it will never be possible to grow rice there any longer. That's what Japan fears most, and that's why they subsidize the farmers. I really agree to this way of thinking.

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy arrested for killing grandfather, wounding grandmother See in context

Relax, he's going to be released and allowed to walk among us, as good as new, in 3-4 years.

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Posted in: How to make a creamy cauliflower soup without any cream See in context

Browning butter creates high toxicity.

Nope, BURNING butter creates carcinogenic chemicals. Burning vegetable (sunflower, rapeseed, corn, etc) oils creates much more of the same carcinogenic stuff, experts say cooking with butter, olive or coconut oil, or lard, significantly reduces the risk:


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Posted in: How to make a creamy cauliflower soup without any cream See in context

:) - well, in this case the information is just as worthy as saying it doesn't contain any whale meat... And no, for sure I'm for sure not the only one understanding "low fat" from the title.

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Posted in: German gets 6 years for attempted murder committed after he was snubbed by women See in context

Only 6 years?

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Posted in: How to make a creamy cauliflower soup without any cream See in context

How is butter bad for you? That’s old science. Nothing current supports butter being bad for you.

Well, "without cream" presumably tries to sell this recipe to people trying to avoid lactates or fats... My point was that it's pointless to remove the cream and add 8 spoons of butter, as the fat contents will be higher. I don't even discuss the health implications of adding so much butter in one litter of water.

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Posted in: How to make a creamy cauliflower soup without any cream See in context

How to make a creamy cauliflower soup without any cream

..and then in the recipe:

8 tablespoons unsalted butter, cut into 8 pieces

yeah, but with butter, even worse... you might want to rethink the title...

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Posted in: Faced with destroyed crops, city in Chiba encourages hunting as business See in context

the hoops to get a Japanese licence are appalling

You haven't heard about the process of getting a German hunting license then, have you? Anyway, not too many people want to do it, so if Chiba is becoming more supporting towards potential hunters, I presume they'll be supporting of the necessary processes. All of those steps are very well justified, btw, Japan is not a country that goes easy on people wanting to have guns in house.

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Posted in: Beatles album 'Sgt. Pepper' named most popular in UK See in context

IV is the best UK album ever, but that's just me :). Sgt Pepper was such a groundbreaking work, no surprises it got voted..

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Posted in: Niigata school superintendent resigns over improper use of Japanese word for 'you' See in context

He's an idiot for using omae in such a situation, and has no business doing the job he was doing...

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Posted in: Gov't to announce 2019 sales tax hike to address debt mountain: reports See in context

Let me be easy on those not getting the drift here:

Japan's social system is comparable with those from countries heavily taxing their citizens (have you ever looked into how much anyone in Scandinavia pays in taxes?), in a much more aged society..

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Posted in: Gov't to announce 2019 sales tax hike to address debt mountain: reports See in context

Actually raising taxes is a good measure in today's Japan, but you need to be a trained economist to recognize the need.

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Posted in: American DJ David Morales arrested in Japan for ecstasy possession See in context

throw him in jail, let him meditate about it.

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Posted in: Vroom See in context

boorrrriiing... F1 of the '90s, the screaming hell of Ferrari V12 engines, now that was something...

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Posted in: Japan to skip naval event after S Korea protests over flag See in context

Well, N Korean is led by a dynastic mass murderer that killed half of his family, and most S. Korean presidents landed in prison. So, you know, why listen to these criminals' opinions ?

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Posted in: Plane ditches into Pacific lagoon See in context

Don’t blame the pilot, he saved everybody’s lives.

Well, if the pilots landed short of the runway by their own mistakes, they actually endangered everyones' lives, and only sheer luck led to everyone walking (or swimming) away from this. This is called an uncontrolled (unintended) ditching, and came as a result of a situational and control loss..

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Solar panels should be subsidized by the government

TEPCO buy back a lot of the energy I produce, at really good prices. My panels actually pay for themselves, and give something extra back...

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I ride a Campagnolo groupset stocked Cannondale CAAD9 myself through such rice-paddy mountain sceneries. Pure heaven! In summer you get the cicadas, springs and autumns are pleasantly cool, and winters are sharp and sunny. Almost no car traffic as well (and then I'm sometimes as fast as they are). Yes, there are a lot of advantages to living in Inaka in Japan...

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Posted in: Mother, 6-year-old daughter killed in car crash See in context

Martin Black, let me explain it so that you also understand:

Japan is still one of the safest countries to drive in.

Yeah, but only because the average speeds are very low (less than half), and only because if you don't die within 24 hours from your accident, you don't count...

Your argument has nothing to do with the K-Car safety. They probability of a kcar killing or injuring its passengers in case of a serious accident, at faster speeds is really high, especially when they crash agains a real car, weighting two times more. It's simple physics... Japan allowing the commercialization of these death-traps is the same as JT being government-owned: they make a lot of money from taxes and bribes..

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Posted in: Mother, 6-year-old daughter killed in car crash See in context

K-Car, the death trap of the east... Would they be produced in other countries, Japan would have never allowed their import. But they're produced locally, and the Japanese auto lobby is very strong, and pays a lot of bribe money to the politicians...

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Posted in: Fewer sperm donors lead Tokyo hospital to end fertility treatment See in context

Chip Star, thank you for the updated news. I stand corrected.

BTW, in Europe (Germany), it is the fundamental right of a child to know the father, so there are no "anonymous sperm donations".

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Posted in: Japan uneasy over Trump pressure on auto as summit, trade talks loom See in context

Firthermore, bunting a Japanese electric guitar for ¥100,000 which is full of the cheapest electrics available

Oh no you don't... The Japanese Fender Strats (I presume you refer to these) are by far the best made. Quality-wise, they are perfectly comparable with the American ones, and price-wise, they're less than half. What means cheapest electronics? Single coil pickups, as they haven't changed from the '50s (and for very good reasons), of course are going to be cheap. But they sound extraordinarily good in the hands of the skilled.

If you really wanted a "Made in USA" instrument, of course, buy the original one, 1800 or more USD. If you wanted a really good one, buy a Made in Japan. If you're satisfied with a bit less, buy a Made in Mexico.

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