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Posted in: Hungary's parliament ratifies Sweden's NATO bid See in context

“Hungary is a sovereign country. It does not tolerate being dictated by others, whether it be the content of its decisions or their timing,” Orban said.

Honey - you stopped being a sovereign and independent country the second you entered EU and NATO. Last year Hungary was one of the biggest EU funds beneficiary, at more than 4 billion EU. You can claim sovereignty and national (Russian) interests are more important the second you stop using EU and Nato money then:


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Posted in: Taliban hold another public execution as thousands watch at a stadium in northern Afghanistan See in context

Thousands came to enjoy it in heavy snow? So, just for my relaxation and entertainment: again, how many trillions has USA spent to eliberate and educate these people?

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Posted in: Man's 18-year sentence upheld for 2017 Japan highway road rage deaths See in context

The rope was invented for such psychos. He should have never be allowed back among us. 18 is far too light.

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Posted in: Google says its AI image-generator would sometimes 'overcompensate' for diversity See in context

As a white male from the poor side of Europe I can testify I haven't benefited from any kind of privilege in my life. Americans should solve their problems internally, not project them over the rest of the world. It has became so strongly anti-white males biased it's not even funny any longer. We're worth nothing when compared with otherwise similar blacks and will lose evertime in a selection (job interview for example).

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Posted in: Ferrari's new F1 car unveiled for final season before Hamilton's arrival See in context

Are people still interested in F1?

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Posted in: Paris Olympics set for gold medal in luxury promotion See in context


I like the medallion designs. They remind of Japanese metal art. The Japonisme of French and Philippe Burty will always remain in vogue.

That's only you, dear. Japonisme? The French are capable enough to design chic things without any Japonisme influence.

But personally I don't like these at all: they tried so much to highlight that hexagonal piece of Eiffel tower that the entire thing ended up looking like a communist military medal, with those rays coming out underneath it..

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Posted in: Anger over Messi's absence in Hong Kong game spreads: Argentina friendly in mainland China canceled See in context

Well, Messi was the big sales point in this tournament :) . I ensure you they wouldn't have had half the sales if he would announce he would be missing. That being said, he has the right to declare he's injured (probably he really is) and miss all the games!

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Posted in: Netanyahu rejects Hamas' demands, complicating efforts toward cease-fire and hostage-release deal See in context

Buhbye, hamas... You poked the bear one time too many. There is absolutely no benefit for Israel to ceasefire or comply with any of your demands - why would they stop before all of hamas is eradicated?

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Posted in: Chinese coast guard vessels enter disputed waters in East China Sea See in context

Japan lacks the hairy kintama needed to sink some of those pirates. They wouldn't dare that trick with the USA...

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Posted in: 1 in 5 Japanese university students do not want children: survey See in context

For people mislead by the article's title into clicking and reading it - 80 percent do want a child at some point. Don't focus on the 20 percent and their reasoning, focus on how to support the 80 percent.

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Posted in: Plan for Europe's huge new particle collider takes shape See in context

I'm actually glad that all idiotic comments there got a lot of negative points :) .

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Posted in: Snowfall leaves more than 130 injured in Tokyo See in context

I too, had to drive over four hours in yesterday's snow. No issues whatsoever, quite the opposite, everyone was well behaved and the traffic was very smooth. Probably people were extra careful, although some sherbet on the road is not that dangerous.

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Posted in: EU states greenlight landmark new AI rules See in context

Oh, and it's another example of EU ruling the world towards a positive outcome. EU also initiated and signed off the GDPR act and it's the main "whip holder"when it comes to controlling greed and money grabbing by the likes of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. You're welcome, everyone else!

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Posted in: EU states greenlight landmark new AI rules See in context

I worked on this project. Politicians do employ a lot of technical consulting resources in order to learn the AI's capabilities, future and dangers and don't just blindly make decisions. Even if they are not technical people (although many come from technical, engineering backgrounds).

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Posted in: People in the world’s ‘blue zones’ live longer – their diet could hold the key to why See in context

Eating mostly vegetarian but not refraining from the occasional fish, chicken or lean red meat. Tons of olive oil, raw garlic, a bit of wine and a bit of bread daily. No smoking and no sugar (sodas, etc). No synthetic additives.

There, I just saved you thousands of dollars in customised "lose fat quickly" diets.

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Posted in: Editing memories, spying on our bodies, normalizing weird goggles: Apple’s new Vision Pro has big ambitions See in context

For people asking themselves what are these used mostly used for - mainly for 3D porn. Yep, it's a thing, it gained huge traction thanks to increased internet speeds and CoVID imposed isolation, and there are a lot of free or very affordable sites. It basically the only industry where VR hasn't tanked - everywhere else is losing traction. There you have it.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. agree on AI research for drones to assist new fighter jet See in context

@Sven Asai - really? Buddy - what I can tell you is that you even don't know what you don't know. You'd be shocked and have nightmares if you would know what's currently possible in terms of AI controlled autonomous killing flying machines.

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Posted in: Taylor will have to be swift to speed across Pacific from Japan to see Kelce in Super Bowl See in context

Anyone worried abuout what the carbon footprint of this little affair will be? Thousands of tons.

All while I'm drinking through a paper straw going bad in five seconds and tasting like carboard before that, "to do my part in saving the environment". That's it, I'm buying a V8....

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Posted in: 'Blackmail' charges fly in EU-Hungary standoff on Ukraine See in context

That's what you get when you allow such specimens in the EU - Hungarians would perhaps prefer to become one of the Soviet states themselves, after sucking at the EU's teat for decades...

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Posted in: What are the symptoms of an enlarged prostate and how is it treated? See in context

A well written and educative article!

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Posted in: GSDF vice chief punished for using official car for Yasukuni visit See in context

BigP - it's not only Tojo that's they're. The souls of a few million ex soldiers are also enshrined. There's absolutely no shame in going and respecting those people, many families have a father or grandfather there.

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Posted in: GSDF vice chief punished for using official car for Yasukuni visit See in context

Yeah, in the meantime China builds its military up for invading the borders of at least five independent (for now) countries, Japan included. So no wonder they'll protest anything like this. Like, why would Japan care about that?

Japan has much bigger problems than what just happened and they will solve then with the very military that just got reprimanded.

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Posted in: Shinto shrine naked festival ritual asks men to cover up for first time in three-century history See in context

What a stupid outcome. Should simply allow people to decide for themselves - to be honest it's not that interesting to watch the video, but I'd totally do it fully nacked myself. It's only skin and we're not that different.

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Posted in: Death sentence likely in Japan anime arson trial See in context

It costs more on average to the tax payer to have a person executed than serve life in prison. Many reasons for this, can easily be in online.

It actually doesn't, except in the US (but there a bag of saline water also costs 2500-3000 USD, so yeah...) Online? Please do share one link about the execution cost analysis in Japan, if it's so freely available online.

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Posted in: Death sentence likely in Japan anime arson trial See in context

Many who are against the death penalty for "moral reasons" fail to actually elaborate what that means. Do explain to us why should my taxmoney be wasted on keeping this animal alive for the rest of his misebable life, instead of paying the 100$ for the rope?

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Posted in: Mac computers could ride AI wave or be left behind See in context

Mac computers are nowhere near the PCs with regards to AI. They're mostly for computer illiterates who prefer a company claiming to know better than users what they want.

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Posted in: Japan automakers tap foreign models to drive sales of recreational cars See in context

Although they look big, most of the Japanese-designed SUVs and offroader cars are actually not bigger than family mini-vans (under 5m length and under 2 m width) - so they would basically fit almost anywhere, even in Japan. The only problem will be with their weigth, as many underground parking lots don't allow cars over 2t.

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Posted in: 21-year-old sentenced to death for crime he committed as a minor for 1st time in Japan See in context

Unless you've had someone in your family murdered like this you actually have no right of an opinion on this matter. You have no idea what the affected families go through. You don't ever even want to find out.

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Posted in: Misinformation proving challenge to relief efforts after Japan quake See in context

I would reinforce castrating the idiots that do this. I know it's impossible and illegal, but it would greatly benefit the society.

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Posted in: Boeing faces new questions about the 737 Max after plane suffers a gaping hole in its side See in context

That's a killer plane. Literally. It killed over 300 persons and will kill more.....

Is what I wrote on 31st December right here, on Japantoday.

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