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Great idea. What guy wouldn't want to be a farmer with a girl like that by his side. And to design clothes based on a current pop culture framework is excellent. There can be enclaves of farmer groups, who are cool, fairly young, and cutting edge- revitalizing the industry because its cool. Let them do it their way, provide them the resources to get it done, and allow it to be attractive, and it'll get done.

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Beautiful pic.

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That's a great looking water craft. Criminals vs. Poachers? Hardcore conservationists vs. a people who is looking to eat, and whale meat is a viable source in the region. Maybe they should farm them.

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Good for Kano-san! Mika has been a profound voice in empowering women, creating foreign relations, and promoting beauty and well being. Anyone who has lived and worked in Japan has been aware of the seminars held by the Kano sisters on healthy living and well being. And whether they are personal or not, their foreign relations have served as a building block for Japan/foreign nations communications and relationship building. I look forward to the day, when Mika and maybe Kyoko achieve some sort of diplomatic status. After all, look at Nicholas Cage. Maybe the catch, is to marry a foreigner...

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Sony- Japan/America, start thinking street tech. Like tiny circular modules that enable adhoc tech in mobile phone usage here, to connect only two distinct users- add a visible tracking device and market it to couples who say they are exclusive to one another. Market the product as "Trust You." "Trust me." or We trust each each other. And release it prior to a major holiday that involves couples.

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hellyeah! I'm game.

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great form! I'd come to baseball games every week to see more entertainers like Kumi pitch! -specially Kumi!!!

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