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Japan, Japan, Japan. How many times did I call your name "3" There is a Big market for you in Africa. China knows this fact. Why holding meetings with an enemy? look elsewhere.. China is also pushing to Africa namely Nigeria, ghana etc. Your products are highly valued though expensive but people are also getting to understand the savings in quality rather than quantity. Be warned!!!

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The fact remains, skype international call rates are high, I wonder if anyone really uses skype to male PSTN calls nowadays except for the free calls to buddies and chatting.. how do they stay in business with this software??

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Well said: "Japanese companies could bypass China for Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia or Thailand"

More friendly countries are waiting pls, Japan come. Its time to move now...This is will continue to happen again and again in future, no doubt. Amendment made now will certainly save more in fute. Japan Move out of China now ! You got what people need... You are respected. My grand mums refrigerator that w as bought since 1982 is still working well till date...how about the one bought last month that was copied from the other country? It has since been sent to a repairer who advised buying a new one is far better than repairing the old one... If you say it was made in china, well you said it and not me...

Japan you well ok pulling out of china now cos this is not the end of this mess, it will repeat in future and you will experience yet another strike so move now and settle once and for all.

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I think we have more than enough of pocket wifi providers in Japan. OK, I will agree if its smaller in size and really TINY to get into my pocket. Battery life is good at 9 hours..

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Shall we all sit here fold our arms and watch chinese do more harm to japanese companies in china? Dont we have chinese companies here too in Japan? the clock is tickling indeed

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suffer for what? The market is huge for Japan...Please Japan look elsewhere...station your plants and manufacturing solution in thailand, malaysia africa and others

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Well said....... ref :http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19620114 Analysts said that China, which was known for being a low-cost manufacturing base, has seen a steady rise in labour costs in recent times, negating a big advantage it had on other countries in the region.

They said that the protests could result in some Japanese firms starting to look beyond China for further expansion.

"They might want to consider expanding manufacturing operations in Thailand or in other nations that are more welcoming towards Japanese investment," said Shaun Rein of China Market Research Group.

He warned that such moves might have an impact on China's economic growth and also on the overall trade ties between Asia's two biggest economies.

"The trade relations are going to be damaged by the continuing protests, for sure."

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Someone should tell me why is Japan positioning their plants and factories in China. Is it because of cheap labor or nearness to raw material? If its any of the above, there are many options. 1: Malaysia 2: Africa 3: other Asia countries that loves Japan more than china Why building a house near an enemy? I just don't get it.

Someone should clarify me please

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