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Posted in: Town in Niseko ski resort area to tax lodgers See in context

Niseko! I miss the Niseko I grew to love and enjoy back in the early 2000s when it still had its Japanese charm and the Onsens maintained their traditional charm; free of loud, chu-hai guzzling foreignors that dispose of their cans in the water. In additon, my favorite Izakaiya restuarant now caters to foreignors and fails to deliver traditional delicacies that are native to Northern Japan. Kutchan remains a quiet village, but Niseko has grown to become a total Western town which resembles, Whistler, Mammoth, and Aspen; with expensive luxury accommodations, Western food, rude snowboarders & skiers, and long lift lines.

As a fellow American that lived in Japn for decades, I see it as Gentrification with regards to the locals in Kutchan. The powder snow is becoming too expensive for them.

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Posted in: Student dies after she is hit by car being chased by police See in context

DUI gone wrong, resulting in a death, and losing your license in Japan is not an issue considering the extensive transportation system.

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Posted in: Head-on collision in Fukuoka Pref leaves two women dead See in context

There are several similiar scary roads in the NIigata, Gunma, and Nagano areas where vehicles traveling in opposing directions are traveling at high speeds inside the same tunnel without a divider, and I recall praying to myself each time a truck would approach my vehicle during the late hours of the ski season because I knew that many of the truck drivers would fall asleep while driving and cross over the line.

R.I.P. Wada-san and Shimomura-san.

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Posted in: Airline complaints: Which bothers you the most? See in context

I cannot believe the disgusting food that is served on flights! I want the airlines to offer discounts for passengers that don't subject themselves to eating their terrible food. On one of the airlines I fly from LAX to Haneda, the breakfast meal consists of a sandwich bagel (rock solid), cup of water, and a fruit cup presented in a plastic drawstring bag. YOU DON'T EVEN GET A TRAY THESE DAYS!! They should just hire McDonalds to cater flights since the food is below fast food standards. I no longer eat the food, I bring a packed lunch for dinner and breakfast and only obtain beverages on the flight.

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Posted in: Man arrested for cutting off sleeping woman's underwear See in context

legalize guns and these type of incidents will come to a halt!

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Posted in: Foreign brands still minnows in Japanese car market See in context

I recall back in the 80's when cars were beginning to become popular among the average Japanese person, and not just the wealthy, and American cars were VERY popular to the point that military people were selling their used vehicles that they brought to Japan for profit. Cadillacs, Corvettes, Mustangs, etc. were all the rage. I recall the one thing that made the American cars unpopular back then was that American automobiles were the only vehicles that did not have amber turning signals on the rear of the vehicle and that was the standard in most countries. So a person would have to install secondary amber turning signals onto their brand new American vehicle. It always looked tacky! And no one likes a tacky look when it comes to their treasured "ride". American automakers did not want to conform to the ways of the world, and the other matter was right-hand drive option.

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Posted in: 27-year-old woman found strangled to death in apartment See in context

I lived the better part of my life from 1976 to 2011 and I have watched the lack respect for elderly people, increase of violent crime and the general lack of concern for other increase to dramatic proportions during my stay. In previous years most of the violent crime was isolated to domestic relationships, but I see that the crazies are out there, and Japan has adopted the violent carefree attitude of western civilizations, and the NPA is unprepared for the changes.

RIP little lady.

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Posted in: Head patrol officer held after absconding with firearm, Y3 mil in cash See in context

Its amazing that Japanese police can catch there own in a matter of days, but spend years finding some on the run for murder that escaped only wearing underwear while his apartment was surrounded. (smile).

The patrolman was probably contemplating suicide with his gun.

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Posted in: Death row inmate hanged; 6th execution since Abe became PM See in context


Capital punishment is cruel because the inmates may serve years in prison in solitary confinement, and are only notified hours before their execution. - Most of the victims of these murderers received notification only seconds before there death, and they were unable to say goodbye to love ones...

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Posted in: Schoolgirl calls friend for help after being abducted by 36-year-old man See in context

Sue Jones,

The parents were playing Pachiko! (smile).

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Posted in: Police sergeant arrested on underage sex charge See in context

No too long ago the age of consent in Japan for women was only 14 years old, with girls 15 and 16 dropping out of school to work in brothels, soap land, or solo on the streets of Shinjuku.

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Posted in: U.S. petty officer charged with two counts of molestation in Kanagawa See in context

****I agree that U.S. military personnel do not conduct themselves appropriately in Japan, and the majority of the atrocities they commit, they would never dream of doing in there home town. BUT! I think Japan needs to take responsibility for sending the wrong message!! A message that even Japan Policemen interpret incorrectly! "YOUNG CUTE GIRLS! SEX! ETC!!

and a prime example of sending the wrong message!!

"Okinawa cancels plan to use young women’s thighs as advertising space"

This is one of the articles in Japan Today. Who would even think about such a ploy to advertise products. Let's see. short skirts and decals on the thighs of high school aged girls....to the delight of 40 something men!

Its sick!!!

And everyone wonders why men consider touching women in crowded trains.

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Posted in: Death row inmates want prior warning instead of being told on day of execution See in context

If the condemned are given prior notice, you would have the same three ring circus that you have in the United States. News correspondents standing outside the prison, hoards of people being paid y300 and hour and a free boxed lunch to wave signs in protest, as the media speculates the outcome.

Japan has a system that should be adopted in other countries. It's a quiet process, and the criminals get no publicity at all. They are faceless! And should remain as such until the end. Someone lost their life at the hands of the condemned, and they do not deserve to be fore-warned of their execution.

..and the method of execution, fits the crime.

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Posted in: NHK suspends announcer for 3 months over groping incident See in context

Now! This explanation for misconduct is very similar to most of the explanations by military people for misconduct! Hmmm....imagine that! No suspended sentences, or 3 month suspensions from work only, for the military people. Everyone wants them in prison.

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Posted in: Stalker sent 1,000 emails to ex-girlfriend before killing her, police say See in context

This is the other situation that the NPA never takes seriously! STALKERS!!

And the story always ends the same. Girl says no! Guy begs! Guy stalks! Then Guy kills girl!

R.I.P. young lady!!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for strangling 2-year-old daughter See in context

I see two things extremely wrong with this situation!!!

There is always the closing line or "....was being seen at a hospital for mental illness treatment. Apparently one in Japan is capable of providing treatment for mental illness!!!

Child abuse in Japan is waaaaaaaaaaaay out of control!! We are not talking spankings, we are talking about murders.

R.I.P. 2 year old angel.

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Posted in: 3 more arrested in connection with unlicensed Roppongi club where man was beaten to death See in context

I completely understand! The NPA has no idea who committed the murder, so they are focusing their efforts on a case they CAN solve, and that would be the absence of a license to operate a night club! Forget about the guy that died! R.I.P. dude!

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Posted in: Murdered Saitama woman's purse missing, police reveal See in context

I agree with Rickyvee! Now they should search for her bank book, and near-by relatives that needed money.

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Posted in: Man charged with drunk driving after 2 die in car crash See in context

How much you want to bet that the passengers were NOT wearing seatbelts?

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Posted in: Police officer's car stolen during stakeout See in context

Surprised they didn't take his gun too! Makes the average citizen feel really safe! (smile). Crime is on the rise in Japan, and the police are sleeping!

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Posted in: Passenger on flight from Japan had murder directions on computer See in context

****I know you cannot always put people in prison for something they MAY do! But it seems ludicrous that we have to wait until some "sicko" to act out their twisted thoughts and harm others before we can put them away. BUT, there are signs along the way...and this guy is showing the signs of a potential killer.

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Posted in: Woman found stabbed to death after neighbors report sounds of argument See in context

Ever notice that the murders always say "...transported to the hospital and pronounced dead"? Were they a.) dead already, b.) died at the hospital, or c.) died on the way to the hospital. I would bet my yen on "c" due to the lack of paramedics in the ambulances.

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Posted in: Men connected to Roppongi club murder flee Japan See in context

Gaijininfo, That was hilarious! But you missed one additional exchange.

Jcop#1:...back to manga. Jcop#2: yep! Jcop#1: Got any new up skirt photos? Jcop#2: Maybe this evening.

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Posted in: Body of newborn baby found in Kanagawa river See in context

****Birth Control is needed!!

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Posted in: Osaka police officer accused of raping teenage girl at beach See in context

****WHY DO THEY ALWAYS TRY TO EMPHASIZE THAT THE POLICE OFFICERS ARE "OFF DUTY" OR "WERE DRUNK"? Whether they are working or at play....Police officers are should be held responsible for their actions because they are respresentatives of the law! And they are using the same brain to make judgement calls in and out of uniform. Japan's screening process for police officers requires some serious revamping.

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Posted in: Man arrested for shaking 5-month-old daughter, causing brain damage See in context

Sad! Really sad. Infant children in Japan are suffering at the hands of infant parents that failed to mature prior to having children. Young men especially, experience anxiety dealing with babies due to their inexperience with dealing with children, and their own need to have their mother comfort, and care for them to the age of 40. I spend the better part of my life in Japan...and the masses lack maturity. Everyone wants to be young, young looking, irresponsible outside of work. Wake-up Japan....children are not toys!!

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Posted in: 8-yr-old girl stabbed by man while walking home from school in Matsudo See in context

Where's the "Sting" operation? There are plenty of Japanese policewoman that can pose as a teenage girl walking alone near the river, with her service revolver, handcuffs, whistle, etc. in her book bag! Why do the police always wait for some average citizens to nab criminals of this type?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing passer-by on Tokyo sidewalk See in context

Alison! The Looney Bin in Japan is just a summer camp on a farm, and after a couple of years she will be back on the streets stabbing people again. Yes! this person is definitely crazy, but she belongs in prison with people like her...

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Posted in: Man arrested for abuse after breaking 6-month-old baby's leg See in context

"Babies making babies.." In western society, children learn about infants by taking care of the siblings while parents work, or teenage girls babysit for part-time income. That is not the case in Japan, and after having a baby, women stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks to learn to care for a baby! Babies are not toys!

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Posted in: Last year, Japan exported 1.5 million vehicles to the United States, while U.S. automakers exported just 8,000. Why aren't U.S. makers selling more in Japan? See in context

I recall wondering 30 years ago why the U.S. automakers refused to make right-hand drive vehicles and orange turning signals for the rear portion of their vehicles. This small modification was a serious problem for Japanese people that desired U.S. vehicles because it was required to register a vehicle in Japan, and the only solution was to put additional yellow turn-signals (bumper mounted) on the rear of your brand new Camaro, Cadillac, Lincoln, or Mustang. At that time, all U.S. vehicles had red turn signals on the rear portion of the vehicle. Due to this oversight by U.S. automakers, Japanese and European consumers passed on purchasing Ford, Chevy, Mercury, GM, Pontiac, etc. and opted for BMW, Mercedes, VW, etc.

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